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Best Watch Repair Kits

Best Watch Repair Kits: Tools for Beginners, Professionals

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A repair kit saves you the expense and bother of taking your watch to a jeweler, which is particularly nice if it just needs a simple fix. Plus, these kits are useful for fixing eyeglasses and other small items around the house.

Some of the most helpful tools in these repair kits include tiny screwdrivers, brass tweezers, polishing cloths and vice pins. If you want to do serious repairs, you need a serious kit – one with an eye loupe to clearly see what you are doing and more advanced tools for intricate repairs. Such kits cost more, but they also include a carrying case so you can keep track of their many pieces. We found a variety of kits to choose from to meet your specific needs.

Esslinger Deluxe Watch Repair Kit

(Image credit: Esslinger)

The Esslinger Deluxe has 27 pieces and is the best watch repair kit we evaluated. It costs more than other kits we looked at but comes in a quality carrying case, has well-constructed tools and can assist you with all kinds of repairs. In addition to an eye loupe for magnification, the kit has a tool for replacing watch hands, a spring bar tool for removing pins and silicon grease to seal out moisture before you replace the watch back. Whether you’re simply changing a watchband or battery or doing more complicated work such as replacing gaskets, this watch repair kit has the tools you need, and it is suited for novices, advanced hobbyists and professional jewelers alike.

AGPteck Deluxe Watch Repair Kit

(Image credit: AGPtek)

This watch tool kit is a 13-piece set that includes a case opener and holder, a wrench, a watch hand remover, a spring bar, and a link pin remover with extra pins in a separate case. It also includes one Phillips screwdriver, three flat-head screwdrivers with extra blades, pliers, tweezers and a double-headed hammer. All these pieces come in a handy carrying case. In addition to watch repair, these tools are useful for hobbyists who repair battery-operated toys or electronics containing small screws.

Jomashop 16-Piece Deluxe Watch Repair

(Image credit: Jomashop)

This 16-piece watch repair kit has all the essential tools and is very economically price. It doesn’t come with a case, so you have to find a safe place to store the pieces. It also lacks instructions, but the online help center on Jomashop’s website has many step-by-step instructions for repairs. You can remove a watch back using the kit's bench knife blade or remove a link from a band with the spring bar removal tool. In addition to repairing watches, you can use this kit on a variety of other items around the house like eyeglasses.

SE JT6222 13-Piece Watch Repair Kit

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The 13-piece SE Tools Watch Repair Kit includes many of the tools you need to work on small clocks and watches. This professional kit contains tools to resize a metal watchband and replace a watchband or battery, among other repairs. It includes an adjustable case opener to remove watch backs and 5 1/4-inch tweezers for picking up small pieces such as batteries. The tools in the kit are well constructed and durable, and they come in a sturdy zippered carrying case to keep everything together.

Stalwart 16-Piece Watch Repair Kit

(Image credit: Stalwart)

This watch repair kit is a great value – it’s inexpensive and includes 16 quality pieces. The kit contains tools to replace your watch battery, remove and replace metal watchband pins, and completely replace watchbands altogether. It is also useful for small jobs such as replacing batteries in your electronic devices and tightening the screws in your eyeglasses. Small screwdrivers and tweezers are handy to have around the house for many tasks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a case, so you have to find a safe place to store all the pieces together.

Utopia Deluxe

(Image credit: Utopia Tools)

The Utopia Tool's Deluxe is a versatile repair kit you can use to fix watches and other jewelry as well as eyeglasses and electronic devices with small parts. It comes with a sturdy case and has a nice selection of helpful tools. This 17-piece tool kit includes precision screwdrivers to remove your watch's back without damaging the case. In addition, it has five screwdrivers, a 360-piece box of spring bars to fit a variety of watches, tweezers, an eye loupe, a double-headed hammer, a watch block, a watchband link remover, and an adjustable watch case opener.