Pros / The Combi Shuttle's anti-rebound bar is attached to the carrier, so you can install the seat without its base and still have all the same safety features.

Cons / The groin buckle is permanently in place, so you cannot adjust it as your child grows.

 Verdict / Despite some difficult elements, like a loud canopy and tight straps, the Combi Shuttle excels in safety features.

The Combi Shuttle is a sturdy baby car seat with great safety features, a reclining base and machine-washable covers. It has a higher weight limit than many other rear-facing car seats, supporting a child up to 35 pounds and 33 inches. The best baby car seats excel in safety features, and the Combi is no exception. The anti-rebound bar makes this an excellent choice if you use multiple cars and don’t want to lose any of the safety features when you aren’t mounting the seat in its base. These and other excellent features earn this baby car seat our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  • Maximum Weight Limit
  • Minimum Weight Limit
  • Maximum Height Limit
  • Number of Compatible Strollers
  1. Maximum baby weight the seat can safely handle.
  2. 2  Combi Shuttle
    35.0 Pounds
  3. 30.0 Pounds
  4. 35.0 Pounds
  5. Category Average
    45.63 Pounds


The standout feature of the Combi Shuttle is the anti-rebound bar connected to the base of the carrier. In the event of an accident, the anti-rebound bar reduces the force of the impact. You can attach it to any car without losing safety features, even in the absence of the base. The bar is not adjustable, however, so it must be touching the back of your seat cushion to reduce the force of the impact in the event of an accident. This device has a larger weight and height limit than other car seats, which makes it ideal for larger babies. If you have a premature baby, you might want to consider the Chicco KeyFit 30.

One drawback of this car seat is that once your child exceeds 22 pounds or 29 inches, you cannot use the seat without its base. Also, the nonadjustable groin buckle could make your baby uncomfortable as he or she gets older. This car seat is airplane compliant. It also has the usual safety features like energy-compliant foam, level indicators and LATCH connectors that will keep the seat in a secure position in the event of an accident.


The Combi Shuttle is compatible with a small handful of Combi strollers, including the Cosmo and Cabria. There are some frustrating elements of the Shuttle, however. The canopy is loud, so if you're trying to get a sleeping infant out of the seat, there is a danger of waking your baby.

You can adjust the harness, but it is difficult to loosen the straps. Also, there isn't much room between the canopy and the handle, so it isn't comfortable to carry when you want to protect your child from the elements.

Additional Features

This seat has adjustable head support. It also has an adjustable center-pull, so you can adjust both shoulder straps in one easy motion. This seat reclines to make it more comfortable as your child grows. You can use the level indicator to properly adjust the recline feature on the base according to your child's weight.

Our favorite feature of the Shuttle is the machine-washable cushions that will make it easy to keep the car seat clean. As with many other products in our car seat reviews, this seat is not Convertible-friendly, but you will be able to install it in just about any other type of car.

Help & Support

The Combi Shuttle has a one-year warranty, which is approximately the amount of time you'll keep your child in this seat. If you lose your user manual, you can download a new one online, and customer support representatives are available via phone and email. Unfortunately, the Combi website lacks a search function to help you find a local retailer.


The Combi Shuttle is a sturdy and safe baby car seat. The carrier has an anti-rebound bar built in to reduce the impact force of a collision, and the cushions are machine washable. However, there are some frustrating elements of the car seat, like its loud canopy. Yet overall, the Combi Shuttle is a good choice in an infant car seat for parents who make safety their number-one concern.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight Without Base (pounds)
Weight With Base (pounds)
Depth (inches)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)


Number of Compatible Strollers
Installation Instructions
Adjustable Harness
Stay-in-Car Base
Adjustable Carry Handle
Install Without Base
Machine-Washable Cushions


Crash Tested
Five-Point Harness
Energy-Absorbent Foam
LATCH Connectors
Level Indicators
Airplane Compliant
Side-Impact Protection
Maximum Weight Limit
35 lbs
Minimum Weight Limit
4 lbs
Maximum Height Limit
33 inches

Additional Features

Reclining Seat/Base
Center-Pull Adjustment
Adjustable Head Support
Cup Holder

Help & Support

1 Year
User Manual
Email & Phone
Local Retailer Search