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Amazon Prime Day USA deals 2021 - everything you missed

Amazon Prime Day USA deals 2021 - everything you missed
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Amazon Prime Day 2021 is all over. The 48-hour shopping event is all finished, and the deals have been chased away for another year. Did you get hold of a new Instant Pot? Or maybe you treated yourself to a fancy, big TV? Or maybe you went with something boring, like a compact printer, to complete your home office set-up. Whatever - it's all done, and Amazon has sold a lot of stuff for another year, and now have less perfectly good stock to simply throw away.

We'll be back in November to bring you coverage of the Black Friday Deals 2021, of which Amazon will undoubtedly be a part of, but for now we're turning our attention to helping you live your life better with all of our other shopping, living, and learning advice.

Whatever, just take me to the deals!

Amazon US - all the best deals from Amazon itself
Walmart - also having a sale, and with plenty of savings
Best Buy - grab a great deal on all your home tech
Dell - for all those who need a new computer or laptop
Verizon - upgrading your phone? There are loads of offers here
Samsung - for all your home appliance and TV needs

If you signed up for Amazon Prime just to take advantage of the deals, now is the perfect time to cancel your membership, even if you're given the hard sell to stay a member. You'll likely be offered an incentive, like a month of Prime for $1.99 if you continue to stay a member, so it's worth considering this if you're on the fence about canceling. Just be aware that if you don't cancel your Prime Membership, you'll be charged 30 days after the date you signed up on.

It's worth noting that Amazon does keep some deals going after Prime Day, but they are not technically Prime Day Deals. The largest retailer in the world wants you to keep shopping there, and not at smaller or competing businesses, so it keeps prices low throughout the year.

Other retailers have wrapped up their sales too, although some will likely have further discount events throughout the summer, and all the usual suspects will return for Black Friday and Holiday sales. See you then, folks.

All expired Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime Day 2021 - info

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Just in case you've been living in total self-isolation for the past year (usually that's a joke, but after 2020 it isn't), Amazon Prime Day is a yearly sales event from the House of Bezos, which slashes prices on a wide variety of consumer goods. It usually runs for around 36-48 hours, and it happens around the end of June or start of July every year. This year Prime Day will be June 21/22, and it will run from 00:01 ET on June 21, until midnight on June 22. That's 48 hours of deals.

Amazon Prime Day USA is exclusively for people with Prime membership, so you won't see the deals unless you're signed up. However, we know that by the end of 2018 more than 95 million people had signed up for Prime, which accounted for half of the site's global usership. If we assume that Prime sign-ups have risen at the same level as users, then at least 50% of all Amazon customers will be able to take part.

Over the course of Prime Day 2021 (which, again, is going to be two days) discounts are released in several different ways. Let's talk about them below.

How does Prime Day work?

Assuming you've signed up for Amazon Prime and you've logged into your account, you'll see discounts across the whole site. In previous years, Amazon Prime discounts have been clearly marked across the site's 12 million+ products, so you know that you're getting the deal because you're a Prime Member.

There are always deals that run throughout the whole of Prime Day, which you can access at any time. Then there are daily Amazon Prime Day deals, which run for 24 hours, or until stock is depleted. And finally, there are Lightning Deals, which appear every few minutes, and run until all the stock of a particular item has been bought up. Sometimes Lightning Deals run for hours, sometimes minutes. Depends what the product is.

Once you've checked out with all your stuff, that expedited Prime delivery will see the products in your home within a few days. It used to be overnight in most areas, but since the explosion in at-home shopping during 2020, deliveries - while still free - take a little longer.

How to get the best Amazon Prime Day deals

Sign up to Amazon Prime
The first thing to remember with Amazon Prime Day is that you need to be an Amazon Prime member to take part. While many people will already be members, many aren’t. Signing up for Amazon Prime is easy. If you’ve never been a member before, you can make use of the 30-day trial that allows for free Prime membership. If you want to cancel when the month is up, you can do so easily and it won’t have cost you a dime - besides what you spend on Prime Day itself, of course. 

If the free trial is not an option for you, Prime membership currently costs $12.99 a month or $119 for a year. You’ll get faster delivery options, Prime Video, ad-free music streaming on Prime Music, and access to unlimited photo storage and Prime Reading all thrown in, so there’s little not to like. 

Walmart recently launched a rival service, which we compare in our Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime review.


Do your research
Familiarising yourself with the Amazon site is also a good idea if you want to secure the best Amazon Prime Day deals. Take note of what is listed where and try to get a feel for how much the things that you’re interested in buying cost - creating a wish list on the site is the easiest way to keep tabs on the products and prices that you have in your sights. 

Given the most popular Amazon Prime Day deals sell out in a matter of minutes, getting a heads up on what will be discounted can be important too. Some deals will be announced in advance, and we’ll round up the most eye catching propositions on this very page. If you want tech deals, we recommend checking out TechRadar's Amazon Prime Day deals page.

Compare prices
On Prime Day itself, the onus falls on you to stand by your device and make your move once the deals go live. Try to buy early to get the best price while items are in stock, and if the price drops again, you can make an easy A-to-Z Amazon return (usually before items are shipped). But if you wait and an item sells out, it’s your bad luck, unless a similarly-priced deal comes along to replace it. 

If you have time on the day, it’s a good idea to use to check the Amazon price history of a product and ascertain whether it really is a good deal. You could also load up Google Shopping to see how much rival retailers are selling the product for, just to make sure the Amazon Prime Day deal is the best around.

Finally, if you’re looking for reassurance that the Amazon user reviews you base your purchasing decisions are genuine, can help you work out whether the reviews for a product are legit or fake.