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Boss Audio 752UAB review

The Boss Audio 752UAB isn't the most current car stereo, but it gets the job done if you're on a budget.

Boss Audio 752UAB car stereo
(Image: © Boss Audio )

Our Verdict

The Boss Audio 752UAB car stereo is outdated and has been superseded by more modern car stereos these days, but if you can still find one cheap then it might be a decent upgrade to an even older stereo.


  • Above average power output.


  • Audio quality isn't great.
  • Outdated model.

The Boss Audio 752UAB is reaching the end of its life cycle and is no longer on sale from Boss itself, but you can still pick one up from Amazon if you're interested. These days Boss Audio has progressed onto more high-tech solutions for the best car audio systems - touchscreen displays, DVD players and the like. But you can still pick up an honest to goodness old fashioned car stereo if you need one.

So how does the Boss Audio 752UAB hold up against the rest of the pack. While it doesn't have all the features you might see in some other stereo systems, it's can still be a decent upgrade to your car's built-in sound system on a budget, but even then we'd probably just recommend you look at some of Boss's more current budget options.

With that said, let's run down the features of the Boss Audio UA 752UAB to see what this thing can do.

Boss Audio UA 752UAB review: Features

The best feature of the 752UAB is the power output. The maximum power output is 240 watts, which is 40 watts more than most car stereos. The continuous power output is 80 RMS watts, which is also above average. This means that it's louder than most car stereos. However, higher volumes don't equate to audio quality.

The biggest downside to the 752UAB is the audio quality. It's good for the price range, but it doesn't compare to the best car audio receivers on the market, like the Sony MEX or the Kenwood eXcelon. The pre-out voltage is only 2 volts, which means that the audio signal is among the weakest we reviewed. In addition, the signal-to-noise ratio for the CD player, which has the highest S/N ratio of all the playback options, is only 50 dB. For comparison, the best car stereos have an S/N ratio well over 100 dB. This means that the signal is only 50 dB greater than any unwanted signals or noise outputted to the speakers.

The playback options are standard. In addition to the AM and FM radio stations, you can play music on CDs or plug music players and mobile devices into a USB port, though it can only support MP3 and WMA files from devices plugged into the USB port. You can play any music player through the 3.5 mm AUX port. However, you can't control any devices plugged into the AUX port from the dash as you can with the USB port. You can stream audio through Bluetooth from your phone, though. The only playback options it lacks are an HD Radio receiver and SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility.

The smartphone integration is below average. The 752UAB comes with a Boss Audio app designed to expand the control features of the entire stereo, like the EQ presets. However, this requires you to access your phone while you're driving, which we don't recommend. While you can stream any of your favorite internet radio apps like Pandora, it lacks control features for any of them. You can answer and end calls, but it doesn't have a caller ID feature. It also lacks a noise-canceling microphone, which means the call quality isn't very good. Your caller won't want to carry long conversations on it.

Should I buy the Boss Audio UA 752UAB?

The Boss Audio 752UAB has good power ratings with a max power output of 240 watts and a continuous power output of 80 RMS watts, but the audio quality is only average. It has all the standard playback options except WAV and AAC compatibility. It also lacks the ability to expand to SiriusXM radio and HD Radio. If you're looking to upgrade your car stereo on a budget, though, the 752UAB is a good choice.