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Best gas ranges 2021

Best gas ranges 2021
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The best gas ranges can cut your cooking time in half, whether that’s cooking a whole chicken or boiling some soup on the stove. Plus, these powerful stoves not only cook good, they look good too, which is important as your gas range is something you’ll probably see (and most probably use) everyday. When investing in a good gas stove for your kitchen, there’s a few pointers to ask yourself. Firstly, what will you be using your gas range for? Do you bake often? Do you cook for a large group? Or will your choice of a gas range be limited by your counter space? 

In our buying guide you’ll find a selection of 30-inch gas ranges and 36-inch gas stoves. Plus many of them come with five burners, meaning you can cook a range of different meals all at the same time and it won’t lose its heat. Many of the best gas ranges also have multiple cooking zones. This is perfect if your culinary masterpieces require different cooking temperatures, or if you’re a keen baker. Perhaps the most important feature to look out for though, is the power of your gas range, which is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). 

In our roundup, all of the best gas ranges have a BTU of 20,000 or upwards. You’ll also find that some gas stoves come with a range of other technical features including air frying options, a smudge-proof finish, and Quick PreHeat settings. Expect to pay a little bit more for these features. If you’re searching for a cheaper gas range, check out some of our smaller-sized alternatives, which can still give you bang for your buck without you having to fork out a fortune. On that note, we’d also recommend looking at our guides to the best electric cooktops and the best electric ranges.  

1. GE JGSS86SPSS: Best gas range with double oven 

Best gas ranges: GE JGSS86SPSS review

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GE JGSS86SPSS Double Oven Gas Range

The stylish GE JGSS86SPSS will cut your cooking time in half.

 Center oval burner  
 Integrated griddle 
Not smart-enabled 
Not fingerprint resistant 

If you have a large family or run a busy household, the GE JGSS86SPSS gas range with  double oven is designed to make lives easier. The double capacity provides much more space to evenly cook a variety of dishes at once, saving valuable time. 

This gas range features a large integrated, non-stick griddle which sits on the middle oval burner, and is great for pancakes or quick fry-ups. 

With handy cooktop settings such as, delay bake and delay start sabbath mode, this allows more control over your baking preferences. The GE JGSS86SPSS is also equipped with an in-oven broiler to get the perfect broiling temperature, and a steam clean option that takes 30 minutes to work. 

What this gas range lacks however is Wi-Fi capabilities, a second timer, and fingerprint-resistant finish options. 

2. LG LTG4715ST: Best smart gas range  

Best gas ranges: LG LTG4715ST review

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LG LTG4715ST Gas Range

A double oven gas range with WiFi capabilities for smarter cooking.

ProBake convection 
Smart enabled  
No storage drawer 
The LED control panel is not backlit 

The LG LTG4715ST is a smart double gas range with a huge 6.9 cubic feet capacity. It is also one of the best gas ranges for bakers due to the ProBake convection it offers. This technology heats up the oven faster and distributes heat evenly to perfect those bakes.

Besides cakes, this smart gas range is equipped with powerful burners, including an Ultra Heat burner to generate quick and intense heat. In addition, it has convenient accessories such as a detachable wok grate,  a griddle plate, gliding rack, and in-oven broiler. 

As you’d expect from a premium range, it has clever features such as the intuitive glass touchscreen which is easy to operate at just a touch of a button. Bear in mind this can be very sensitive, so may be prone to those accidental touch settings or be annoying for some users.  

Of course, the key selling point here is the LG LTG4715ST’s smart features that efficiently give you more control to monitor your cooking remotely from your phone via the app. One downside worth noting is that this smart gas range doesn’t have a  storage drawer. 

3. Whirlpool WFG320M0BS: Best gas range on a budget

Best gas ranges: Whirlpool WFG320M0BS cheap gas range

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Whirlpool WFG320M0BS

For a cheap gas range that performs well, the Whirlpool WFG320M0BS is great value for money.

Under-oven broiler 
No storage drawer 
Doesn’t have fifth burner 

The Whirlpool WFG320M0BS is a cheap gas range with ample room to manage your daily cooking needs. What’s more, it’s equipped with a large under-oven broiler and the Custom Broil allows you to set accurate broiling temperatures. 

Unlike other models, it doesn’t have a fifth burner which is a real let down. However, its four SpeedHeat burners are great for rapid boiling, frying and searing your dishes. The Whirlpool WFG320M0BS is easy to operate with simple, electronic controls. And it comes with a convenient control lock that disables the control panel in case of accidental changes to your settings.

Although it doesn’t come with useful preset cook options, this gas range is cheaper than the others we’ve reviewed so you wouldn’t expect as many high-end features. However, the range comes in several colours including, black, stainless steel, and white. 

If you cater to a large family and require more capacity, this may not be ideal for you. Plus notable downsides are the lack of storage and no smart features. 

4. Maytag MGR6600FB: Best gas range warranty 

Best gas ranges: Maytag MGR6600FB review

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Maytag MGR6600FB

The Maytag MGR6600FB puts out exceptional cooking power with advanced features like Precision Cooking.

Long warranty 
Precision Cooking system 
Smaller capacity  

The Maytag MGR6600FB is a durable, single, gas range oven that delivers powerful cooking results. It also comes with a long, ten-year parts warranty to put your mind at ease. Most ranges usually come with a standard one-year warranty so this will save you money in the long-term.

Besides having an impressive warranty, the Maytag MGR6600FB has plenty of features to make cooking a breeze. It comes with a fairly small five cubic feet capacity but has a quick-heating system to ensure optimum performance. The Precision Control sensors will make sure you get evenly-cooked meals each time. 

The Maytag MGR6600FB also has five, high-intensity burners, including a Simmer Burner that goes from 800 to 5,000 BTU, handy for those quick dishes. The convenient, oval burner easily fits a griddle pan or oversized cookware.

Other features include, the variable broil, and the delay bake setting allows you to program the time needed for all your baking delights. It doesn’t have a double oven or convection but does come with useful features like the handy lower storage drawer. 

5. Frigidaire FGGH3047VF: Best 30-inch gas range  

Best gas ranges: Frigidaire FGGH3047VF review

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Frigidaire FGGH3047VF Gas Range

The Frigidaire FGGH3047VF 30-inch gas range combines power and versatility. Along with high-spec features such as an in-built air fryer.

Air Fry option 
Smudge-proof finish 
Not smart-enabled 

If you’re after a versatile, 30-inch gas range that has everything you need and more, the Frigidaire FGGH3047VF is ideal. What’s more, the air fry option allows you to cook healthier meals, that won’t leave you feeling guilty about those calories! 

The Frigidaire FGGH3047VF range owes its impressive cooking results to its True Convection system. This convection fan and third heating element evenly circulates hot air around the oven faster, creating evenly baked results. Plus, the three oven racks also allow more space for those extra baking trays or dishes. The range also comes with an in-oven broiler and griddle pan for more variety. 

Other useful features include the Quick Preheat setting, quick boil burner designed to heat water much faster, lower storage drawer and a control lock, ideal for families with young children. It’s also designed to be smudge-resistant to eliminate those unsightly fingerprints.

What lets it down is the lack of cook preset settings besides Sabbath Mode. In addition, for a gas range of this price, it’s surprising not to have any WiFi capabilities available.