Best lawn mower deals 2024: here are our tips on how to get the best discounts

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If you want lawn mower deals and discounts, stick with us, because we'll help you  find lots of great-quality lawn mowers for discounted prices. We've taken the hassle out of this search by putting together our experienced research right here on this page, giving you advice on where, when and how to shop in order to secure the best lawn mower deals, all year round.  

Shopping for the best lawn mower deals doesn't have to cost you an arm or a leg. We've got tips to help you secure the discounted lawn mower that's right for you, whether you need one of the best electric lawn mowers, or the best robot lawn mowers; you'll be able to discern a great deal from a shabby one, thanks to our helpful info. 

Whether you're shopping the best gas lawn mowers or best riding lawn mowers, you don't need to worry about breaking the bank, because we've got advice that'll save you money; for example, like using tools and browser extensions, such as and CamelCamelCamel, you can track the price of the lawn mower you want across multiple retailers. This means you can find not only where it's listed as the cheapest, but also if it's at its lowest ever price so you know when to shop too. Read on for more money-saving hacks just like that one, plus FAQs.

Come back to this page whenever you want for deal-hunting advice and useful shopping tips, not just for major sales events like Labor Day or Black Friday, but all year-round too. 

Best lawn mower deals and sales

Where to find the best lawn mower deals?

These are some great brands and retailers that we recommend checking out for great year round lawn mower deals. 

Here's a handy A-Z of stores and brands selling lawn mowers, often at discounted prices, to help with your research on finding a great deal even outside of the main sale season.

Remember: if you don't see a deal you like right away, make a list of the products you're after and come back for them nearer to the next big sales period. 

When is the best time of year to shop a lawn mower deal?

Knowing when to score a lawn mower deal is going to save you the big bucks. Last year, on Black Friday, we saw an upward demand for lawn mowers as users wanted to squeeze in the last cut of the year — and save some top dollar in the process. Retailers sung to this by offering some deep discounts across robot lawn mowers, gas lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers. Riding lawn mowers held on to the higher ticket prices, which they always seem to do.

Other events such as Presidents' Day, Labor Day, July 4th sales would be worth a look through if you need a new mower for the summer, although the discounts may not be as wild as they are on Black Friday. We'd also say to watch for clearance mowers and other promotions such as bundles throughout the warmer months because the likelihood of needing a new cutting machine will be at your time of need.

Are there good Labor Day lawn mower deals?

For sure — we saw some great Labor Day lawn mower sales last year, which even included combo kits and a few ride-on models as well, so they are definitely worth checking out when they roll around. 

That's the nice thing about sales, even if you're bummed you missed one sales event, another one will come around pretty soon with similar, if not better, sales. 

Can I get Amazon Prime Day lawn mower deals?

Now, this is a tricky one — unfortunately the answer is no, unless of course you're an Amazon Prime member. Last year, there were some good lawn care products that we found were on offer as part of the Amazon Prime Day deals, which included some cordless and robotic mowers. So it might be worth considering a membership to Prime, especially if you already use Amazon's services. 

Other retailers such as Best Buy and Home Depot would be worth checking out during the same time as Prime Day too because, if this year is anything like 2023, we'll see a swath of competing anti-Prime day deals. You won't need a membership to get involved, and there may be some exclusives that Amazon aren't offering at the time.

Are Black Friday lawn mower deals any good?

We'd say that Black Friday is probably the biggest shopping event of the year, as many people use it to stock up on Christmas presents as the holiday season begins. We saw some amazing Black Friday lawn mower deals in 2023, with many being brought all the way down to their lowest-ever price, just for the occasion, as well as many other 'one-time only' deals. So the deals are definitely worth waiting for.

These discounts linger over the days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where, dependent on stock, they might go even lower, but Cyber Monday deals never last as long as Black Friday deals do. Once 'Cyber Week' is over, the prices can rise again in a last ditch attempt to milk consumers, so we'd recommend making the most of any Black Friday lawn mower deals while they last. 

Are Black Friday lawn mower deals better than after Christmas deals?

This is a tricky one, as often, as with most products, Black Friday offers the best discounts and lowest prices that you're likely to see all year, just going off the fact that Black Friday is the biggest and most important shopping event of the year, especially for yard equipment.

That said, if you miss out on Black Friday deals, don't worry, because even if the prices rise again during December you'll find that by the time the after-Christmas sales come around, many discounted lawn mowers will go on clearance, or at least be back down to around their Black Friday price. This is because many brands and retailers want to shift these remaining units of stock before the new year begins, bringing a fresh batch of stock with it. So the after-Christmas period, into the January sales, holds great promise for snagging a discounted/clearance lawn mower.

End of year lawn mower deals

Waiting till the end of the year, from Black Friday onwards, is the best period to save money on a lawn mower, as there are plenty of good sales condensed into this time frame. 

Black Friday lawn mower deals have more longevity, as they start to drop in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, with many lawn mowers being significantly reduced well in advance as retailers go hard on their Black Friday advertizing. These discounts continue through Cyber Week and for some weeks afterwards, depending on how much stock is leftover. So late November is great.

By the time we get to the after-Christmas sales in late December/early January, there will be deeper discounts across most makes and models, as a final effort from resellers and brands to sell out their older stock before all the new year's stuff comes in. 

Presidents' Day lawn mower deals

More new lawn mower stock tends to drop into stores and online in early spring once the January sales are over, so there'll be some more good offers for Presidents' Day in February — although the prices probably won't be as cheap as what's on offer later in the year for Black Friday, for example. It's better not to be totally last minute too, shop and buy before Presidents' Day, for a better chance of grabbing a deal, rather than on the day itself.

Either way, if your lawn mower has given up the ghost over winter or rusted away in your garage, Presidents' Day is still a great time of year to save on a new one before the weather warms up and grass-cutting season begins. As they're a relatively large purchase, big retailers such Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon are likely to have sales and deals on lawn mowers. 

Yard Force Gas Lawn Mower in use

The best lawn mower deals: check back in throughout the year for the most up to date deals (Image credit: Yard Force)

Lawn mower deals: FAQs

How to know if you're getting a good lawn mower deal?

There are a few good common sense things to look for if you want to know you've got a good deal. 

One: Check that you're buying from a legit brand, like Greenworks or BLACK+DECKER; it doesn't necessarily have to be a huge household name, however it's safer buying from trusted brands, as you can trust that their deals will be legit. After all, they've got their brand-name reputation to uphold, and they're not about to damage that during any sales season by mis-selling to their customers.

Two: remember that it's not always the lowest price that's the best - check the price against what the reviews say; the more reviews you check the better, as this gives the product credibility. Sometimes, it's worth paying that little bit more for a product that has really good reviews and 5 star ratings, as opposed to a cheap product that has no review photos or testimonials.

Three: using price check comparison tools is another great way to check whether your deal is a good one or not - camelcamelcamel and Honey are both great tools for examining the price history of a product over a certain period of time; this will show you whether it's at its lowest price, and more importantly if the current listing is unreasonably high. Honey is also great at pulling all the prices together that one product is listed for across all the big retailer websites, so it does the leg-work for you. 

Pricing history of the Greenworks - 80 Volt 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower (1 x 4.0Ah Battery and 1 x Charger)

Graph showing the price history of the Greenworks - 80 Volt 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower (1 x 4.0Ah Battery and 1 x Charger) - Green at Best Buy over the last 30 days (via Honey) (Image credit: Honey)

What is a good price for a lawn mower?

How much does a lawn mower cost? Good question. A lot of your standard push mowers nowadays are electric, falling into two categories: either corded, so they plug into the mains, or cordless, meaning they're powered by a battery. We figure either one of these is a pretty solid option if you're looking for a high powered lawn mower. The absolute cheapest option to go for if you're on a budget is a manual push reel mower, which can cost between $50 - $150, but they're very simple and lacking in any advanced features or technology. 

For corded electric you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 - $400 if not more, as this depends on the brand and size of mower you want to buy, but once again we recommend not dipping below the $100 mark if you can help it (unless an item is on sale) - a lawn mower is a significant purchase and you want one that'll last you and perform well; these tend to be priced higher. 

Cordless electric can be more expensive, as there's more technology inside your mower to pay for, namely the battery. You're looking at a price range of approx. $200 - $800 for one of these. These can be a solid investment though, especially if you use the battery between different tools, like leaf blowers, string trimmers, etc. Another huge benefit of cordless electric is that you're not limited on where you can go in your yard by a cord that's either too short, gets tangled, is easy to trip on, etc.
(Stuck between the two? Check out how to choose an electric lawn mower.)

Gas powered lawn mowers can be priced between $200 - $600 on average, but some can be way more expensive depending on the type of engine used, for example some mowers with a Briggs and Stratton engine can cost in the thousands. Think of the smelly gas fumes, harmful emissions and the type of user experience you're looking to have. Yes, gas mowers tend to be more powerful and have a longer run time than their counterparts, but they're high-maintenance. You'll end up spending more in the long run on sourcing fuel for your lawn mower, whereas the electric options seem more convenient to keep charged ready for use. It's important to think of how to choose a gas lawn mower

Surprisingly, some of the most expensive lawn mowers are the robot/automatic lawn mowers; despite their small size, they have lots of tech packed into them, such as GPS, so on average they can cost between $700 - $3000, sometimes even more if it's a really high end model. 

The largest of them all, ride-on (rear-engine/tractor/zero-turn) lawn mowers are also pretty expensive, costing anywhere between $1000 - $6000, however they offer the best user experience, as they get you off your feet for a comfortable experience, especially if you have a large lawn and lots of yard work to do. Once you get used to the type of steering technology your chosen mower has, they can also be super fun to use. Be mindful that most riding lawn mowers are gas powered, as it's the most viable option for the run time required.

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