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LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert review

LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert comprises a base unit and wearable pendant that automatically detects when you have fallen and calls a monitoring center for help.

LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert review
(Image: © LifeCall)

Our Verdict

LifeCall offers a complete system for fall detection protection with a good selection of premium features available for you to add on to your system.


  • Supports 150 languages


  • No check-in service

LifeCall is a trusted name in the medical alert device industry and empowers people to live more confidently knowing that help is at hand should they fall at home. Like many of the best fall detection sensors, the LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert comprises a base unit and a wearable element. In this case, that's a small, waterproof pendant capable of detecting when you have fallen. 

How does it compare to other fall detection sensors on the market, and is it right for your needs? Let's take a closer look now in our LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert review.

LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert review: Overview

As mentioned above, the LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert comprises a base unit and a pendant. If you fall at home, the pendant notifies the base unit, which connects immediately to a monitoring center in the event of an emergency. Even though this pendant is designed to automatically detect falls, you can also push a small button in the center of the device to send the distress signal yourself. BlueStar SeniorTech is another pendant-based fall detection sensor to consider.

LifeCall is one of the few companies that pairs with a monitoring service offering direct support in 150 languages, which is impressive. It also offers a self-testing unit that periodically checks itself to ensure all of the equipment is running properly. However, this system doesn't operate with remote phone answering, which would enable you to use the microphone and speaker of the base unit to answer incoming calls.

LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert review: Features

When you order fall detection through LifeCall, you have the option of signing up for a month-to-month contract. While these contracts usually charge slightly more per month, they give you the flexibility to leave the service or cancel your plan.

In addition to payment plan options, this company also provides free equipment delivery and doesn't charge cancelation or activation fees.

If you're looking to add premium features to your medical alert with fall detection system, LifeCall gives you a few options. For instance, if you're active and frequently out and about, you can upgrade to a GPS system. We'd also recommend you take a look at the best GPS medical alert systems.

Don't have a landline? There's a cellular option available with the LifeCall Advanced. Each of these upgrades is available for a monthly fee, with further options including a voice extender and a lockbox.

LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert review

(Image credit: LifeCall)

LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert review: Performance

The LifeCall Advanced fall detection pendant has internal sensors that monitor your movements in order to detect falls. While no sensor is 100% accurate, LifeCall had a detection rate of 75% during our hands-on testing. The pendant sends an alert to the base station when a fall occurs, as long as it is within range.

In our range tests, LifeCall reached 600 feet without any interference and had a range of 270 feet in indoor tests. The backup battery, included in the base unit, lasted for 24 hours, which is much longer than the majority of power outages in the United States. Normally you would use mains power.

Should I buy the LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert?

LifeCall support through this company is above average. During our phone and email interactions with the company there was little up-selling, and in general the representatives answered our inquiries within one to two business days. However, when we requested specific follow-up information after contacting customer service, we had to inquire multiple times before documentation was sent.

The LifeCall Advanced with Fall Alert is a complete fall detection system with both a wearable pendant and a base station that includes an intercom, so the response center can send the best help your way in the event of a fall or other emergency. With this pendant's detection technology, you can be assured of help even if a fall knocks you unconscious and you cannot call for help.

Alternatives to consider include GreatCall, a powerful and fast-responding fall detection sensor, or the aptly named Medical Alert, for a budget option.