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Cheap RC car deal for Amazon Prime Day: Save $71 on a cool remote control Monster Truck!

Cheap RC car deal for Amazon Prime Day: Save $71 on a cool remote control Monster Truck!
(Image credit: Laegendary)

A cheap RC car deal is the perfect thing for a birthday or after-school treat. The Laegendary Monster Truck RC Car is heavily discounted at Amazon right now, and an ideal way to feel like a big kid again (or treat your own kids). For just $133, you can enjoy this fantastic monster truck RC car that can achieve speeds of up to 48 kmh/30mph, with a saving of $71 making it a very tempting deal if you fancy something a bit lighter as part of the sales going on right now. After all, not everything has to be practical home office equipment or kitchen appliances, and we're fairly confident you'll have an excellent time racing this truck around. It's perfect escapism from life's challenges. This is one of the excellent, limited time, Amazon Prime Day US deals, which are available today and tomorrow.

Now $133 at Amazon

Laegendary Monster Truck RC Car | Was $205 Now $133 at Amazon
The Laegendary Monster Truck RC Car offers speeds of up to 48kmh/30mph and will happily run for up to 40 minutes at a time. Thanks to its waterproof and robust build, it can withstand a few knocks and boasts great grip and durability.  

If you've been looking over the best remote control cars for a while now, we think the Laegendary Monster Truck RC Car is going to tempt you into a purchase. Perfect for older kids and adults alike, it boasts an impressive top speed of up to 30mph/4kmh so it's able to travel pretty far in its 40 minutes of run time if you want it to. Designed to be robust, it has two powerful motors along with great grip, operation and durability. Oil filled metal shock absorbers and heavy duty wheels means it can cope with all terrains including beach, sand, rock, and - of course - concrete roads. 

Its control method is a simple to use pistol-like 2.4GHz radio remote controller which offers two speed modes - low speed and high speed. The former is aimed for learning to race and negotiating smaller areas while the high speed mode is for showing off and speeding along. A range of up to 250 feet means you can get a lot done here. Included are two 7.4V LI-PO batteries plus a USB charger and USB plug adaptor so you can get back to action in relatively no time.

Ultimately, the Laegendary Monster Truck RC Car is the kind of remote control car you always dreamt of owning as a kid, able to withstand nearly anything you throw at it. For a big kids' toy, you can't really go wrong here with the truck even looking the part if you simply want to look cool in the street. Currently $71 off as part of the Prime Day deals going on at the moment, it's the ideal departure from more mature purchases.

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