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Best gas lawn mowers 2021

Best gas lawn mowers 2021
(Image credit: Image source: Home Depot)

Introducing the best gas lawn mowers on the market right now. In our buying guide below you’ll find a huge selection of the top-rated gas lawn mowers money can buy from well known brands like Craftsman, Toro and Honda. Plus, we’ve included a variety of different gas lawn mowers that all start at different prices – to ensure there’s a gas lawn mower for every yard.

Investing in one of the best gas lawn mowers will slash your average mow time. We say this because these devices are crafted with power in mind. Generally speaking, the top-rated mowers are fitted with an engine of at least

200cc. This makes them particularly brilliant for those who are blessed with big backyards or thick grass. Many of the most talked about gas lawn mowers are also kitted out with a twin cutting blade, to help maintain a neat and tidy lawn all year round. 

While some models that are featured in our guide have a self-propelled design. This design function means the mower propels itself forward without you having to push it. All you have to do is guide the mower where you would like it to cut. This option is particularly favorable amongst those who have hilly gardens or thick grass. When it comes to choosing the best gas lawn mower for you and your home, also be sure to pay attention to the weight, drive-type, warranty and cutting width. 

If one of the best gas lawn mowers isn’t right for you,  consider one of the best electric lawn mowers or the best rider lawn mowers which are perfect for those who have acres to cut.  

1. Honda HRX217HZA: Best gas lawn mower overall

best gas lawn mowers: Honda HRX217HZA

(Image credit: Honda)

Honda HRX217HZA

A self-propelled drive, a powerful 200cc engine and 21-inch twin blades mean this lawnmower will make you the envy of your friends.


Depth: 65.6-inches | Height: 42.2-inches | Width: 23.1-inches: | Blade Length: 21-inches | Engine displacement: 200cc **Weight:** 106lbs | Max cutting height: 4-inches | Min cutting height : .75-inches | Drive type: Rear wheel | Mower type: Self propelled | Start type: Electric | Warranty: 5 years residential/lifetime deck

Reasons to Buy

Twin blades for finer cutting
Powerful engine
Electric key start

Reasons to Avoid


We've chosen the Honda HRX217HZA as our best overall gas-powered mower because it's got all the features you'll ever need in a mower coupled with that fantastic Honda engine and build quality. 

Let's start with the engine size. At 200cc it's the most powerful engine in our buying guide, matching the Honda HRX217VKA and just a whisper ahead of the Weibang WB537SCV-3IN1. You get twin blades with the Honda HRX217HZA too, and a 4-in-1 Versamow System, which means you can easily switch between mulching, bagging, discharging and leaf-shredding.

The difference between this model and the similarly named Honda HRX217VKA, also in our buying guide, is the addition of Roto Stop technology, which means you can stop the blades without stopping the engine, and Hydrostatic Cruise control for simple, precise control of the mower's speed.

You also get one of our favorite features, which is the electric key start, so there's no cord to pull. Just turn a key and the mower springs into life. In fact, it's hard to think of a feature of a lawnmower that you'd want and that you can't find here. The Honda HRX217HZA might be expensive, but if you pay a little more you get a mower that will last you a lifetime. 

2. Honda HRX217VKA: Best self-propelled gas lawn mower

best gas lawn mowers: Honda HRX217VKA

(Image credit: Honda )

Honda HRX217VKA

With an impressive feature set and a powerful engine the Honda HRX217VKA lawnmower is one to own.


Depth: 63.4-inches | Height: 42.2-inches | Width: 23.1-inches: | Blade Length: 21-inches | Engine displacement: 200cc | Weight: 89lbs | Max cutting height: 4-inches | Min cutting height : .75-inches | Drive type: Rear wheel | Mower type: Self propelled | Start type: pull cord | Warranty: 5 years residential/3 month commercial/lifetime deck

Reasons to Buy

4-in-1 grass cutting features
Self-propelled for easy use

Reasons to Avoid

No electric start
No blade-stop technology

Honda lawnmowers are known for their great engines, and the HRX217VKA features a really powerful 200cc Honda engine. 

The Honda HRX217VKA is self-propelled too, so it's easy to operate and moves forward with just the press of a single finger. There's also an auto choke, so you can be guaranteed a start on the first attempt even if you have to pull a cord. 

The Honda HRX217VKA has twin blades, so you can ensure an amazing cut, and of course, it's got the Honda 4-in-1 Versamow feature set that enables bagging, mulching, discharging and leaf cutting. The twin blades ensure especially fine cuts for mulching.

What we really like with these Honda mowers is that you get a generous 5-year warranty. Not that you'll need it as the user reviews rarely mention mechanical failure.

The HRX217VKA is a great choice for you if you want the majority of the features of the more expensive Honda HRX21HZA, but you want it for over $250 less and you can live without its blade stop technology, electric start, and hydrostatic cruise control.

3. Craftsman M105: Best lightweight gas mower 

Best gas lawn mowers: Craftsman M105 mower

(Image credit: Amazon)

Craftsman M105 Gas Mower

Made in the US, this lightweight gas mower designed for ease with a 21 inch deck is the perfect solution for medium gardens.


Depth: 34.75-inches | Height: 17.75-inches | Width: 23.88-inches | Blade Length: 21-inches | Engine displacement: 140cc | Weight: 65lbs | Max cutting height: 3.75-inches | Min cutting height: 1.25-inches | Drive type: Push mower | Mower type: Manual push | Start type: Pull cord | Warranty: 2-years limited

Reasons to Buy

 Easily adjustable six-position cutting height 

Reasons to Avoid

Engine slightly under-powered 
Some product faults reported online  

If you're searching for a lightweight push lawn mower, then the Craftsman M105 is a brilliant choice. The 21-inch blade means it works best for gardens under a quarter acre, and a six-height adjustable deck and three different clipping disposal options ensures a thorough trim.

Like many of the mid range offerings on this list, the Craftsman doesn't offer two blades in its cutting deck for fine mulching, it still has a three-in-one clipping disposal system. This includes a “mulching” functionality. An extra inclusion with the mower is a “mulch kit”, which improves the nutritional quality of any caught lawn clippings used later for composting. 

The M105 weighs in far less than a lot of its competitors, making it a great option for anyone who does not want to move a 100 lb machine around their garden. Sometimes less is more, especially with a push mower that has none of its own power. While it is easy to move, being a push mower the Craftsman is less suited to hilly gardens than self-powered machines. 

The Craftsman M105 has an auto-choke pull cord engine to minimize any hassle. The dual lever used to operate the cutting deck is also easy to use, making the M105 a fantastic option for medium-sized gardens with a medium-sized price tag.

Although not the cheapest option for a mid-range mower, the Craftsman is a good value proposition regardless. It works especially well for users who want a simple and light lawn care solution.   

4. Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1: Best gas lawn mower for reliability

Best gas lawn mowers: Weibang WB537SCV-3IN1

(Image credit: Weibang)

Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1

If you're after durability and reliability then the Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1is a beast of a mower made from quality parts.


Depth: 60.4-inches | Height: 39.9-inches | Width: 22.9-inches: | Blade Length: 21-inches | Engine displacement: 196cc | Weight: 120lbs | Max cutting height: 4-inches | Min cutting height : .5-inches | Drive type: Rear wheel | Mower type: Self propelled | Start type: pull cord | Warranty: 5 years residential/1 year commercial

Reasons to Buy

Powerful shaft engine
Blade stop technology

Reasons to Avoid

Choke and pull-cord start

You might not be aware of lawnmowers made in other countries, so let us introduce you to the Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1. As you can see from the pictures, it's a serious professional mower, and if ruggedness and durability are top of your list when choosing a mower, you might want to consider it.

Let's start with the engine. The Weibang has a 196cc shaft-driven engine, which is some serious power under the hood. Belt drives occasionally get twigs stuck in them or suffer from other problems like slippage when wet. In contrast, this shaft-driven engine has a 3-speed gearbox that was specially created for this mower. Everything fits tight in the engine and forget hunting around for the gasoline cap because it is right on top and easy to access. 

There are two separate speed (3 settings) and throttle controls, so you can turn the engine down when you're not really cutting, or to enable you to idle the engine at lower RPS before you shut it off. 

The build quality is outstanding. The deck is made of steel, so it's tough and rugged. The wheels have double ball bearings. There's one lever wheel adjustment, which is really easy to use. But most of all the handle just feels solid when you use it and you hardly feel any vibration at all as you mow.

Quick-release handles mean the main mower handle folds fully down, making it easy to turn the machine upside down to clean or store in your garage. 

The Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1 ships without oil so you have to provide that yourself. Starting requires a pull cord, and you also need to use a choke. All things considered, the Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1 is best suited for somebody who is experienced in using garden mowers, and is comfortable with different fuel types and appreciates the beauty of the solid build and high-quality engine. If that sounds like you, then you'll love this mower.

5. Troy-Bilt TB160: Best mid-range gas lawn mower

best gas lawn mowers: Troy-Bilt TB160

(Image credit: Troy-Bilt )

Troy-Bilt TB160

Here's a mid-range lawnmower that still has a lot power under the hood. The Troy-Bilt TB160 has some great features, too.


Depth: 60-inches | Height: 38-inches | Width: 22-inches: | Blade Length: 21-inches | Engine displacement: 160cc | Weight: 69.5lbs | Max cutting height: 3.75-inches | Min cutting height : 1.25-inches | Drive type: Push mower | Mower type: Manual push | Start type: pull cord | Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to Buy

Affordable price

Reasons to Avoid

Manual push
No blade stop system

If you're looking for an affordable gas-powered lawnmower then has all the basic function then the Troy-Bilt 160 is a great mower to consider. Of course, at a price like this you can't expect all the high-end features of something like the Honda HRX217HZA, so it's not self-propelled, and it certainly doesn't have an electric starter, but you do get a really solid 160cc Honda engine.

As well as the reliable engine the Troy-Bilt 160 comes with an Auto-Choke system which means that starting won't be a problem, even if you need to pull a cord. 

The Troy-Bilt 160 does more than just basic grass cutting too. It has a 3 in 1 action, so you get a 1.9-bushel rear bag for normal grass cuttings, but also a mulch kit, and side discharge options with this mower. A specialized cutting blade ensures that mulched grass is finely cut and you'll get a great freshly-cut look for your lawn.

While it's not self-propelled Troy-Bilt has done as much as it can to make it easier to cut with this mower. For instance, the rear wheels are large, at 11-inches, so they'll help you over rough spots in your grass or hills, too. 

Finally, adjusting the height of the cutting blade is easy, thanks to duel levers which give you 6 different height positions. 

The Troy-Bilt TB160 has a number of really good features for its price point, and as one of the cheapest here, it's great value. 

6. Craftsman M430: Best gas lawn mower for large lawns

Craftsman M430 mower

(Image credit: Lowe's)

Craftsman M430

Craftsman’s M430 is a large lawn mowing solution.


Deck size: 28-inches | Engine: Gas | LED headlights: No | Engine Size: 223cc | Self-propelled: Yes

Reasons to Buy

Efficient mulching capabilities 

Reasons to Avoid

Very expensive  
Some users report issues with front axle  

The Craftsman M430, like most of Craftsman’s mower products, is built with robust and quality materials, making ease of use with powerful hardware a priority. This is especially true for the M430, which is a self-propelling mower that dynamically adjusts its pace to adapt to its user. 

Alongside this accessibility, the M430 gives its users multiple options in terms of mulching, bagging, and clipping dispersal - with twin blades gearing it well to producing tiny clippings that are good for your lawn.

While many users of the mower remarked on the hefty price tag in reviews, a large proportion of them concluded that the M430 is well worth the price when its extensive feature list is considered. 

7. Troy-Bilt TB100: Best affordable gas lawn mower

best gas lawn mowers: Troy-Bilt TB100

(Image credit: Troy-Bilt )

Troy-Bilt TB100

You don't need to sacrifice quality if you're shopping on the budget, as this plucky little mower proves.


Depth: 60-inches | Height: 38-inches | Width: 22-inches: | Blade Length: 21-inches | Engine displacement: 140cc | Weight: 60 lbs | Max cutting height: 3.75-inches | Min cutting height : 1.25-inches | Drive type: push mower | Mower type: Manual push | Start type: pull cord | Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to Buy

Different cutting heights

Reasons to Avoid

Pull cord start
No bagging option

Mowing your yard can be an important part of your weekly exercise regimen, and if you feel like you need the exercise then it's probably best to stay away from self-propelled mowers. Push mowers are also much cheaper, and if you're shopping on a budget then the price-friendly Troy-Bilt TB100 could be all you need.

Visually it looks very similar to the TB160, which is also in this buying guide, but it has a less-powerful 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine. 

Another difference between the TB160 and this model though is that there's no bagging option with this mower. You only get mulch and side discharge. So, your cuttings are going to stay on your lawn, which might not be good if you want that clean look to your garden. 

As you'd expect for a lightweight mower like this, most of the parts are plastic, so durability may be an issue, but that also means it's easy to transport, which is handy if you need to lift it into a truck. There are lots of positive user reviews and people note that assembly is easy and requires no tools. 

Also on the positive side, there are 6 cutting positions to choose from, with a lever to help you manually adjust between them. You've also got the large rear wheels to help you over the rough spots.

As a rough guide, if you're considering getting a smaller lawnmower like the Troy-Bilt TB100 you're looking at a yard size of under a 1/4 of an acre.

8. Toro TimeMaster 21199 mower: Best gas lawn mower for quick cutting 

best gas lawn mowers: Toro TimeMaster 21199 mower

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Toro TimeMaster 21199

Save time and effort with the Toro TimeMaster 21199 self-propelling lawn mower that powers through your lawn and mulches too.


Weight: 140lb | Dimensions: 65.7in (d) x 32.2in (w) x 44.3in (h) | Max cutting height: 4.25 inch | Min cutting height: 1.25 inch | Cutting width: 30 inches | Mower type: Self-propelled | Start type: Pull-cord | Warranty: three-year full warranty, three-year guaranteed to start

Reasons to Buy

 Powerful engine 
 Wide deck 

Reasons to Avoid

 Fairly expensive 

The Toro TimeMaster 21199 has all the features you need to mow larger yards efficiently, while quickly cutting grass with its wide 30-inch deck. As one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers, it’s also simple to operate with a Personal Pace and Traction Assist feature that ensures the machine operates at a speed that suits you.

Other great features include a Dual-Force Cutting System and Atomic blades, which also slice grass into mulch, plus there’s the option to control your mowing height. The Toro TimeMaster 21199 is practical too with a quick-stow storage handle, and a washout port to easily clean under the deck of the mower. 

As the name suggests, the Toro TimeMaster can significantly reduce the time you spend mowing the lawn, and the 1.2-quart tank averages 45-60 minutes of runtime that will suit most residential lawns of up to an acre.

With its Torque Briggs and Stratton 223cc OHV engine, this best mower is designed to cope with larger residential lawns, but at over $1,000 in price, it might be a little too pricey for smaller backyards. However, if you want plenty of power to cut your mowing time in half with ease then the Toro TimeMaster 21199 is a reliable choice.

9. Troy-Bilt TB130: Best cheap gas lawn mower for medium lawns 

Best gas lawn mowers: Troy-Bilt TB130

(Image credit: Home Depot )

Troy-Bilt TB130 Gas Mower

If you want a medium-sized gas lawn mower for a small price, this is it.


Deck size: 21-inches | Engine: 159cc | LED headlights: No | Weight: 60lbs | Self-propelled: No | Warranty: Two-year limited

Reasons to Buy

Easy to use  

Reasons to Avoid

Weaker engine compared to top models 
Not very sturdy  

When compared to other gas mowers of its type, the Troy-Bilt TB130 has a slightly reedier engine and less solid build materials, but compensates for this with a very reasonable price point and some fun, useful features. Among these is a tri-action blade that makes mulching easier (combined with the mulch kit included with the mower). 

The Troy-Bilt TB130 gas mower also boasts a 1.9-bushel trimmings bag that takes a large volume of trimmings, one that can be replaced by a discharge chute if you so desire. Alongside this, the No Change engine means that you won’t have to change the oil in the mower, and instead, just top it up when needed. 

That’s ultimately the main selling point of the Troy-Bilt TB130, as it encourages ease of use in multiple different gardening contexts. 

10. Toro 21378 Recycler Lawn Mower: Best gas lawn mower for cutting heights 

best gas lawn mowers: Toro 21378 Recycler Mower

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Toro 21378 Recycler Mower

The Toro 21378 Recycler Lawn Mower is an affordable choice if you want a self-propelling mower that’s flexible too.


Weight: 74lb | Dimensions: 40in (d) x 22in (w) x 16in (h) | Max cutting height: 4 inch | Min cutting height: 1 inch | Cutting width: 22in | Mower type: Self-propelled | Start type: Pull-cord | Warranty: two-year full warranty, three-year guaranteed to start

Reasons to Buy

 Nine cut levels 
 Mulching features 

Reasons to Avoid

 Not suitable for larger areas 

When it comes to a reliable cut and easy-to-handle operation, the Toro 21378 is one of the best mowers for the job. This affordable machine is packed with features too and includes a mulching system that finely shreds grass and puts it back onto your lawn to nourish it. If you wanted to bag the grass instead, then the Toro 21378 also has a quick-connect bagging system that allows you to easily switch from mulching.

The 150cc engine and 22-inch steel deck can take on yards of up to half an acre, with the adjustable handle and lightweight 11-inch rear wheels making it super-easy to control over most lawns. There is also flexibility for precision cutting, and this self-propelling lawn mower has nine positions that will trim between one to four inches.

Overall, when it comes to residential use this self-propelled gas mower is a no-brainer, and at 74lb the Toro 21378 Recycler Lawn Mower can be used by most people with relative ease. 

Today's cheapest prices on the best gas lawn mowers

Best gas lawn mowers FAQ

What should you look for in a gas lawn mower?

Engine power: For regular gas-powered mowers the engine size determines the cutting power, but for self-propelled mowers, it almost goes without saying that the more powerful the engine the smoother your mow will be, especially if you need to go up and down bumps or hills. You should consider anything over 160cc engine as very powerful for a lawnmower.

Self-propulsion: the best gas lawnmowers come equipped with self-propulsion technology, which means the mower’s engine can turn the wheels, taking some of the strain off you. It won’t eliminate pushing, but it will make it more tolerable, especially if you need to go uphill.

Mulching: more expensive lawnmowers give you the option to mulch or bag your grass cuttings as well as release them out of the side. Sometimes the condition of your lawn means it would benefit from mulching, so it’s nice to have the option.

Blade width: the width of the cutting blade determines how many passes it takes to mow your yard. A wider blade, like 22-inches, for example, means you spend less time pushing your lawnmower. It's a case of the bigger the better.

Noise level: all internal combustion engines make a lot of noise, but larger engines tend to be louder, so if that's going to be an issue for you then consider a mower with a smaller engine that produces less noise. For context, a quiet model would produce something like 85 decibels of sound.

Cutting height and positions: the best gas lawn mowers allow you to adjust the blade height using levers located on each wheel. Cheaper models tend to require manual adjustment with a screwdriver.

How to use a gas lawn mower

Using a gas lawn mower for the first time might feel like an intimidating task, but the top-rated models included in this guide will make it easy for you to integrate your new tool into your gardening routine. The first thing to do is get to grips with your owner’s manual, where you’ll find out that one of the most crucial steps is to top up your lawnmower correctly with gas and oil. 

Once you’ve consulted your manual and topped up your mower, it’s essential that you rid the area of anything that you can see that can jam your mower and damage its parts. You’ll also want to start out on flat ground, even if your mower will have to contend with a hilly backyard later in the mowing session.

The way of turning your mower on will depend on the exact model you’ve got, usually by pulling a cord or turning on an electric key start. Then you’ll be good to go to work on your backyard.

How long do gas lawn mowers last?  

Gas lawn mowers can last as long as 10 years if you are prepared to maintain them properly. This is significantly longer than electric mowers which normally have a lifespan of around three years. Even after 10 years, a gas mower might still be working just fine but if anything breaks, it can often cost more to repair a 10 year plus old mower than it’s really worth. 

What are self-propelled lawn mowers?  

Self-propelled lawn mowers are a type of machine that uses engine power to make the wheels move. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to switch the mower on and let it take care of the whole lawn - you’ll need one of the best robot lawn mowers for that.

Because the engine helps to move the wheels on these types of mowers, the overall user experience is much easier, especially when tackling a particularly hilly lawn. You’ll still have to guide the mower around your garden, but you won’t need to put in anywhere near as much effort on the pushing front. 

Are gas lawn mowers safe?

The short answer to this question is that gas lawn mowers are safe as long as you use them correctly and as directed by the manufacturer. We would suggest reading the operator manual’s safety instructions thoroughly before using your gas lawn mower and ensure you follow these instructions to the letter every time you mow your lawn.

Many of the best gas lawn mowers are built with safety in mind. For example, most push mowers come with a handle lever that is designed to be pushed down to keep it running. While many self-propelled mowers come with a ‘brake system’ where if you let go of the lever it will stop the blade and/or engine.

Best gas lawn mowers: A woman wearing a red top uses a lawn mower to cut the grass on a sunny day

(Image credit: Getty)

What is the best gas to use in a lawn mower?

Motor oil comes in different grades, from Single Grade Oil to Full Synthetic Oil. Just like any vehicle, your gas lawn mower needs the right kind of fuel to power its engine and ensure it works to its optimal best. 

Generally speaking, 10W30 is the most common motor oil used for a wide range of lawn mowers available on the US market today. However before topping up the oil in your mower, check your owner’s manual as this will detail the exact grade of fuel required, in addition to the viscosity rating to use.

Which brand of gas lawn mower is best?

This really depends on a number of things and will change from lawn to lawn. For example discovering which brand of gas lawn mower is best will depend on the type of grass you have, how thick it is, how large your garden is and who is using the mower to cut the lawn. 

In our guide we have listed the best gas lawn mowers from big name brands such as Honda, Toro, Craftsman and Troy-Bilt. All of which have a detailed and documented history in creating brilliant outdoor power tools that last and provide ultimate cutting results. 

Do all gas lawn mowers come with bags?

Generally speaking, and at least in this buying guide, pretty much all gas lawn mowers come with a bag to collect your cuttings. But many of the best gas lawn mowers come with detachable bags and come with a range of clipping options. This includes the option to bag, shred, mulch or side discharge your clippings. 

The latter two options means the mower can collect your clippings but redistribute your cuttings back onto your lawn. This is believed to help redistribute key nutrients back into your lawn and conserve soil moisture and prevent the growth of the dreaded garden weed.

Best gas lawn mowers: A photo of vibrant green grass in summer

(Image credit: Getty)

How to maintain a gas lawn mower

With a big purchase like a lawnmower you want something that’s going to last you a good few seasons, so a little bit of maintenance might be required over its lifetime. If you’re in this for the long haul then make sure you follow all the maintenance tips in the owners manual; things like cleaning the air filter, making sure it contains the right mix of fuels, changing the oil regularly.

But you might also want to think about how accessible the engine is when making your buying decision. Carburetor issues are the number one cause of a malfunction in a gas-powered lawnmower, or a spark plug may need changing, so how accessible the engine is can make a real difference. 

Starting a gas-powered lawn mower

The standard way to start a gas-powered mower is with a pull-cord. More expensive mowers, however, come with auto choke technology which ensure it starts on the first or second attempt each time. Alternatively, some gas-powered lawnmowers come with an electric starter that just requires you to push a button or turn a key to get them going.

And before we forget - we'd really recommend non-ethanol fuel for a lawnmower if you care about the longevity of your engine. The black charr that forms from ethanol burning is seriously bad news for a small engine.

How much do gas-powered lawn mowers cost?

Budget is one of the most important considerations when buying one of the best gas lawn mowers. Thankfully, there’s a range of prices available, so whether you want to splurge on your mower or seek out something more affordable, you’ll find a suitable model. 

Generally, prices for affordable or mid-range gas-powered push mowers are from about $160 to up to $400. On the more expensive side, higher-end self-propelled models can push up the price to nearer the $900 mark and beyond, though they will make your life considerably easier when it comes to mowing. 

As you might expect, more affordable models have fewer features to test out, though they will still provide an excellent, if basic, mowing experience. If you can afford to spend a little more, then there are plenty of extremely useful features that will importantly save you time. That includes blade stop technology, which cuts the movement of the blades but leaves the motor running, so you can unblock your mower without even having to cut the power supply off.

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