Humana Insurance Company has teamed up with Wal-Mart to offer Medicare recipients the option of additional prescription drug coverage. Whether you have original Medicare or a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, you can now choose to add this valuable benefit to your Medicare coverage. The Humana Walmart Rx Plan is a stand-alone prescription drug plan. To find out if a Humana Walmart Rx Plan is available in your area, visit the Humana website or speak to a Medicare Supplement Insurance representative.

Although this Medicare Part D Plan is a Humana Walmart Rx Plan, other pharmacies are available in the covered Humana network. If you generally use a Walmart Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions, this plan may be right for you. Your prescription drug cost and coverage is based on use of the Walmart Pharmacy network. Copayments for prescription drugs filled at non-Walmart Pharmacies may cost a bit more. The monthly plan premium for the Humana Walmart Rx Plan is typically a set premium but is subject to change annually. The monthly premium is for enrollment in the Humana Walmart Rx Plan and to receive prescription drug benefits. This monthly premium does not cover your prescription drug costs. To get a more accurate estimate of your expected out-of-pocket costs for your prescription drugs, you can add your prescription and pharmacy information before online enrollment. The Humana Walmart Rx Plan offers prescription drug coverage by tiers. This information and more is available on the Humana website.

As with many insurance plans, the outline of coverage is not that easy to understand. The Humana Walmart Rx Plan has stages to every tier, which can alter your out-of-pocket expenses. Some drugs may not be covered by this plan, so you should not use the drug tier table as a price quote. Several factors can influence your out-of-pocket costs including what pharmacy you use and the quantity and order of your prescriptions.

Enrollment in this and other Humana Plans depends on contract renewal. The main benefit to a Medicare Part D Plan of this type is it offers more predictable prescription drug expenses. The Humana Walmart Rx Plan is not a Generic Incentive Program. Your individual plan may have quantity limitations, copayments and restrictions that apply. Please contact your plan for more information or visit resources like and Medicare Interactive.

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