73% of homeowners are planning home renovations despite COVID-19 - here's where to start

73% of homeowners are planning home renovations despite COVID-19 - here's where to start
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Despite the financial struggles that COVID-19 has brought about to many Americans, home improvements are proving just as popular since the pandemic began.

Since the coronavirus took its toll, it’s quite likely you’ve spent more time than ever at home, which is why it’s no surprise that in The Lightstream’s latest survey revealed that ‘73% of homeowners are planning home renovations’ despite the uncertain economy. 

The survey revealed that since working from home became the norm, video calls for work and to catch up with friends and family has left 64% of those surveyed ‘embarrassed to show parts of their home during video calls’. 

And it’s not just spending so much time at home that is causing a demand for home improvements either. With lockdown causing uncertainty in the housing market, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve their environment without having to move house altogether. 

The Lightstream reports that 49% of people surveyed are taking on outdoor projects. With the weather warming up, installing pools is on the rise too. The next most popular areas for homeowners to tackle are bathrooms and kitchens. 

With the current climate being an uncertain time for many Americans, the survey also revealed that 31% of those surveyed will be using one of the best credit cards to fund their renovations.  

73% of homeowners are planning home renovations despite COVID-19 - here's where to start

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Resources for a home renovation project 

Planning couldn’t be more crucial when taking on a home renovation project. Consider your budget, your needs, and your wish list. Making a list of criteria for what you want to create in your home is a fantastic way of getting your ideas down in one place. 

One of the most common home renovations mistakes it tackling too many rooms at once and not having a clear idea of what you want to achieve. If you’re going all out with a big renovation, check out the best home design software so that you can visualize your plans without starting any work on your home.

With the weather heating up, something as simple as one of the best gas lawn mowers, pressure washers, or lawn edgers can be a good place to start tidying up your outside space. If it’s only a balcony or tiny space you have to work with, take a look at our balcony decor ideas

If you’re adding a pool to your backyard, be sure to make it compliant with the local safety regulations in your state. Many states stipulate that you’ll need one of the best pool alarms.

For more ideas on how to renovate your home or get the design process started, check out the best interior design software

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