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Best Black Friday USA deals 2020: The top bargains still live this weekend

Best Black Friday USA deals 2020
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Plenty of the best Black Friday US deals 2020 are still live this weekend, even though the official Black Friday sale day is now over for another year. But as we eagerly await the arrival of this year's best Cyber Monday deals, there are still plenty of discounts to be enjoyed today this weekend. There are money-saving deals on tech, health, home, hobbies and more, so you're sure to find a bargain or too. This year's best Black Friday US deals 2020 were truly excellent, with $149 smart TVs, discounted smart doorbells and plenty more popping up, and if they were anything to go by, we have high hopes for what Monday will bring. 

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All of the major American retailers are came out in force this Black Friday to compete for your attention, with Walmart in particular offering some real showstopper discounts thanks to its huge Deals for Days campaign, which is still ongoing. Of course, it wouldn't have been Black Friday without Amazon getting involved, and this year didn't disappoint with huge savings on the likes of Ring Video Doorbells, Fire HD Tablets and Fire TV Sticks, as well as the growing range of Alexa and Echo devices.

When it came to the best Black Friday USA deals 2020 for home and kitchen, Best Buy pumped out Black Friday savings on appliances such as the best air fryers and the best coffee makers, but we also found plenty of Best Black Friday USA deals on affordable TVs too. 

Home Depot arguably had the Best Black Friday USA deals 2020 on larger items such as the best mattresses online and the best ovens, as well as discounts on DIY kit such as the best cordless drills for those odd jobs over the Holiday season. Black Friday sales are always brimming with wellness and grooming products too, including the best electric toothbrushes and the best hair dryers.

Dell, Lowe’s, Target and more all took part in the Black Friday USA deals 2020, and across the board we found staggering Black Friday refrigerator deals, Best Black Friday cell plan deals, and Black Friday washer and dryer deals, and plenty more. The best Black Friday USA deals 2020 didn't disappoint, and we hope they are a good indication of what is to come the rest of this holiday shopping season.

Now that actual Black Friday is over, you may find that the deals below will start coming to an end. We are updating this guide daily, but sometimes prices and deals change or end quickly, we apologize in advance if you click on a deal that is no longer active or that has changed. Always double check just in case - and in some instances, you might even find that prices have fallen.

Oh no! You missed Black Friday 2020, so all the deals have expired

Top 5 Black Friday Deals

These top 5 best Black Friday USA deals 2020 are still live this Black Friday weekend, so shop them while you can and before they disappear. 

Computing Deals

Here you'll find our choice of the best Black Friday 2020 computing deals that are still live, taking in everything from laptops, monitors and printers to computer components and video games, and so much more. 

Amazon Devices

What would Black Friday be if Amazon wasn't involved with all its various devices and tech heavily discounted? To be honest, it's not even a question worth answering, because Amazon will always be at the party...

TV Deals

It simply wouldn't be Black Friday without a huge number of TV deals. UHD, 4K, OLED... whatever the acronym you're looking for in a TV, you'll find them this Black Friday weekend while the deals are still live.

Tech Deals

From smartphones to headphones, and everything in between, this section where you'll find the best deals on tech in the Black Friday USA 2020 sales that remain this weekend. Remember, however, that computing and TVs have their own devoted sections to help separate things out.

Kitchen Deals

Here you'll find our favorite kitchen deals of this year's Black Friday sales that are still live, including the best reductions on appliances from KitchenAid, Ninja Foodi, Cuisinart, LeCreuset, and more - this is where to look if cooking is always on your mind. 

Home Deals

From washing machines and refrigerators, through to vacuums and air conditioners, the Home section will include all the deep Black Friday discounts that are still live this weekend and ready to make a big difference to where you live.   

Sleep and Wellness Deals

If there's one thing that 2020 has taught us, it's that looking after yourself is a must. Whether you want the best mattress and pillows for a better night's sleep, or an affordable treadmill to keep yourself fit at, the remaining best sleep and wellness Black Friday 2020 deals are right here. Some have now ended, but plenty remain.

Toy Deals

Who is Holiday season for if it isn't for the kids? No matter what the small person in your life might like, our round up of the best Black Friday toy deals that are still live is sure to hit the spot. 

Lifestyle and Learning Deals

We all need to exercise our mind, and sometimes have new skills that we want to learn, while others simply want to bring a bit more order to their life if they can. In the lifestyle and learning section below you'll find all the best Black Friday deals that allow you to do all these things and more.

Other Deals

Black Friday is the broadest of churches when it comes to saving you money, so there's always going to be something that doesn't quite fit in the categories above. To make sure you don't miss out, all the best deals that we can't pigeon hole elsewhere will be listed right here. Some have now ended, so shop the rest while they're still live.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday traditionally signifies the start of the holiday shopping season in the US, with almost all retailers - both in the malls and online - slashing prices in the hope of persuading shoppers to buy holiday presents early. Almost everything is up for grabs, with the best Black Friday deals taking in electronics, clothes, toys, home furnishings, cookware, and much more. 

The best Black Friday deals can see 50%, 60%, or even 70% discounted off the hottest items. Last year, Black Friday shoppers spent $7.4 billion online alone, making it the second largest internet shopping day ever, while billions of dollars more would have been splurged in stores across the US. However, Black Friday deals do not stand alone, with Cyber Monday now offering just as many buying opportunities - indeed, it is the $7.9 billion spent online across Cyber Monday 2018 that is the best-selling day ever in terms of online revenue. In some instances, the Cyber Monday deals can be even better than Black Friday, particularly if retailers are keen to shift on any remaining stock. 

Black Friday deals

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When is Black Friday 2020?

The Black Friday 2020 date was Friday November 27, falling - as it always does - on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Seeing as the date of Thanksgiving changes every year (it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November), so the date of Black Friday changes accordingly too. Importantly, Black Friday now tends to span more than a single day, with retailers taking the opportunity to launch Black Friday deals in the days, and sometimes weeks, leading up to the actual day. 

When is Cyber Monday 2020?

The Cyber Monday date for 2020 is Monday 30 November. This is because Cyber Monday falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. As a result, it also changes each year in line with the dates of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Traditionally, Cyber Monday has always been for tech items and electronics, like the best laptops, but we're starting to see most retailers simply using it as an extension of their Black Friday deals, so you'll be able to get discounts on almost anything on Cyber Monday too.

How to get the best deals on Black Friday 2020

The official Black Friday 2020 sales have now ended, so right now we are in that limbo period between Black Friday and the Cyber Week Sales, which begins on Monday. While the best Black Friday deals were very enticing, we advised you to take the time to make sure you are getting the very best price going. These tips to help you secure the best Black Friday 2020 prices apply to holiday sales going forward.

Check different retailers
If you’re targeting one item in particular, then remember to look for it across as many of the different websites that you’d expect to find it. This is because not all retailers will discount to the same degree or be beginning from the same starting price - as with everyday, out of sale shopping, this can lead to differences between the prices of the same item at various sites, so is always worth checking. 

Look at CamelCamelCamel
A highly useful tool for Black Friday and Prime Day, CamelCamelCamel tracks the prices of items sold on Amazon. So if you're looking to buy from Amazon, you simply input the name of the product you’re looking at (or copy and paste the URL), and you’ll be able to see how the price on offer compares with what it has been before. While it's likely that Black Friday will prove the lowest price it has ever been, it doesn’t hurt to check!

Start your research now
It's never too early to compile a shopping list of the items you’re thinking of buying across the holiday season. If you have the time, check to see what price things are selling for now, so when Black Friday comes, you’ll have a better idea of whether you’re getting a really good deal or not. What you want may already be in a sale now, in which case you might have the chance to snap up a bargain before the hordes descend on malls and online on Black Friday itself. 

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Thought of trying to keep watch on all manner of retailers filled some people with dread, which is why we compiled this one-stop-shop of all the best Black Friday 2020 deals, giving you a flavor of the type of Black Friday discounts and deals you could have expected on the big day, and ahead of the event too. 

What to expect from Black Friday 2020

While Black Friday 2020 is now over, some deals still remain. These will increasingly come to an end the further we move away from this year's crop of the best Black Friday deals. 

Black Friday deals on electronics
Black Friday is a great time to get the latest gadgets on the market. Whether it's a new computer you're after or the latest 4K TV, electronics attract some of the biggest discounts year after year. We have a dedicated Black Friday computer deals hub if you want to keep on top of all the latest news here. 

Black Friday appliance deals
The best Black Friday deals can be found in the appliance section, too. Check out washer and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more at some of the lowest prices of the year. Retailers are looking to move this year's models on before stocking up on the latest models, so if you're not fussy about getting the very latest appliances to hit the market, Black Friday is a great time to buy. Our Black Friday refrigerator deals and washing machine deals pages will be worth watching too.

Black Friday kitchenware deals
Cool gadgets like the Instant Pot, slow cookers, and immersion blenders are often hot buys as Black Friday nears simply because it's comfort food season! Black Friday kitchenware deals are a great incentive to step up your cooking game, especially if you're expecting a lot of people around the holidays. Treat yourself to the popular Instant Pot, a blender, or even a rice cooker at crazy low prices!

Black Friday deals on furniture
Need new furniture? We've seen everything from love seats to dining sets on sale for Black Friday. It's one of the best, if not the best time of year, to replace all your old furniture – and just in time for all your friends and family coming over for the holidays. Or maybe there's some new mattress deals that you'll be eyeing up - why not get ahead of the game and take a look at our round-up of the best Purple mattress deals , along with the best Casper mattress deals and the best Saatva mattress discounts.

Black Friday fitness deals
Of course, Black Friday wouldn't be complete without some hot fitness deals. Think the best smartwatches and fitness watches, the best treadmills, folding bikes, weights, and anything you need to complete your home gym. With the New Year looming on the calendar not that long after, Black Friday is a great time to get started on those fitness resolutions and goals!

Black Friday toy deals
What would the holidays be without gifts, and if there's a tyke or two on your gift-giving list, you may want to read up on the hottest toys of the season. Yes, that's right - every year, parents fight over the best toys, and believe of not, many do sell out. Black Friday is hands down the best time to get started on your holiday shopping, especially for children and babies!

Who offers the best Black Friday sales?

Where to find Black Friday deals that are still live

Best Black Friday USA deals: Early 2020 deals you've missed

If you're wondering what to expect of Black Friday 2020, these are the early deals that have come and gone already, just to give you an idea of where retailers have been focusing so far. Remember that these deals are NOT active, and the prices here are purely for comparison.

Best Black Friday USA deals: What we saw last year

All the following Black Friday deals have long since expired but, to give you a flavor of what to expect for this year, we've left them here for you to view. Again, these deals are no longer live, and the prices shown are simply to give you something to compare against.