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Best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals 2021: These cheap Fitbit deals have now ended

Best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals
(Image credit: Fitbit )

This year's best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals are now over, so if you didn't take advantage of the many time-limited offers on the brand's top sports watches and activity trackers, you are now out of luck. Fitbit trackers are designed to help you improve your health and fitness, as well as to get a better understanding of your general wellness. No wonder so many people snapped up all of those cheap Prime Day Fitbit deals while they could.

The biggest and best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deal we saw was a whopping $100 discount on the top-rated Fitbit Sense watch, which made headlines when it was first released because of its stress-tracking technology. The other really cheap Fitbit deal, and that has also now ended, was a $40 price reduction on the colorful Fitbit Ace 2 Kids activity tracker. That time-limited deal slashed the price from $69.99 to $29.99. If you managed to get one at that lower price, it was a truly great bargain.

This year’s best Amazon Prime Day USA deals were pretty good overall, with everything from TVs to toys going cheap. But if you were looking for something to enhance your workouts, the best Prime Day Fitbit deals were definitely the ones to watch. The deals ended at midnight on June 22 2021, so that's it for another year now. There are plenty of cheap Fitbit deals knocking around from month to month though, outside of the Prime Day event, so it's worth keeping your eyes open for an unexpected bargain. 

If you want to find out more about the products that were featured on this page, take a look at our guide to the best fitness trackers. You'd be surprised by just how much these stylish wearables are capable of. As well as guiding you through numerous fitness activities, they also help to manage your heart health, control symptoms of stress and generally enhance your wellbeing. The Prime Day Fitbit deals made some of them a lot cheaper too.

Save nearly $100 o...

Fitbit Sense (Gold/White) | Was $298.95 | $199 at Amazon
Fitbit's newest smartwatch is designed to help you manage stress while boosting your heart health, and it's nearly $100 off. Top features include high/low heart rate notifications, skin temperature monitoring, and sleep and activity tracking as standard. 

This year's best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals you missed

If you've been asking yourself, "Will Fitbits be on sale on Amazon Prime Day?", the answer is a big yes! But you don't have to wait any longer as they have finally arrived. To jump on them, make a beeline to Amazon or Fitbit's official site. Walmart and Target have some similarly priced Fitbits on offer, but if you are already a Prime member, you'll get free next-day shipping on your activity tracker from Amazon.

Prefer to shop with Fitbit directly? The brand is currently offering extended free trial periods of its fitness subscription service. These are the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals live now, while stocks last...

Fitbit Inspire 2 (Rose) | Was $99.95 | Now $59.99 at Amazon
Snap up this deal and not only will you save over $25 on the Rose colored Inspire 2 for activity and sleep tracking, you'll also snag a year's free membership to Fitbit's online workout platform. 

Fitbit Ace 2 Kids | Was $69.95 | Now $29.99 at Amazon
Encouraging your little one to live an active, healthy life is so much fun with the Fitbit Ace 2 Kids, as they can setup family physical activity challenges, such as hitting a certain number of steps together. This fun tracker is swimproof too.

Fitbit Charge 4 | Was $129.95 | $99.95 at Fitbit
There's a $30 discount on the brilliant Charge 4 right now, so if you want a reliable and feature-packed Fitbit tracker, this is the one to look at if the Fitbit Luxe costs too much for you.

Fitbit Versa 2 | Was $179.95 | $148.59 at Amazon
Enjoy voice control at the wrist thanks to built-in Alexa support, plus automatic tracking of multiple exercise types, including running, swimming and cycling. Other colors are on sale too.

Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition | $149.95 | $119.95 at Fitbit
The Special Edition version of the top-rated Charge 4 comes with a reflective woven band, plus a spare basic black band. It offers GPS, 24/7 heart rate tracking, plus a three-month trial to Fitbit Premium.

Where to find the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals 2021

Amazon’s Prime Day offers were open to Prime members only. So if you weren’t signed up, you would have need to get a free Prime trial to take advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals on its trackers and smartwatch offers.

Signing up for the Prime service has always been very simple to do so, and because you get a free trial period, if it isn’t something you want to continue with, many people cancel after Prime Day. 

Prime Day Fitbit deals weren’t just available on Amazon either. Other big-name retailers got involved too, even though they couldn't officially call their sales ‘Prime Day sales’, because that’s Amazon’s bag. But that did mean you were able to find Walmart, Best Buy and Target all offering juicy Prime Day Fitbit deals of their own in the US. In the UK, retailers like Currys, John Lewis and Argos were trying to undercut Amazon with their own cheap Fitbit deals.

Bottom line is, Prime Day has always been the perfect time to buy a Fitbit, so if you had need for one, we highly recommended people to check out the Fitbit Sense deal, as well as the savings on the Inspire 2 and Fitbit Ace 2 Kids tracker. Sadly these are over for another year, but hopefully Black Friday will bring us comparable savings on cheap Fitbits.

The Fitbit trackers people were looking for during Amazon Prime Day

Best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals and cheap Fitbit deals: The new Fitbit Luxe shown with a classic Peony pink band

(Image credit: Fitbit)

1. Fitbit Luxe

This could well be the best Fitbit tracker for women yet


MSRP: From $149.95
Battery life: Up to five days
Display: 0.76-inch AMOLED
Water-resistant: Yes, to 50m
Features: Heart rate monitor, SpO2, stress detection, sleep tracking, period tracking, skin temperature monitoring (coming soon)
Size: One size

Reasons to buy

Built-in heart rate monitor
Automatically tracks 20 exercise modes
Bright AMOLED display

Reasons to avoid

No onboard GPS

The Fitbit Luxe was announced in April this year, and is the latest activity tracker in Fitbit’s growing family. Considering how many useful fitness and wellness features are packed into this slimline band, the asking price of $149.95 is very reasonable. The fun begins with 24/7 heart rate tracking, plus automatic tracking of 20 different exercise types. You’ll get real-time feedback during each workout too, so you’ll get an idea of how hard you’re working.

Other features include your breathing rate, resting heart rate and heart rate variability, and SpO2 (coming soon). Taking stress detection tech from the Fitbit Sense, the Luxe is equipped to generate a daily Stress Management Score for you. You’ll then be given on-wrist guided breathing sessions to help you better manage your body’s response to stress.

For those of you who are keen to understand your sleep and how to improve it, the Luxe also has Fitbit’s Sleep Score functionality built-in. Viewing this could help you understand how much sleep you’re getting and what the quality is like. We have a love-hate relationship with sleep trackers, so we’d recommend taking any insights with a pinch of salt. 

While we’re focusing on the standard version here, you can also buy a Fitbit Luxe Special Edition ($199.95), fitted with a gold stainless steel Parker Link Bracelet designed by jewelry brand gorjana. The Special Edition also comes with a peony ‘classic’ band for when you want to be less showy, plus you’ll get a free six-month trial of Fitbit Premium, one of the world’s best online fitness programs

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Sense

(Image credit: Fitbit)

2. Fitbit Sense

The best Fitbit smartwatch - it even tracks your skin’s temperature

Reasons to buy

Stress and activity tracking
Mindfulness training app
Big, bright and colorful OLED screen

Reasons to avoid

Buttonless design requires learning

When the Fitbit Sense was first announced, people fell over themselves to pre-order it, leading to many sites selling out of their pre-order allocations. This is another Fitbit tracker designed to look like a smartwatch, but beyond that it offers some rather unusual tracking features we haven’t yet seen in such a device. 

These include the rather fancy-sounding electrodermal activity monitoring, which is Fitbit’s attempt to help you monitor and deal with stress. Then there’s skin temperature tracking, the monitoring of oxygen saturation while you sleep, and an ECG scan which is awaiting FDA approval. All that on top of everything you’d expect a Fitbit to do. 

Whether we’ll see this new flagship wearable pop up among the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals remains to be seen, but if all those pre-orders are anything to go by, there’s certainly an appetite for a device that can help lower your stress and up your steps count.

Best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals and cheap Fitbit deals: The Fitbit Ace 3 in Cosmic Blue with Astro Green color buckle fastening

(Image credit: Fitbit)

3. Fitbit Ace 3

The latest and best Fitbit for kids, and it's cheap too


MSRP: From $79.95
Battery life: Up to eight days
Display: PMOLED touchscreen
Water-resistant: Yes, to 50m (swimproof)
Features: all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking, reminders to move, bedtime reminders and alarms
Size: One size

Reasons to buy

Fun design
Fitness motivation challenges
Eight-day battery life

Reasons to avoid

Basic tracking functions

Designed for kids aged six and over, the Fitbit Ace 3 follows in the footsteps of the Ace 2 to deliver a good first activity tracker experience for little ones and older children. This funky, one-size Fitbit tracker for kids comes in two colors (Cosmic Blue / Astro Green, and Black / Sport Red), and offers all-day activity tracking, plus fun motivational challenges (such as step challenges) to enjoy as a family.

The Fitbit app is tailored for your kids too, and they can view various badges and achievements, and different clock faces to choose from. There are parental control features for you to take advantage of, including which other Android and iOS devices the Fitbit Ace 3 is allowed to sync with. For kids who own smartphones, the Fitbit Ace 3 will also display notifications at the wrist.

Finally, the Ace 3 offers sleep tracking, bedtime reminders and silent wake-up alarms, all with a view to helping your little ones sleep as well as possible - and to wake-up feeling refreshed.

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit versa 3

(Image credit: Fitbit)

4. Fitbit Versa 3

A stylish smartwatch with built-in GPS

Reasons to buy

Six-day battery life
Heart rate monitoring
Google Assistant/Alexa

Reasons to avoid

Free Premium trial only if buying from Fitbit

While on paper the Fitbit Versa 3 doesn’t look as exciting as the Fitbit Sense, there’s still a lot going on with this stunning smartwatch, and it costs $100 less too. The Versa 3 is a big upgrade of the Versa 2, thanks to the inclusion of GPS, a bigger screen (1.58 inches), and better heart rate monitoring (PurePulse 2.0).

There’s also a fast-charging function here, so you can get an entire day’s worth of power from just a 12-minute charge. You can also take calls at the wrist with the Versa 3, as it has onboard Alexa and Google Assistant voice smarts. 

Swimmers, you’ll be safe powering through the pool while wearing the Versa 3 as it’s water-resistant to 50m. It’ll automatically track your swim sessions too, as part of its ability to monitor 20 individual exercise modes.

Will it be among the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals? Hard to say as, like the Fitbit Sense, the Versa 3 is new out. However, some plucky retailers might be gearing up to capitalize on the tracker’s newly minted popularity by offering a sweet discount.

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Sense: Fitbit Charge 4

(Image credit: Fitbit)

5. Fitbit Charge 4

The best Fitbit for sleep tracking

Reasons to buy

Comfy wristband design
Seven-day battery life
Comprehensive health tracking

Reasons to avoid

Lacks some of Fitbit’s newer health features

If you’re utterly confused about which Fitbit tracker is right for you, but you know that you’d prefer a wristband to a watch design, just head for the Fitbit Charge 4. This is Fitbit’s latest activity tracker and one of it’s best yet. There’s onboard GPS for pace and distance tracking during hikes and outdoor runs, and it’ll monitor your heart rate 24/7.

Battery life is seven days per full charge, so you can go the whole week without worrying about the tracker. In fact, we hardly notice it on our wrist, even when sleeping. Speaking of sleep, the Fitbit Charge 4 offers decent sleep tracking and could give you more of a clue as to how much sleep you’re getting each night. 

Fitbit’s brilliant app ecosystem is at your disposal here, of course, so you can fire up your local weather report, read news highlights, view your upcoming diary appointments and more right on the Charge 4’s personalized clock face. 

All-day activity tracking will paint a picture of how much or how little you’re moving throughout the day (home office workers, take note), while the Guided Breathing feature is like having one of the best meditation apps on tap. If you see this fitness tracker among the Prime Day Fitbit deals for a good amount under its $149 RRP, buy it. You won’t be disappointed. 

Best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale in Black

(Image credit: Fitbit)

6. Fitbit Aria Air

The best Fitbit for measuring your weight and BMI

Reasons to buy

Simple to use
Supports multiple users
Sleek and lightweight

Reasons to avoid

Newer models available

Fitbit doesn't just make fitness trackers and health-focused smartwatches - it also makes smart scales for measuring your body weight, BMI, water weight and other metrics. The Aria Air is sleek and lightweight, and is one of our top picks for the best bathroom scales. 

Overall it's very easy to use, with a quick setup process that involves downloading the Fitbit app, then pairing the scales with your phone. From there, and within the Fitbit app, you can create individual user profiles so that other members of your household can also use the Aria Air if they want. 

We've seen this sleek smart scale on sale before during Prime Day and also around Black Friday, and expect to see similar discounts this year.

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Inspire HR

(Image credit: FItbit)

7. Fitbit Inspire HR

A major upgrade from the original Inspire, at a great price

Reasons to buy

Tracks heart rate
Affordably priced

Reasons to avoid

Large screen bezels
Screen occasionally unresposive

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a major upgrade from the original Inspire. As its name suggests, the most significant new addition is heart rate monitor, which upgrades the Inspire HR from a simple step-counter to a serious fitness tracker. 

It includes 15 exercise modes, each of which provides you with a wealth of useful information (such as distance, pace, calories burnt, heart rate and speed), and uses your phone's GPS to track your position. 

Connect the Inspire HR, and all this data will be aggregated and presented with handy graphs and charts so you can easily monitor your progress with each passing day. Oh, and it can track your steps, too.

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Charge 3

(Image credit: Fitbit)

8. Fitbit Charge 3

A solid choice for keen runners, swimmers and cyclists

Reasons to buy

Includes sleep tracking
Tracks periods

Reasons to avoid

GPS requires a phone
Monochrome screen

The Fitbit Charge 3, first launched in 2018, rolls fitness, heart rate and sleep tracking into one neat (and rather stylish) package. Its screen is much larger than that of the Charge 2, and the whole tracker feels much lighter thanks to a switch from stainless steel to aluminum for the case. 

It'll track running (outdoors or indoors), swimming, walking, weight training, cycling and intervals, all without needing to be activated manually. A great pick if you're already active, and are looking for ways to measure and improve your performance.

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Versa

(Image credit: Fitbit)

9. Fitbit Versa

The first ever Fitbit Versa smartwatch, now outpaced by the Versa 2 and 3

Reasons to buy

Highly customizable
Bright, clear display

Reasons to avoid

GPS requires phone
Odd 'squircle' shape

Unlike many of Fitbit's other wearables, which are fitness trackers first and foremost, the Fitbit Versa is much more of a smartwatch. Like the Fitbit Charge 3, it's extremely light, but also has a huge range of interchangeable straps so you can choose something dressier for occasions when you're not pounding the pavements.

Its clear, bright screen presents a wealth of workout information, and in the morning it'll provide a detailed rundown of how well you slept. There are non-fitness features too, like smart notifications and contactless payment, so it will benefit your day to day life. 

The Fitbit Versa has now been replaced by the Versa 2 ($179.95) and the Versa 3 ($229.95). So while Fitbit no longer sells it, you can grab it for significantly cheaper prices at sites such as Amazon and Walmart.

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Ace tracker for kids in purple

(Image credit: Fitbit)

10. Fitbit Ace

A cheap Fitbit that'll encourage your kids to stay active

Reasons to buy

Secure app for kids
Fun family challenges

Reasons to avoid

Fairly pricey for a kid's tracker
Best if parent also owns a Fitbit

Fitness isn't just for grown-ups, and the Ace is Fitbit's take on a fitness tracker for kids. It looks very much like the Fitbit Alta so older children won't feel embarrassed about wearing it, and its bands can be swapped as they grow. 

The Ace connects to the Fitbit app using a secure family account system, helping protect their personal information, though this is easier if a parent already has a Fitbit of their own. Kids' accounts are more limited than adults (they can't add friends, for example), but they can take part in family challenges. 

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Fitbit Alta tracker in coral

(Image credit: Fitbit)

11. Fitbit Alta

The slim, trendy Alta is a classic that still looks the business

Reasons to buy

Stylish design
Week-long battery life

Reasons to avoid

No heart rate monitoring

The original Fitbit Alta is now a little dated, having been succeeded by the Alta HR, Charge 3 and Versa, but its price has dropped significantly in the meantime, making it a tempting proposition if you're looking for a frill-free fitness tracker. 

The Alta still looks fantastic, with a sleek design and a rainbow of color options to choose from. Its interface is wonderfully simple, operated with simple taps of the screen to switch between 'pages'. 

There's no heart rate or sleep monitoring here, but you won't find a better fitness tracker for the price. Ideal for fitness-focused fashionistas. 

Best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch in dark gray

(Image credit: Fitbit)

12. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

The original Fitbit smartwatch now going for a much cheap price

Reasons to buy

Great fitness features
Good battery life
GPS and heart rate monitor

Reasons to avoid

Not great for music

The Fitbit Ionic is more than a year old now, bit still leads Fitbit's range of fitness trackers and smartwatches and combines features of both. It launched for $300, which is a bit pricey, but at $200 it's a great buy. 

It's fitness features are one of its highlights. It's suitable for running, cycling, swimming, weights and much more and comes with built-in workouts that you can watch on the screen. The Adidas Edition adds even more of these. It also has GPS and a heart rate monitor and 4+ day battery life. 


A couple relax, laughing on a white couch, with one of the women wearing a Fitbit Luxe on her left wrist

(Image credit: Fitbit)

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

Amazon has officially announced that Amazon Prime Day 2021 will take place on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June, bringing it in-line with previous Prime Day events. Last year was the exception, with Prime Day landing in October due to the pandemic, but this year Amazon's hotly anticipated mid-year sale will return to being a summer shopping extravaganza.

As always, deals will be live for Prime members for a 48-period, so you will need an Amazon Prime membership to secure the very best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals, plus savings on a huge range of other products. 

Don't forget, Amazon isn't the only place you can scoop up cheap Fitbit deals, and we'll be rounding them up right here, so you won't miss the best discounts and sales.

How do you know you’re getting a good Prime Day Fitbit deal?

While there are plenty of great deals out there, the truth is that Prime Day is also an opportunity for some brands to hike up the original prices on certain products, only to appear to be offering a good discount on them. When the truth is, the price remains the same. Naughty!

So, how can you spot the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals from the utter duds? For one, we’re tracking them right here and are sharing details of the discounts we think are the best, and that are proven to be lower than the MSRPs listed by Fitbit itself.

Our parent company, Future Plc, has also developed some very clever price-tracking software that draws in the latest cheap Fitbit prices from hundreds of online retailers, so at the top of this page you will see those listed clearly. If you’re in a rush or know the exact Fitbit you want to buy, this is a good section to check out. 

We’d also recommend using CamelCamelCamel as a way to quickly view the price history of the activity tracker you’re considering buying. You can use CamelCamelCamel on any Amazon product, not just the Prime Day Fitbit deals, and get a clear idea of how the prices have fluctuated. 

Best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals: Three women use the Fitbit Luxe tracker during a group strength training workout

(Image credit: Fitbit)

What is an Amazon Prime membership and do you need it to get these Fitbit deals?

If you aren’t currently a Prime member, you’re probably wondering what is Amazon Prime, what does it actually include, and is it worth subscribing to? On the shopping front, Amazon Prime gives you access to fast and free shipping, plus member discounts and early access to sales on a wide range of products. When you sign up for Prime membership, you’ll also get access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes ahead of non-Prime members. 

To take advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals on Amazon itself, you will need to be a member of Prime otherwise you can’t get those exclusive discounts. There may be similar deals available at other retailers, but there are no guarantees. Luckily, Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of Prime so you could sign-up before Prime Day, grab your cheap Fitbit, then cancel the service later on if you decide it isn’t right for you. 

Prime has plenty of other benefits though, including streaming services for movies and TV shows (Prime Video), music streaming, gaming and e-books, magazines and comics, all as part of your subscription. Amazon Prime costs $12.99 a month or $119 a year (the best value option).

The best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals we've seen previously

If past Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals have taught us anything, it’s that Prime Day is a great time to get your hands on a cheap Fitbit. So, if you are planning on buying one today, should you instead wait a little longer to see what might be coming in the next month or two? Not necessarily.

While it's true that Prime Day does deliver some of the biggest and best cheap Fitbit deals we see throughout any given year, there are decent savings to be had regularly throughout each month. Whether these discounts will rival Prime Day remains to be seen, but if you need a new Fitbit urgently, there are plenty on sale right now, so there's no need to wait to see what quality of Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals might arrive in June or July (or whenever Prime Day 2021 lands).

As mentioned above, older models and new devices regularly pop up among the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals, and the discounts are never solely restricted to Amazon either: Target, Walmart and Best Buy, among many others, get involved in the cheap Fitbit fun, so there's always a plethora of deals to enjoy.

To give you an idea of what we can reasonably expect from this year's cheap Fitbit deals come Prime Day, here are some examples of past discounts on popular Fitbit trackers:

Fitbit Ace 3 | Was $79.95 | Now $59.95 at Amazon
This funky, colorful Fitbit for kids is cheaper than we’ve seen it for some time thanks to a $20 discount. It tracks physical activity, has an eight-day battery life, and will encourage your kid to challenge you to fun physical activities throughout the week. So much fun!

Fitbit Inspire HR | Was $99.95 | Now $79.95 at Best Buy
This deal is still live, but we aren't sure for how much longer you can buy it as this lower price so move fast if you fancy it. You get a lot of Fitbit for less here, namely automatic exercise recognition when you start walking, swimming, running and cycling, plus the Inspire HR will monitor your heart rate, calories burned and how active you are throughout the day. At night it will monitor your sleep too.

Fitbit Versa 2 | Was $179.95 | Prime Day price $127.95 at Amazon
There was over a $50 saving here, making it the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deal on the Fitbit Versa 2. This fitness-focused sports watch will track your heart rate 24/7, as well as your daily activity, your workouts and your sleep. You can wear it swimming too, and it has Alexa voice control built in so that you can use the watch to set reminders, alarms, and to control any compatible smart home devices in your house.

Fitbit Versa Lite | Was $159.95 | Prime Day price $125 at Amazon
The Mulberry band version was knocked down to $125, with prices rising on the other four colors. If you want a watch that can do much of what the Versa 2 does, but at a smaller price, we heartily recommended the Fitbit Versa Lite at such a price. It's good for activity, workout and sleep tracking; a useful ally to help you protect your health.

Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Scales | Was $49.95 |  Prime Day price $34.95
When used in tandem with an activity tracker, the Fitbit Aria Air digital scales can help you keep tabs on your body weight and BMI, and to see how effective your workouts are in terms of helping you reach your weight and body goals. It can track measurements for multiple users, and connects easily to the Fitbit app so that you can view your progress over the weeks and months. 

Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition | Price day price $198.50 at Amazon
Amazon was selling this for a fractionally cheaper price than Fitbit, and you could have had free shipping too. We love the woven strap on the Versa 2 Special Edition almost as much as that gold rose casing and the oodles of workout and sleep tracking tech inside. This is a seriously stylish Fitbit that tracks your heart rate 24/7, plus your daily activity, workouts, sleep and smartphone notifications.

Fitbit Charge 3 | Was $129.99 | Prime Day price $119.93 at Amazon
This year saw the arrival of Fitbit Charge 4, but before that we had the brilliant Fitbit Charge 3. Because it's now a slightly older model, it's often on sale. It has a similar, easy to use design as the Charge 4, making it good for beginners upwards. It'll track steps, distance, calories, sleep and more, and has a clear touchscreen display upon which you can read your workout stats at a glance.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition | Was $159.95 | $129.95 at Best Buy (save $30)
This smartwatch is ideal for anyone who wants the durability and style of a watch combined with Fitbit’s activity monitoring. The Versa Lite is currently on sale at Best Buy ahead of its Prime Day Fitbit deals launching, saving you $30 on this top-rated smartwatch. It’ll track your pulse, daily steps count, distance, calories burned and more. Smartphone notifications are displayed on the watch face.

Fitbit Inspire | Was $69.95 | Prime Day price $59.95 at Amazon
If you want a simple activity tracker to encourage you to move more, this is the best Fitbit for you. The Inspire tracks your daily steps count and how far you’re walking, and prompts you to get up more often. It’ll also track your calories burned for up to five days per charge. Wear it to bed and it will keep tabs on how well you’re sleeping, and wake you up by buzzing gently on your wrist.

Fitbit Ace 2 | Was $69.96 | Prime Day price $64.99 at Amazon
Just a small discount here for now, folks, but if you plan on buying the Fitbit Ace 2 today anyway, this is currently the cheapest price we can find for it. Remember, prices fluctuate a lot ahead of the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals arriving, so if you don’t need to buy the Ace 2 right now, it could be worth hanging on to see if a bigger discount pops up. Either way, this is a brilliant kids fitness tracker.

Fitbit Alta HR: $91.90 (was $129.95) at Amazon
Save $38 - The latest Fitbit Alta HR is slick piece of kit and with its newly added heart rate tracking skills, it's a very well-rounded fitness companion for those looking beyond a simple steps count fitness tracker. It's at a bargain price of just $91.90 - they cheapest we've ever seen it at. 

Fitbit Charge 3: $120 (was $150) at Amazon
Save $30 - Pick-up Fitbit's excellent health and fitness tracker for just $120. A big step-up from the Charge 2, it helps you keep track of your heartbeat and fitness goals while running through over a dozen different fitness modes (including swimming – it's water-resistant up to 50 meters).

Fitbit Ionic Watch: $200 (was $249.95) at Amazon
Save $50 - The Fitbit Ionic is Fitbit's top of the range smartwatch and fitness tracker. It looks stylish, tracks all sorts of activity like runs, swims (up to 50 meters), rides and workouts. This great Prime Day Fitbit deal also includes both large and small wristbands and battery life is upwards of 4 days.

Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition Watch: $230 (was $300) at Amazon
Save $70 - This version of the Fitbit Ionic includes everything you get in the normal one, but also includes the Adidas logo and exclusive workouts from Adidas with coaching, an Adidas designed clock face and a signature two toned sport band. This Prime Day Fitbit deal has the biggest saving.

Fitbit Versa Lite: $138.98 (was $159.95) at Amazon
Save $20.97 - A leaner and much less expensive version of the Versa, the Fitbit Versa Lite is an excellent little fitness tracker. It monitors your heart rate, and automatically tracks workouts, pausing whenever you stop to take a break. A great buy. Get the Apple Watch look for a fraction of the price.

Fitbit Versa: $170 (was $200) at Amazon
Save $30 - The Fitbit Versa is a cheaper alternative to the company’s flagship Ionic smartwatch. A great fitness smartwatch, it has local storage for music and a four-day battery life. It can also link up to your smartphone for call, text and calendar notifications.

Fitbit Versa Special Edition: $200 (was $230) at Amazon
Save $30 - If you're looking for something a little more special over the Versa, then take a look at this Versa Special Edition. Extras include an NFC chip to make mobile purchases and a classy fabric watchband.

Fitbit Alta | $68 at Amazon
Arguably the best looking Fitbit in town, the Alta is lean, sleek, and comes in a dizzying array of colors. This is the best price ahead of Amazon Prime Day, and while it might drop further, Amazon might focus its attention on newer models.

Fitbit Inspire | $69.95 at Walmart
Jog down to Walmart for the best deal on the most affordable Fitbit model ahead of Black Friday. The Inspire isn't flashy, but it looks great and is an excellent choice if you're looking for something affordable to track your daily steps.

Other great deals to look for this Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day isn’t just about cheap Fitbit deals - you’ll also find offers on a range of household goods, personal tech and even groceries. We’ll be rounding up all of these too, and have handily grouped them into the following categories so that you spend less time searching for deals, and more time buying what you love (for less)… 

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