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DriverHive 3.0 Review

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PROS / DriverHive has an automatic one-click fix for scanning and installing driver updates on your computer.

CONS / The software identified very few drivers on our test computer, rendering it ineffective.

 VERDICT / DriverHive has limited compatibility and struggles to identify most drivers, which, despite its nice one-click fix feature, doesn’t make it the best choice.

By keeping your computer up to date, you ensure it has a long shelf life. A computer’s drivers are critical to its overall health and ability to work, and driver update software like DriverHive can help you scan and download important updates. The software wasn’t the best at detecting drivers, and it isn’t compatible with the most recent versions of Windows. However, its automatic scan and install feature and scheduling function make it somewhat helpful to novice users.

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When we tested this driver software, we found that it only detected 10 drivers out of the 277 we counted on our test computer. The best driver updaters we reviewed detected at least 69, so DriverHive really fell short here. However, for the few it did identify, it listed out basic details regarding the driver’s source and version. The software doesn’t ensure original equipment manufacturer (OEM) only updates, which could lead to a complicated mess, especially for novice users, if an update is incompatible or causes a crash. Despite having a standard array of features, it could be more intuitive and easy to use. Its lack of an exclusion option, which gives you control over which drivers get updated, hinders its ease of use.

  1. How well the software could detect and update drivers.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 11 DriverHive
  3. 98%
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  5. 81%
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One feature that is especially helpful to novice computer users is that it can automatically download and install any needed updates with one click. You can also schedule regular scans to run as frequently as you like. If you’re worried about a faulty update, it can help you create a backup of your drivers and even restore them. Our testing detected no bloatware or malware installed by the software.

If your Windows computer is running anything newer than Windows 7, DriverHive isn’t going to work for you. It is currently only compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003/2003. The company, Bootstrap Development LLC, has a few informational resources on its website about the software and provides an email address for you to reach it directly if you have questions or concerns.


DriverHive has a simple interface, but it could definitely be more intuitive. The driver updater software offers an automatic one-click fix, as well as a few other perks such as an exclusion option and a backup and restore function. Still it is lacking in most other areas. It detected just 10 out of the 277 drivers on our test PC and does not guarantee OEM software, which opens your computer up to unknown potential threats. Because of this and its lack of Windows 8 and 10 compatibility, it doesn’t quite make it into our top 10 products.

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