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Get a budget Dell Inspiron desktop for only $350 in this Prime Day deal

Get a budget Dell Inspiron desktop for only $350 in this Prime Day deal
(Image credit: Dell)

The Dell Inspiron Desktop won't win prizes for being the fastest of home computers out there but if you're simply looking for a compact desktop to fit into your home office or other tight space then this deal is for you. Ordinarily priced at $510, you can buy the Dell Inspiron Desktop for just $350 meaning a rather chunky saving of $160 compared to the normal price. 

While Dell isn't technically part of the Amazon Prime Day USA deals going on, it's clear that the massive PC retailer is enjoying a few savings of its own while the internet is excited about all the sales going on right now. That means that the price on the Dell Inspiron Desktop is strictly limited. Dell tends to allocate a specific amount of stock to its sale prices meaning once it's gone, it's gone, and you'll need to pay the full $510 for this deal instead. 

This cheap Dell Inspiron Desktop might not be one of the best home computers out there but Dell is a highly reliable brand so it's worth making the effort to buy this one if you're on a tight budget. 

Dell Inspiron Desktop | Was $510 | Now $350 at Dell

Dell Inspiron Desktop | Was $510 | Now $350 at Dell
Save $160: The Dell Inspiron Desktop is a compact desktop PC that's ideal for a small home office or tight workspace. With the basic hardware you need for working from home, it's perfectly functional at a cheap price.  

The Dell Inspiron Desktop is aimed at anyone with limited space but the need for a desktop rather than a laptop. It's 16% smaller than the previous Inspiron desktop so it'll squeeze into a tight space in your living room or, more ideally, in your home office. 

Despite its slender size, it has enough going for it to be able to deal with most typical office needs such as typing up documents, creating presentations, or simply dealing with a myriad of emails. It has a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of memory, and 256GB of SSD storage. None of that is particularly revolutionary but it's enough to ensure you can multi-task a little as you work. In particular, by having SSD storage, things will be a little speedier than if you were reliant on a traditional, older type of hard drive.

Rather conveniently, there's room inside the computer to upgrade the RAM or hard drive storage but at this price, you're probably simply planning on having a straightforward budget PC at hand and we can certainly see why - $350 is incredibly cheap for a Dell desktop PC even if it isn't exactly going to light the world on fire. 

As with any Dell deal, you'll need to snap the Dell Inspiron Desktop up quite quickly as stock will be limited and liable to expire at any time. If you're looking for a basic office PC, this is probably the best option out there right now given Dell's generally very reliable record. Don't forget - it's $350 instead of $510 so that's quite a big saving for the system. 

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