Top 10 weirdest things on Amazon this Prime Day

Top 10 weirdest things on Amazon this Prime Day
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Join us on a hilarious and occasionally terrifying journey through the top ten weirdest things on sale this Amazon Prime Day. We all know that you can get some great deals on really useful items during Amazon Prime Day - stuff like printers, Instant Pots and Fitbits - but what about people who want to make savings on weird stuff?

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Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. This article will take you through the stranger side of Amazon to find all the oddest things you can buy this Prime Day. If you are one of those normal people who wants to buy normal things, then you can still check out our Amazon Prime Day USA deals hub for great savings. If you’re feeling extra thrifty, you can also head over to our Amazon Warehouse deals page to find deals on refurbished and returned items too.

OK, strap in because we’re heading into the strange part of Amazon. These are the ten weirdest products on sale this Amazon Prime Day.

1.  Nicholas Cage Sequin Pillow 

Nicholas Cage Pillow

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Speaking as a person that legitimately owns a pillow with Nicholas Cage’s face on it, I didn’t think this was that weird, but a quick poll of the rest of the team has me overruled.

What more is there to say? It’s a sequin pillow that has a picture of Nicholas Cage’s face on it. Of course, if you want to hide it from guests, you can just flip all the sequins to the colored side to turn his Face Off.

It’s not actually on offer this Prime Day, but we couldn’t resist sharing this one. The Nicolas Cage Face Sequin Throw Pillow comes in four color options and costs $18.90 at Amazon. That’s a bargain price for a National Treasure. 

2.  Cybershoes


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Wake up Neo, the Matrix has you. If you’ve ever sat there with your VR headset on and thought “urgh, why do I have to move using a controller, this is so immersion breaking” then we’ve got the Prime Day deal for you - the Cybershoes for Quest Standalone and SteamVR. This is a “foot-based VR movement system” that works with a decent library of VR games including DOOM VFR and Half Life Alyx.

But how does it work? Well, basically, you sit on your chair and mime walking by sliding your feet along the floor. It sounds funny, but words don’t do it justice. You need to watch the example videos on the store page. Still, while there is no dignity in playing VR with other people watching, these do actually look like a neat idea that would ramp up the immersion when playing VR games. The Cybershoes are down from $349 to just $316 at Amazon this Prime Day - lucky you!

3.  Toilet Night Light

Toilet Night Light

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If your kids are scared of going to the bathroom at night, then we’ve got the solution to your problems - a night light that sits inside your toilet bowl to illuminate your way. It’s motion sensor activated and comes with nine color options. Now the obvious question to ask right away here is why? Why is this a thing? Does my butt really need an underglow when I’m in the bathroom?

But then we remembered all the times that we’ve gone to the bathroom late at night, turned on the light and flashbanged ourselves. This eliminates that problem. You get a nice, soft light that lets you know where the toilet is, which means less mess, less noise as you fumble around in the dark, and less temporarily blinding yourself with bright lights at 2am.

We’d recommend avoiding the red one though, because it does make your toilet look a tiny bit like a gateway to the underworld, which might be off putting to your little ones. You can get the Original Toilet Night Light Gadget for just $7.99 at Amazon during Prime Day.

4. Hamster hammock

Hamster hammock

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Do you ever feel bad for your little pet hamster, stuck in their cage with nothing to do? Maybe they’ve got a little hamster wheel and a few toys, but they’re still going to get bored out of their little minds. Well then why not take their mind off it with this jungle themed hamster hammock and play set?

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games… for your hamster. This set comes with a hammock for your little furry friend to chillax in, along with a swing, tube, and cableway for them to live out their wildest jungle dreams. It’s made with “premium materials” and is suitable for a wide range of small pets. The Hamster Hammock costs $12.79 on Amazon, down from its original price of $15.99. It is available for Prime delivery.

5. Handi Squirrel

Handi Squirrel

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Turn your hand into an eldritch nightmare with the Handi Squirrel. Seriously, what is this thing? The Handi Squirrel comes with four disembodied squirrel arms and a severed squirrel head that you attach to your fingers to make a nightmare puppet show that will surely haunt your children for the rest of their days.

During Prime Day you can pick up the Handi Squirrel at the reduced price of $6.99 on Amazon, though it fails to mention anything about paying with your immortal soul. We’re pretty sure this squirrel will eat your soul, so consider whether the savings are worth it.

6. Useless Box

Useless Box

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The useless box really does live up to its name. It’s a box with a switch on top. You flick the switch, the box lid opens up, a plastic finger pokes out and flicks the switch back down, closing the box again. Utterly useless, and yet entirely mesmerizing. We love it. The Useless Box is currently on sale during Prime Day and costs $11.10 at Amazon, down from its usual price of $16.58. 

7. Novelty Face Bank

Novelty Face Bank

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Back to the nightmare fuel we go, this time with the Youngine Novelty Face Bank which is a delightful piggy bank that kids can save their money in - all they have to do is feed the cash through the gaping maw of this creepy face. It comes in three different colors, with two different facial expressions for each color. All of them are horrifying. 

The Youngine Novelty Face Bank costs $14.99 on Amazon and is available for Prime delivery, but you have to consider the deep fiscal irresponsibility that you’ll be teaching your children - they will never save money again if you buy them this. 

8. A box of pizza socks 

Pizza socks

(Image credit: Amazon)

Everyone loves pizza, and everyone needs socks, so why not combine these two into one package. That’s the brilliant logic behind the pizza socks box, which comes with four pairs of pizza themed socks arranged into a pizza box. The Amazon store page boldly claims that this is “the only product of this type on the market” and we 100% believe that claim.

Still though, we have to say we’re thoroughly impressed that they’ve managed to arrange the socks to look like an actual pizza inside the box. If you’re going to do something bizarre and pointless, you might as well do it with style.

Sadly you don’t get a choice of toppings, which means you’re going to be stuck with a pair of Hawaiian pizza socks that are as unwearable as Hawaiian pizza is inedible. The Pizza Socks Box costs $25.99 on Amazon and is available for Prime delivery 

9. Electrical Outlet Earrings

Electrical outlet earrings

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There is no better way to show that you're plugged in and switched on when it comes to fashion than these stylish electrical outlet earrings. They do also look a bit like spooky ghost faces too, so they can work double duty around Halloween.

You can get the Electrical Outlet Earrings for just $11.99 at Amazon, down from $14.99 during the Prime Day sales.

10.  Thanos Swimsuit 

Thanos Swimsuit

(Image credit: Amazon)

It was inevitable.

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