LegalZoom’s Business Advantage Pro Plan is an affordable online service that provides legal consultation and document preparation services using a network of attorneys that help with a variety of small business needs. This model allows them to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with access to legal protection that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. In 14 years, they have provided over 200,000 consultations. The Business Advantage Pro Plan includes attorney consultation on a variety of business issues, discounted hourly rates for continuing legal services, and access to its legal form library and document reviews.

Your Business Advantage Pro plan provides contract-drafting services with unlimited access to LegalZoom’s form library containing over 160 legal forms. The contract drafters are attorneys, and the company provides detailed instructions for filling them out. LegalZoom forms often include a dos & don’ts checklist to help you determine if this is the correct form to fit your needs. It also provides guidelines to ensure you include the necessary information, plus it provides additional helpful tips about using the form effectively.

You can use LegalZoom's form library for your legal documents whether or not you are a member. If you are not a subscriber, you pay for each form downloaded. If you only need one or two forms and no consultation, this is a good option. However, the plan also covers document reviews and consultations. The plan includes 10 pages of document review. For an additional fee, they will review up to 25 pages, and an attorney can review pages beyond that at their hourly rate. LegalZoom provides a 25 percent discount on the attorney’s hourly rate.

Although many business contracts are straightforward, each Business Advantage Pro membership comes with unlimited 30-minute consultations with attorneys for each call. The consultations included in the plan are for new issues. If you need a consultation for a more complex issue, the attorney’s hourly rate, minus LegalZoom’s 25 percent discount, would apply to any session that goes beyond 30 minutes.

LegalZoom’s Business Advantage Pro subscription is one worth considering if you're a small business that needs standard business contracts, contract reviews and simple legal consultation. Plans are available in six and 12-month increments, although if you need to cancel early, they can refund the prorated amount. It is an affordable option when looking for legal help for small businesses.

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