Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 review

The Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 uses 30,500 brush strokes per minute to clean your teeth gently and promotes healthy gums.

Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 review
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The Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 is a reliable, mid-range electric toothbrush that helps keep your teeth and gums clean. While it isn't as powerful as its competitors, its cleaning motion is gentler, making it a good choice for sensitive gums.


  • +

    Effective clean

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    Simple to use


  • -

    Short battery life

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    No pause function

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The Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 is designed to clean your teeth and gums in a gentle, non-abrasive way. It isn't as powerful as the top-end models found in our guide to the best electric toothbrushes, but it does its job well enough. 

The Waterprik toothbrush uses sonic wave technology to pump out 30,500 brush strokes per minute to clean your teeth gently, and to lightly massage your gums. If you have been put off using electric toothbrushes because you have sensitive teeth and gums, the Sensonic Professional SR-3000 could change your mind.

There's no whitening function here, so if you're looking to reduce staining, check out our guide to the best teeth whiteners too. 

Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 review: Design and features

Unlike the new breed of toothbrushes, the Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 won't win any awards for style and design. This is about as basic as toothbrush design gets, but we actually find that simplicity kind of refreshing; no endless cleaning modes or buttons to fiddle around with. It cleans your teeth and gums, without any fuss. 

There are two speed settings (low, high) to choose from, with up to 30,500 brush strokes a minute working to remove plaque. Your gums will also be lightly massaged, which, as any dentist will tell you, is an important part of oral hygiene. Speaking of dentists, if you don't yet have coverage but would like to explore how it could help you access regular preventive care, read our best dental insurance guide. 

The Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 has a slim, ergonomic handle, and comes with three brush heads: standard, compact and interdental. Also included are two brush head covers, a travel case, and a charging station where you can also dock your toothbrush between use.

Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 review: the toothbrush in blue and white photographed on its charging stand

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To help you brush for the recommend two minutes twice daily, the Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 has a built-in timer that vibrates at every 30-second interval. When that happens, you simply move the toothbrush to a different quadrant of your mouth. 

It would be far better if the toothbrush had a pressure sensor, but most of the more affordable electric toothbrushes lack this vital feature.

Finally, an LED battery charge indicator lets you know how much power is left. One full 12-hour charge gives you a week of brushing twice daily, which lags behind the competition considerably, and puts it on a par with the Oral-B Pro 1000. For a brush with longer battery life, read our Philips Sonicare 2 Series review.

Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 review: Performance

The Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 has a gentle cleaning motion. Though, because of that, there were times it felt as though it wasn't working as hard than other toothbrushes we've reviewed. However, we actually preferred the feel of this toothbrush over time, as it cleaned without annoying our gums.

Overall we felt that the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 left our teeth feeling much cleaner, but it is significantly more expensive than the Waterpik. Its subtly contoured handle is very comfortable to hold, and the toothbrush isn't too loud in use either.

Switching between speed settings is easy, and we enjoyed the feel of all three brush heads, especially the interdental, which helped remove some trapped food between our back teeth. 

Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 review: the toothbrush photographed on its side

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The travel case is quite flimsy, but that level of quality is par for the course with a cheaper electric toothbrush. Like the Pursonic S520, the Sensonic SR-3000 has global voltage compatibility. Ironically, its warranty is voided if the toothbrush is sold or used outside North America.

Should I buy the Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000?

We would recommend the Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR-3000 to any person looking for a basic yet effective electric toothbrush that cleans in between your teeth and gums, utilizing over 30,000 strokes per minute to brush away debris. 

If you have sensitive teeth and gums, it will clean without aggravating. If you want a more powerful, deep clean, and a wider range of cleaning modes include tongue and whitening, look elsewhere. Our recommendation there would be the Oral-B Smart 500 CrossAction, which shares many features found on the top-end Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 CrossAction for less. 

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