The WickedHD G1W dash cam gives you options for recording your driving moments in HD. The wide capture angle means you can record cars and scenery ahead of you as well as oncoming traffic.

You can choose between recording in 1080p at 30 frames per second or in 720p at 60 frames per second. The camera’s 120-degree viewing angle ensures you capture important footage. You can view your captured moments instantly on the widescreen 2.7-inch color LCD screen or export them to an SD card to view later on a computer or TV.

The infrared night vision option lets you capture high-quality footage at night or in low-light environments. You can also zoom in on important details, and you can toggle the date and time on and off. If you record with the time and date option on, it will also embed that information into any saved footage.

This dash cam has built-in motion detection and G-sensor impact detection features, similar to Garmin and BlackVue. These impact sensors automatically record if there is movement and mark the footage if there is an impact. The camera backs up anything it records, so you will have access to it even if the device is damaged.

You can record and save directly to a microSD card, at least a class 6 or higher, and up to 32GB. You can also record audio, if desired. There is also a way to adjust exposure for different lighting situations so you get the optimal picture.

The dash cam is powered by plugging it into the cigarette lighter of your car. It has a small size and sleek design. Because it has a lower price point than most other dash cameras, it does not have as many extra features, such as GPS, Wi-Fi or multiple recording options.

The WickedHD G1W dash cam is a simple device without extra frills. It will record HD video and audio, and it features motion and impact detection technology, which will automatically mark and save footage upon impact. There is also a night vision option that lets you record your favorite drives any time of day.

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