DJI Phantom

Amazing! Stunning! Incredible! Marvelous! There are not enough words around to describe the DJI Phantom. This is the ultimate quadcopter with enough advanced features and functions to fly circles around the competition. All remote control helicopters can fly and hover, and some have cameras attached so you can take neat aerial photos, but the Phantom can fly higher, faster and steadier than they all can. While most RC helicopters are built for hobbyists, the Phantom is the remote controlled golden idol every photographer and videographer prays to have, putting it in a class of its very own.

The DJI Phantom comes equipped with a special camera mount for taking stunning aerial photos and video. In fact, several news agencies use the Phantom to capture aerial footage of sports games and traffic reports, since it is much cheaper than hiring a full-blown helicopter for the same quality shots. Other markets are beginning to tap into aerial film, as well. The DJI Phantom is invaluable to real estate developers and even wedding videographers.

This quadcopter has four blades made of durable polymer that help keep the craft steady, so there isn't a lot of motion blur. You can purchase a Gimble, or steadycam if you would like even more control of your video and less bounce in your pictures.

The Phantom can fly a staggering 950 feet, or the distance of three football fields, before losing its signal from the controller. If at any time the Phantom loses its connection to you, the built-in GPS system will automatically guide it back to the very spot it lifted off from without you touching the remote control. This gives you the assurance that a low battery or lost signal will not cause your prize to crash land.

You can capture amazing aerial video and great speed shots with this RC helicopter. The Phantom can travel up to 20 mph, which can create some impressive effects in your video. It also lets you keep up with faster moving subjects, so you can actually see what they are doing rather than watching a fast blur on the screen.

This radio-controlled helicopter has several high intensity LED lights on each arm that blink to let you know how many GPS towers are sending it signals. These also aid in nighttime flights, allowing you to see where your Phantom is and which direction it is pointing without any bright lights getting in the way of your video and still images.

The remote control for this quadcopter requires four AA batteries. The DJI Phantom unit comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that charges in about an hour. Depending on how fast and how long you fly, your Phantom you can typically get a good 10 minutes or more per flight. You can purchase additional Li-ion batteries for the Phantom, so you always have a spare ready to continue shooting your video or snapping photographs.

Brilliant! Stellar! Unbelievable! Any way you say it, the DJI Phantom is the best remote control helicopter on Earth and in the skies.

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