Should I buy the GE Smart Indoor Smoker?

GE smart indoor smoker at CES 2024
(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

If you like to smoke your meats, cheeses, and fruit (yeah, fruit), then listen up: you don’t need to go outdoors anymore. GE has just launched the indoor smoker ahead of CES 2024. This means no more standing outside in the rain and no more over or under-smoking. It also means that if you don't have a backyard, then you can now also smoke your favorite foods.

It’s a similar, if not the same, size as your air fryer, takes up very little counter space, makes minimal noise, and will save time (and effort) when following the more traditional ways of smoking foods.

It works by filling up the water container with water, adding some pellets, and then allowing the magic to happen. The pellets will smolder through the fan system. It’s this airflow that’ll circulate the food type to create an even smoke throughout. 

The capacity is large enough to hold 40 chicken wings or a 14-pound turkey. The three racks inside can be adjusted or removed to make more room if you need to. This means that you can even fit a beer can of chicken inside. 

All three of the racks, drip tray, and sides are dishwasher safe, making for easy cleaning. I’m tempted to compare it with the best grills and gas grills right now, which you may already use to flavor meat, yet for some reason, I remember the effort it can take to tidy up after using it because it uses pellets, smokes unintentionally and leaves a char where you don't want it.

It’s capable of doing everything that your outdoor smoker can do and more. With six presets (brisket, chicken, wings, rings, salmon, and pork butt) and the ability to tweak said presets.

What's smart about it is that it has an app. The app, Smart HQ, will notify you when you run out of pellets; it integrates with recipes and will lock in the temperate along with keeping the foods warm after the smoking cycle.

It’s available right now for $999.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, William Sonoma, and directly with GE. For that money, it comes with a temperate probe, pellets, and a recipe book.

Verdict: should you buy the GE Smart Indoor Smoker?

If you’re into your smoking of foods, then I think that this is right up your street. Even if you already own an outdoor smoker, the ability to set a preset means that you don’t need to hover around until it reaches maximum flavor. 

It’s also a good option for those who don’t have a backyard and/or those who like to experiment with how they cook their food.

Jennifer Oksien

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