Pros / DriverDoc has the ability to find drivers that work best for specific PC brands.

Cons / You cannot see driver details until you purchase and they did not answer our emails.

 Verdict / Though we had positive experiences with the DriverDoc software, we would like to see more reactive customer support.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is a white-labeled product of a different piece of software. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

DriverDoc supports over 16 million drivers and has the ability to scan for drivers that will work best for your specific brand of PC, including drivers for Dell, HP and Compaq computers. This PC driver updater software provides one-click repairs, and you can configure it to automatically update your drivers as they are released.

We did notice that DriverDoc has a user interface that is quiet similar to another driver update product. However, they use a more comprehensive driver database, post more security information and provide more support options.

DriverDoc has a good feature set with easy-to-use driver restoration and backup tools. This driver updater software also has the ability to create compressed files of drivers and can save to an external device like a USB drive. It can also simply migrate drivers between any Windows operating system, from Windows 98 to Windows 7 64-bit versions; this is an essential tool when updating PCs or operating systems. Though this software does not have a traditional scheduler, it can be configured to perform updates as new drivers become available.

However, the free scan DriverDoc provides does not display suggested driver details like other driver updaters do. You have to register the software to see what driver updates they recommend for your PC.

This driver update software found the outdated drivers we were hoping to see in our test scan results. This software caught nearly 90 percent of the drivers we were looking to find, which is a competitive scan result. It missed a few noncritical Intel driver updates, but otherwise the test scans produced superior results.

DriverDoc has over 16 million driver files in its driver database, and they update continually as needed. It primarily scans for systems and peripheral drivers, though we did notice a few software drivers on their website. DriverDoc reports that they mainly focus on system drivers.

According to DriverDoc’s terms of use policy, they only offer drivers that are free of adware and spyware. In their privacy policy they report that they encrypt transfers of sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers. They provide limited access to your information, and they allow you to opt out of correspondence such as marketing emails. For additional security they only download drivers from the manufacturers. However, they did not respond to our email inquiries regarding their security policies, so the information reported we gleaned from their website and our test experiences.

DriverDoc offers customer support by telephone, email and chat. We contacted them twice by email and only received an automated response that did not answer our questions. We also utilized their chat support service and found that they could answer our presale questions adequately, though the service was slow; it took over 20 minutes for them to answer only a few questions. Additionally, many times when we visited the site, the chat support was offline. The most useful support option we discovered is their FAQs section, where they post thorough answers to specific questions. Overall, we would like to see them respond to email and speed up their chat support response time.

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We found few issues with the DriverDocsoftware and the driver database available. However, we really would like to see customer support respond in a timely manner.

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