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The best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals

Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals and cheap bundles
Image credit: Nintendo

We saw some fantastic Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals in July. The event has now been and gone, but we'll bring you best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals in 2020, so bookmark this page and check back next year. 

At this time of year, hanging on for a cheap Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deal or bundle seems like a sensible choice. To the chagrin of avid gamers everywhere, Nintendo’s super popular portable console hybrid hasn’t had too many great discounts since release, mainly because it’s sold so well at its full $299 price. But maybe the tide will turn, price-wise at least – we’re certainly hoping it’ll star in our roundup of the best Amazon Prime Day deals. We'll have to see what happens on Amazon Prime Day, which is next week, but we're holding out hope that Amazon will make our Nintendo Switch dreams come true!

Last year’s Nintendo Switch deals on Amazon Prime Day were a serious let-down, and they didn’t get much better on Black Friday either. The best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deal we found in 2018 was the $299 console bundled with a couple of free extras (a 64GB memory card and a $20 eShop gift card). There was a saving there of about $40 – as long as you didn’t shop around for a cheaper memory card at least.

So yes, the bar’s pretty low. Recent Nintendo Switch deals this year have seen no more than $20 knocked off the solo console; or a new first-party title thrown in at half price – totaling around $330. But as many gamers start to consider saving up for the next Xbox or PS5, Nintendo might be thinking it needs to entice potential buyers while it can. So there is hope. 

If there are some good Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals to be had, you can guarantee you'll find them here on this page first. In the meantime, here are today's lowest prices...

The best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals we saw

Nintendo Switch | portable battery charger | $299 at Walmart
Walmart has thrown in a very useful free item here. This battery pack fixes onto the back of the Switch to greatly extend the battery life when you’re playing with it out of the charging dock. You can also use it to charge up some of your other electronics, so it’s great for road trips. This Switch deal is currently available for both the red/blue and grey console editions.
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Nintendo Switch | official Nintendo 128GB memory card | $324.91 at Amazon
This is a handy Switch bundle as you don’t have to worry about that rather stingy 32GB hard drive as you’re getting an extra 128GB of storage. It’s an official Nintendo card, which doesn’t make any difference technically, but its design will be pleasing to fans. Otherwise, you could actually get a standard one on Amazon for about $6 less.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario tennis Aces | 1-2-Switch | $359.96 at Walmart
This discounted Nintendo Switch bundle saves you around $30 over buying the two games on their own. You can enjoy multiplayer straight away on this tennis title and minigames collection seeing as you get two controllers in the box.
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More pre-Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals

cheap nintendo switch deals bundles amazon prime day

1. Nintendo Switch deals

The hybrid console to play handheld or on your TV

Storage: : 32GB (expandable) | Colors: Grey or Red/Blue | MSRP: $299

Has some excellent games
Super fun in multiplayer
The best portable console money can buy 
Lacks the graphical power of rival consoles

Nintendo really nailed it this time around with a fantastic console, which you can enjoy on your TV using the two Joy-Con controllers to form a single controller via the grip attachment in the box. Need to vacate the TV or head out? Simply remove the tablet-like Switch console from the TV/charging dock, and play it anywhere you like thanks to the stand on the back, or attach the two controllers to the side of the console for a true handheld experience. Did we mention you can do this instantly without having to power down the console? If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s rich heritage of classic gaming brands, you’re spoilt for choice with Zelda: Breath of the Wild being one of the most highly-rated games of all time – a sequel has just been announced too. Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon: Let’s Go and Bayonetta 2 are all essential titles too. Check out our full Nintendo Switch review for more info on why we love this gaming treasure.

extra joy-con controllers prices deals nintendo switch

2. Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Pick up an extra pair for extended multiplayer options

MSRP: $79.99 (a pair) | Colors: grey, red, blue, yellow, pink, green, and Mario red

Attach to console in handheld mode
Interchangeable for multiplayer
Very small

When you buy the Switch console, a pair of Joy-Cons is included that can be used to form a single traditional controller, or split in two to be used by two players – with the d-pad on the second controller working as replacement face buttons. If you want to enjoy four players at once though, (Mario Kart 8 is a must here), then you’ll need to pick up an additional pair. They’re not cheap, but we’ll track down the best price we can. We’ve highlighted the pairs rather than individual ones, as they normally cost $49.99 for one or $79.99 for two, which isn’t really what we’d call fair.

nintendo switch pro controller deals

3. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

For when you want a regular gaming controller

MSRP: $69.99 | Colors: grey, pink/green

Very comfortable
Traditional experience
Limited color options
MSRP is very high

If the Joy-Con grip you get with your new Nintendo Switch isn’t quite comfortable enough for longer sessions, then Nintendo has made a bespoke traditional-style controller. So if you’re wanting to spend hours at a time playing Zelda, or get the most dexterous performance against opponents in Smash Bros, this could be worth the admittedly rather pricey upgrade. There are cheaper third-party options available, which you might want to consider, although they generally lack the build quality of this official Nintendo Product.