Fahrenheat F25426 review

The Fahrenheat F25426 baseboard heater can keep you warm as well as keeping dust and other particles at bay thanks to its fan-less operation.

Fahrenheat F25426 review
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For efficient heating throughout the Fahrenheat F25426 is a solid performer. It’s quiet when it runs making it ideal for most living spaces including bedrooms.


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    Quiet when running

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    Sharp edges

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    No built in thermostat

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The Fahrenheat F25426 measures 30-inches long and with 500 watts of power, it is a reliable heat source for your home or workspace. It uses convection heating instead of a fan so it will warm the room evenly unlike other convection heaters which can result in an excess of dust and allergens being circulated through the air.

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Fahrenheat F25426: What you need to know

The Fahrenheat F25426 is a hard-wired heater that offers fan-free warmth. It’s UL listed for safe installation on carpet, tiles, and other floorings, making it ideal to use in your bedroom or other living spaces. Thanks to its low profile design and being just 30-inches in length, it will fit in spaces large and small. You’ll find this baseboard heater easy to install as it has a large wiring compartment and the ability to wire it in from either side. It is 500-watts and runs off 240-volts, it doesn’t come with a built-in thermostat but you do require one to operate it so make sure you factor that into your final costs. This baseboard heater also comes with a one-year warranty. 

The Fahrenheat F25426 can also be connected to a wall-mounted thermostat so long as it meets the electrical load requirement. 

Thanks to it being UL certified, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to mounting this baseboard heater as it’s been certified as safe to use on a tiled or carpeted flooring. 

The Fahrenheat F25426 runs quietly and efficiently so if you’re using it in a room where you sleep, work, or watch TV, you won’t be disturbed by any loud humming noises. It does only come in one color, Northern White, but thanks to its low-profile design it will blend in seamlessly to most surroundings. 

Fahrenheat F25426: Features

The Fahrenheat F25426 has many great features that make it a stand out baseboard heater. One of the most prominent is that if you’re prone to allergies then due to the fan-less design of this heater, it won’t circulate dust, pet hair, pollen, and other pollutants around the room. It also operates with maximum efficiency with the unit converting all incoming electric to the heater in to direct heat. 

This baseboard heater is also designed with safety in mind. We all know that covering a baseboard heater can be dangerous and could lead to fire, so this heater has a thermal shut off feature that can help protect you and your family against this happening. If the airflow gets blocked then it will turn itself off and will wait until it has been cleared of any obstructions before heating again. This can be a particularly good feature if you’re living with teenagers who like to throw their clothes all over their room when they get home from school. 

This is one of the best baseboard heaters for bedrooms because its short length will suit any room that is lacking wall space. It also runs very quietly so you can stay warm and cozy without the noise. Plus, as its UL listed it can be used with carpeted or tiled flooring which is often common in living spaces.

Installation is also easy with this baseboard heater. It has a large wiring compartment with dual knockouts and a built-in cable clamp. It also gives you the option of connecting it to the power from either side or even chaining multiple units together for heating larger spaces. 

Fahrenheat F25426: User reviews

Users love the Farenheat F25426 and the majority of reviews mention how easy it is to install. The fan-less design is also something that users are raving about especially when installed in the bedroom as they have reported they’ve been able to sleep more comfortably and not wake up with symptoms related to allergies. Despite it being a very basic baseboard heater, users are also pleased with the design and in particular the Northern White color it comes in as it blends into most interior decors with ease. 

Although, some users have complained that the edges can be quite sharp, so it may be worth just monitoring any young children or pets around this heater. Some users have also reported that the covers are difficult to remove which also makes cleaning a struggle. 

Should you buy the Fahrenheat F25426 baseboard heater?

The Fahrenheat F25426 is the perfect solution if you want a baseboard heater that is reliable and efficient. It runs smoothly and quietly which makes it ideal for a range of rooms. It doesn’t come with a thermostat built-in but that’s not all bad as it gives you the freedom to choose a thermostat that will suit your needs. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for the best baseboard heater for easy installation. 

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