10 fall gardening tips

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Keep your yard cute and cozy as we approach fall and winter with these 10 fall gardening tips. While you want to spend all summer long in the yard, that shouldn't have to change with the seasons. After all, the autumnal colors and falling leaves are one of the highlights of any year, so if you're lucky enough to have a garden to enjoy this time of the year, you should make the most of it! 

While some of our fall gardening tips are practical, others are packed with inspiration to help you turn your yard into a cozy and seasonal space to enjoy for months to come. 

1. Prepare for autumn leaves

There's a reason it's called fall, and the falling leaves will be arriving any time now. One of the best ways to keep leaves from cluttering up your lawn is by using the best leaf blower to blast away fresh leaves before they become wet and slippery, which can become dangerous as the weather grows cooler. 

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2. Create a seating area

Sun-loungers are not an all-season option for making the most of your yard, so now that it's past tanning season, it may be time to invest in some more suitable patio furniture. There are plenty of options from outdoor sectionals to patio tables and chairs, complete with an umbrella for protection from unpredictable weather. 

We would suggest opting for some rust-resistant furniture as it will be used in the colder season first and foremost. 

If you like the idea of eating family meals or even drinking some cocktails with friends in your yard, go for something with plenty of seating space when choosing the right patio furniture for you. Otherwise, a simple breakfast set will suffice for even small spaces. 

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3. Add some sustainability

If you're blessed with a generous lawn, adding a compost bin to your yard is the perfect step to take when transitioning to fall. That's because you'll have a lot of grass cuttings and autumn leaves to add to a compost heap or bin as the season progresses, so being prepared ahead of time will mean that you're ready to turn your piles of leaves into fertilizer to take care of your garden. 

Sound good? You can pick up composters of all sizes from Home Depot or even make your own using some wood to create a corner of the yard to dispose of all your eggshells, potato peelings, grass cuttings, and fall leaves. 

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4. Brighten up your space

Nothing will make you want to spend more time in your yard as the seasons change than a beautiful garden lighting display. This can be as simple as some twinkling fairy lights, wrapping around your patio area to designate a comfortable seating area complete with blankets and tables for mugs of hot drinks. 

This is another top tip for those who have a smaller space to deal with, because even a terrace or balcony can be instantly brightened up using some simple outdoor lighting. 

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5. Think ahead to the next year

If you love gardening, now is the time to start thinking about what plants you'd like to grow in the spring. It's the ideal time of year to plant garlic, broad beans, onions and peas. Before planting these seasonal essentials though, you need to clear out any plants that may still be lingering in your garden in order to make space for a new batch. Turn over the soil as you pick any leftover potatoes to freshen it up ahead of a new batch of autumn and winter treats. 

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6. Pick a theme

There is no shortage of themes this time of year. Hoping to lean into the autumnal colors? Something as simple as adding a pumpkin display to your front yard or doorstep will show that you're more than prepared for fall, and as soon as Halloween is here, you've got the perfect jack-o-lanterns ready and waiting. 

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7. Campfire celebrations

Even on a crisp fall evening, the yard can be a little too chilly to really enjoy it. You can easily make the most of clear skies and beautiful autumnal sunsets using one of the best fire pits though, which will be easy to store when not in use, and can even be used to recreate a classic campfire. All you need is some s'mores and you've turned a cold evening into a cozy celebration. 

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8. Safety first

It may be fall, but that doesn't mean anyone should be falling over. Safety is important, especially if you're dealing with a sloped drive in the cooler weather. One way of making sure your home is safe to access is by using a snow shovel to clear your path. 

It may not be snowy season quite yet, but one big thing you can do to keep your path safe is to use a pressure washer. This will lift up any slippery moss or dirt from your patio and keep your home incident-free. 

9. Keep it toasty

If there is one thing you need to make the most of your yard this fall, it's the best patio heater. This can be used to keep hands and feet warm and toasty even when it's dark out, and there are both gas and electric options to add a nice glow as well as some added heat to your patio. 

Some patio heaters can even be wall-mounted, which means you can leave them discreetly on your wall when out of use, and simply switch them on when it starts to get cool. 

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10. Protect your pots

If you have ceramic plant pots in your garden, these can become sensitive to cold weather and even crack once it starts to frost. That's less than ideal, especially because beautiful plant pots can actually be very expensive.

To protect them, clean your pots and take them inside or place them in a shed or outhouse to prevent the wet weather from reaching them. In their place, opt for some metal or sturdy stoneware planters to keep your plants safe and sound through heavy rain and wind. 

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