With key switches that resemble the chiclet style mostly found on laptops, the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a low-profile standard-style keyboard. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo is the only one in our lineup that features scissor-style key switches. This makes for more responsive keystrokes and faster typing times.

One of the best things about this wireless keyboard is the slim profile. It measures only a half-inch in thickness and is only 6 inches wide. Some of the larger keyboards are over 10 inches wide and 3 inches thick. This means it is ultra-portable, making it easy to slide in and out of laptop bags without being intrusive. This is great for the traveling professional or student who carries such accessories with them.

The range from the wireless dongle on this keyboard and mouse is standard. You can expect to be roughly 30 feet from the dongle and still have the keyboard and mouse perform optimally.

If you enjoy typing on laptop-style, chiclet keyboards, you'll enjoy the HP Elite keyboard. Our reviewers certainly did. They gave it an A grade for comfort. It is quiet and responsive.

The keys have an actuation point of just 2 mm. This is better than most of the keyboards we reviewed. On some of the wireless keyboards we tested, you have to press keys as deep as 4 mm.

The keyboard doesn't have a wrist rest, but it does have a handful of media controls and other function keys at the top of the keyboard. The Delete button is elongated compared to other keyboards. It's a minor detail but it uses the extra real estate usually found in that area of the keyboard to provide more functionality.

The mouse is fairly standard with an ambidextrous layout. There are no additional buttons on the sides, and it has a spin-wheel located between the left and right click buttons. The mouse doesn’t have four-way scrolling like others in our lineup. Many of our reviewers felt the mouse was average in terms of comfort. It has a large palm arch, which is nice for those with bigger hands but can feel too full for those with smaller hands.

The mouse also excelled in our surface testing. It had exceptional responsiveness on wood, laminate, denim and carpeted surfaces. It even performed well on marble and glass surfaces, a feat that many other mice were unable to accomplish. There was some lagging with glass – it being the trickiest of the surfaces for the laser – but it was still responsive and serviceable. It was one of the more responsive mice in our lineup.

The manufacturer does not list battery life specs for the wireless mouse and keyboard combination. Both use two AA batteries to operate. The HP wireless keyboard is covered by a one-year warranty.

This is a solid overall wireless mouse and keyboard combo. The slim profile makes it portable and the scissor key switches are responsive and allow you to pick up the pace when typing. The chiclet keys are nice if you prefer that style of keyboard while the mouse is better for people with large hands. This keyboard is ideal for travelers because of its slim profile and responsive mouse on multiple surfaces.

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