When starting a small business, there are several standard legal documents you will need. However, hiring an attorney for contract drafting services can be costly and unnecessary, depending on the complexities of your business and the documents you require. U.S. Legal provides a state-specific inventory of legal forms. Membership is free, and members are eligible for discounted rates for all U.S. Legal forms. The company offers a no-hassle, money-back guarantee to clients. The company offers many options to pay and to download or print your documents.

Your business needs to be protected, so it’s important to make sure all your legal documents are up to date. U.S. Legal Forms has a large inventory of business-related document templates. They offer documents individually or as package deals. The package deals are state specific and are assembled based on specific goals. For instance, there is a limited liability company formation package that provides the articles of organization, the operating agreement, member certificates as well as other necessary forms.

There is a wide range of form packages available. You choose a category for your package, such as bankruptcy, confidentiality agreements and more. You will then receive information about the package, or you will have more options, such a choosing the state in which your business is based, so they can provide forms written with local laws in mind.

The U.S. Legal Forms website is easy to navigate. The information is organized, and there is a search feature that lets you search for multistate forms or forms by state. This is important since the company has over 36,000 forms for contract law. You don’t have to be a member to download forms, but you must be a member to receive a 10 percent discount on all your forms.

This contract drafting service delivers your forms in a variety of ways. The easiest and fastest way to get a form is to download it from the website. If that is not possible, they can print your document out on bond paper and mail it to you. You can place orders online, by fax, over the phone or by mailing them. You can pay by credit card, check or money order.

Once you have downloaded the form, you can fill it in and reuse it as many times as you need. However, forms cannot be transferred to other people. U.S. Legal Forms backs all forms with its no-hassle guarantee. If you are not happy with your form, let the company know, and it will give you a 100 percent refund.

U.S. Legal forms offers an extensive library of legal forms, so chances are, they have the specific form you need. Most importantly, you can get state-specific legal documents, and with its money-back guarantee, it is a contract drafting service worth evaluating to see if it will meet your legal needs.

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