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Driver Magician 4.82 Review

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PROS / The software lets you sort through your drivers with a Microsoft and non-Microsoft filter so you can evaluate your drivers easily.

CONS / It is not a thorough scanner, as it only identified a small portion of the drivers on our test unit.

 VERDICT / While the software has one or two features that many others don’t, it struggled to find a respectable number of drivers and lacks some standard functionality.

If you’re looking to scan your computer’s drivers and evaluate their health and necessity, Driver Magician can help you do so manually. The driver update software can scan your system, identify its drivers and apply updates. It also lets you view driver sources and details, which is helpful. However, it wasn’t the most effective program we tested, and it lacks a few basic features.

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None of the options in our review identified all of the 277 drivers on our test computer. While the best driver update software options caught anywhere from 60 to 120 drivers, Driver Magician only detected 37. This is not enough to put the product in our top 10; however, it still works if you’re just looking to get an idea of your device’s health. Since it’s one of the least expensive options, it’s a great choice if you’re trying to stay within a budget.

  1. How well the software could detect and update drivers.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 12 Driver Magician
  3. 98%
  4. 93%
  5. 81%
  6. Category Average

In addition to not scanning thoroughly, the driver software doesn’t automatically install updates for you. It also doesn’t allow you to set up a schedule to run automatic scans and is missing an exclusion option, which lets you choose which specific drivers to update. You can set up a filter that sorts between all of your drivers and Microsoft-specific drivers. If you need, the software can also backup and restore a copy of your existing drivers, which is handy in case of a bad download or major computer issue.

Though the driver updater software ranks low on our lineup, it does have a nice feature that most other options don’t – an uninstall option. As you look through your drivers, the software is set up to allow you to delete old drivers you no longer need. Driver Magician also helps you obtain the proper updated drivers for your system, reducing the chance of getting an incompatible one. The software was a clean download and didn’t drag any bloatware, malware or nag ads along with it on our test computer.

If you’re running a recent version of Windows on your computer, this software is compatible. Additionally, if you need help with the software or simply have a question about it, you can contact the company directly via email. You can also reference the FAQs section on its website if you need assistance troubleshooting.


Though Driver Magician has weak driver identification power and is missing a few other standard features, it is one of the good budget options on our lineup. It allows you to uninstall old drivers, view driver details and back them up. However, it didn’t detect many of the drivers on our test PC and requires manual updates and attention, booting it out of our top 10.

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