The IOGEAR Long Range 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse combo has one of the most portable and quietest keyboard of any in our comparison. Beyond its low profile and portability, however, this wireless combo does not offer many extra features, so it falls short of being the best recommendation.

This wireless keyboard's two best attributes are its portability and the concaved, soft keys. The keyboard has a low profile – not quite chiclet-style keys you'd expect on a laptop keyboard – but flat. Beyond its low-profile setup, the keyboard isn't wide, tall or heavy. In fact, it’s the most lightweight and portable keyboard in our lineup.

The keys are also slightly concaved to help your fingers find the center of the keys. The silicon key switches under the key caps provide a soft landing space for the keys. The nice thing about a soft keyboard is that in an environment like an office, classroom or airplane, you won't bother others with the click-clack of the keys as you type.

The keys are close together on this keyboard, and it doesn't provide a wrist rest. These two things alone caused many of our reviewers discomfort while using this keyboard. Many in our review group said the keys were too soft and not responsive enough. Since the keys feel closer together, it also made our reviewers feel as though they were making more errors than normal. Again, if you aren't into softer keyboards, this might not be the one for you.

The wireless mouse that comes with this wireless combo is responsive on multiple surfaces. We tested all mice on wood, laminate, denim, carpet, glass and marble. The only surface that the IOGEAR mouse didn't succeed on was carpet. During our carpet testing, the cursor would suddenly jump to one of the furthest corners of the display. It did this multiple times and disrupted the workflow badly. On every other surface, the mouse was responsive and great.

Our reviewers felt comfortable using this mouse. After extended use, our review group gave this mouse an A- for comfort. The grooves on each side of the mouse make it look ambidextrous, but the additional buttons on the left side of the mouse identify it more as a right-handed mouse.

The mouse does not have four-way scrolling, but it does have buttons behind the scroll wheel to change the speed of the cursor. This is a nice touch and allows people with different preferences to change the speed of the cursor immediately.

The battery life isn't impressive compared to other wireless mouse and keyboard combos. The manufacturer claims the mouse only has a three-month battery life whereas some of the best claim to last up to three years on a set of batteries. The keyboard has a battery life of one year while others claim to have up to three years.

This keyboard is great for travelers. It is lightweight, slim, portable and quiet. The mouse also works great on many different surfaces we tested, which makes this combo even more portable. The keys are really soft, so if you like more responsive and louder keys, it might not be for you.

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