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At $175 off this Prime Day, the Avocado Green mattress is budget and eco-friendly

At $175 off this Prime Day, the Avocado Green mattress is budget and eco-friendly
(Image credit: Avocado Green Mattress)

If you’re after an eco-friendly mattress that’s easy on the wallet and extremely comfy too, then a luxury Avocado Green mattress will definitely tick those boxes. And like many of the best mattress online (opens in new tab) brands, it does so using premium materials to help you sleep healthier. While there are plenty of Amazon Prime Day 2020 (opens in new tab) sleep deals floating around, we think this Avocado mattress sale is worth taking a closer look at.

There are loads of cosy deals to be grabbed among the best Amazon Prime Day mattress and bedding deals (opens in new tab), which includes many of the best pillows (opens in new tab) for sleep, but if you want to rest assured that you’re getting a guaranteed eco-friendly choice, an Avocado mattress is the way to go. These super-cosy mattresses are made from 100% organic certified materials and will support your posture when you’re lying down.

Avocado Green Mattress | Was from $899 | Now from $724 at Avocado (opens in new tab)
Avocado’s top-rated mattress is everything you need for a luxurious night’s sleep. The non-toxic medium-firm mattress is made with organic wool to offer supreme comfort for all sleeping positions, while also being environmentally friendly too. To save $175 on your Avocado Green Mattress simply use the code GREEN175 for a healthy night’s sleep.

Avocado Green Vegan Mattress | Was from $899 | Now from $724 at Avocado (opens in new tab)
Avocado’s Green Vegan Mattress has all the comfort, support and sustainability of its original Green Mattress, but replaces the wool for organic cotton to present a fully vegan option. This mattress is fully vegan certified as well as PETA-approved, so you can rest easy. Use the code GREEN175 to get your $175 discount now!

If you want to wake up with a clear conscience, as well as a good night’s sleep, then Avocado Green mattress is the ideal choice for you. Its eco-friendly mattresses are perfect for honoring a greener lifestyle, thanks to fully sustainable components and the highest quality build packed full of comfort. 

Both mattresses in the range are made with safe and non-toxic materials to guarantee not only the health of the people who sleep on the mattresses, but the health of the planet too. The materials inside will also help to keep you cool during sleep. So if you tend to overheat when sleeping, this could be the best cooling mattress (opens in new tab) for you if you also want a more ethical choice.

Do you need an Avocado Green mattress promo code for this offer?

The Avocado Green Mattress and the Avocado Green Vegan Mattress offer gentle but firm support for all sleepers whether you sleep on your side, front or back. Inside, the mattresses feature hundreds of coils to offer zoned support, while also reducing motion transfer and alleviating pressure points.

The main layer sits at 11 inches thick while an extra 3-inch deep layer of GOLS organic certified latex rubber foam provides supreme support and comfort, all of which is allergy friendly and built to last years.

In order to take advantage of the $175 dollar saving, make sure you use the Avocado Green mattress promo code GREEN175 at checkout. 

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