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Galaxy S21 Plus 5G for $400 is the cheapest cell phone deal we've seen on Prime Day

Galaxy S21 Plus 5G for $400 is the cheapest cell phone deal we've seen on Prime Day
(Image credit: Samsung)

Customers looking to take advantage of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Black 128GB are in luck right now. At the moment, you can buy the fast performing and stylish smartphone for just $400 on AT&T as part of the Walmart Prime Day deals. That's a huge saving of $600 compared to the usual price thanks to Walmart being keen to compete with the Amazon Prime Day USA deals going on at the same time. The deal works out at $12.50 per month for 36 months so you won't even need to find all the cash straight away. Considered to be America's most popular network, AT&T is also one of the fastest networks out there which is why we featured it in the best cell phone providers ranking. Of course, you're not just buying into the network, you're also enjoying one of the best smartphones out there right now as the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Black 128GB has a lot to offer.  

now $400 at Walmart

Samsung Galaxy S21+5G Black 128GB | Was $1,050 now $400 at Walmart
The Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Black 128GB is a stylish and speedy smartphone that offers plenty of great features. Besides a high-end camera with extensive photography and video features, an adaptive 120Hz display makes it great to look at too. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Black 128GB is a phone that pretty much everyone will love Check out our Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus review. Besides offering the latest 5G connectivity which means your purchase is future proofed for a long time to come, it packs in a ton of different features alongside that. That includes a fantastic camera which provides cinematic 8K resolution for video footage as well as useful tools like 8K Video Snap which means you can take 33MP pictures out of every 8K video for further use. Its Single Take mode also means you'll never take a bad photo again plus there's a great Night mode and 30x Space Zoom so you can zoom right into the action without any loss of quality. 

For every day use, there's also the promise of an all-day battery life, a 120Hz screen so you can enjoy smoother scrolling while you browse or watch streaming content, plus the smartphone looks genuinely gorgeous. It's fast too, proving ideal for the latest mobile games or simply for those who love to multi-task as much as possible while on the move. A high-end device in every way, the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Black 128GB is terrific value at any price but while it's available for the equivalent of $400 over 36 months at AT&T, it's even more tempting. We can't see anyone being disappointed with this smartphone for a very long time and with it available on one of the speediest cell phone providers out there, you’ll be delighted.

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