Apeman C860 review

Great main dash cam image quality and a rear camera for a very keen price

Apeman C860 Dash Cam Review
(Image: © APEMAN)

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Apeman has managed to provide great image quality from its main camera, plus a rear camera, for a very affordable price. There aren’t any advanced dash cam features, and you can’t even add a GPS as an option, but if you just want solid video recording, the C860 is a bargain.


  • +

    Excellent 2.6K video quality

  • +

    Rear camera included

  • +

    Very good value


  • -

    No GPS

  • -

    No advanced dash cam features

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Action camera company, Apeman has now ventured into dash cams. The company been producing reasonably priced action cameras for a few years now, so it’s no surprise to the see it also now entering the burgeoning dash cam market. The C860 is top of the current range and plays it safe in terms of physical design. But as we’ve come to expect from Apeman, you get a lot for your money.

Aside from offering 2.6K / 1520p shooting, you also get a Full HD rear camera in the box. With a price of just $100, you might start to wonder what corners have been cut but even the packaging and build seem to be of decent quality.

Apeman C860: Features

  • 2.6K video shooting 
  • GPS for location tracking 
  • G sensor for collision detection
Apeman C860: Key specs

Resolution: 2.6K 2,592 x 1,520 maximum resolution
Screen: 2.7-inches touch LCD display
Additional Safety Features: G-sensor for detecting incidents
Wireless: No

Whereas most current dash cams seem to have opted for a 2.5K maximum resolution, Apeman goes one better by offering 2.6K / 1520p. This equates to 2,592 x 1,520 at 30 frames per second. However, the rear-facing camera only records Full HD, and if you have it attached the main resolution drops down to 2.5K / 1440p.

Both front and rear cameras have the same 150-degree angle of vision, which is fairly modest compared to most current dash cams. Video is recorded at 15Mbits per second in 2.6K mode, and 10.7Mbits per second in 2.5K plus 4.7Mbits per second for the rear camera, which seem fairly meager. A 16GB Micro SD card will be enough for 145 minutes at the top resolution, or around the same in dual-camera mode. Interestingly, you have a choice between H.265 and the older H.264 encoding system.

There is looped recording with 1, 3 or 5-minute options, and a G-sensor. You can also vary the sensitivity of the incident-detecting file protection. There’s a Motion Detection parking sensor so you can leave the C860 guarding your car. In fact, Apeman calls this feature Parking Guard. But that’s the only additional safety feature included. You don’t get any collision detection or lane departure warnings.

One area in which Apeman has cut corners is the lack of a built-in GPS, and you can’t add this with an external adapter either. So if you do want the option of tracking your location alongside your video, which would also make the timestamp completely accurate, you’re out of luck with the C860.

Apeman C860: Design and build

  • Rear camera 2.7-inch touch 
  • LCD display 
  • Car power adapter includes extra USB port 

The main C860 unit takes the familiar design cue of looking a bit like a little compact camera. It uses a suction mount to attach to your windscreen and doesn’t have any form of quick release. The car power connection is micro USB at one end, and a captured cigarette lighter adapter at the other. However, Apeman has integrated an additional USB port into this, so you can plug in your phone cable or a separate sat-nav, assuming this also uses a standard USB power connection.

The rear camera is a completely different design, intended to sit flush against your window. The camera lens can then rotate to point in the correct direction. The mounting uses an adhesive patch rather than suction, so is meant for permanent installation. However, you do get an extra adhesive pad and a tool for levering the camera off in the bundle.

With no WiFi or other wireless connectivity, there is no Apeman app to install and use for remote control. So this is another area where Apeman has saved a few cents.

Apeman C860: Performance

  • Great 2.6K image quality 
  • Decent Full HD rear camera quality 

The C860 truly benefits from its high video resolution when shooting in 2.6K mode, with some of the most detail we have seen in dash cam footage. Even when in dual-camera mode, where a slightly reduced resolution is required, the C860 still acquits itself well. Number plates and other details are easy to read when you pause the video. 

The rear camera footage is quite a bit behind, however. It’s still good for Full HD, but not in the same league as the video from the main dash cam.

Apeman C860: Verdict

With its $100 price, the Apeman C860 is a bargain. It may lack advanced features, and the absence of GPS will be a disappointment for some. But the image quality is excellent for the money, which is the main reason you buy a dash cam in the first place. If you just want a great-quality dash cam with a rear camera thrown in, the Apeman C860 is well worth considering.

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