The GOOLOO GP200 jump-starter uses a lithium-ion power source to deliver a 1,000-amp peak current similar to the Clore Jump-N-Carry and the Stanley J5C09, which is enough power to revive a V8 gas or diesel engine, even in cold temperatures. The GP200 also doubles as a charging device, and it is the only ultra-portable jump-starter we reviewed that has two USB ports. You can use the ports to charge two mobile devices, such as your phone and digital camera, simultaneously.

This model has a 20800 mAh battery capacity, which means you can jump-start your vehicle approximately 30 times before the GP200 needs to recharge. The charging indicator on the jump-starter’s LCD screen lets you know when its power is running low.

If you hook up the cables improperly, a reverse polarity warning displays on the bottom of the screen. The alligator clips need to be attached to the correct battery terminals before you jump-start your car – if they aren’t, you could damage both your battery and the jump-starter.

The GP200 is a useful tool to have in your car, but it’s also portable enough to take on a hike or other adventure. It’s a handy tool to have in your backpack just in case you need to charge your phone, and it has a built-in flashlight to help you navigate through the dark. 

Like most ultra-portable jump-starters, the GP200’s cables are only 6 inches long. This is a minor inconvenience because it takes a little extra time to position the device just right so you can leave it to get in your car to turn the key. To make this easier in the dark, there is an LED flashlight on the side panel that can help you navigate the engine compartment. The flashlight’s on-and-off button is on the front panel and can be a bit hard to find in the dark. Fortunately, it is one of only three buttons – the other two are the power button and the boost button.

GOOLOO’s help and support options are among the worst in the industry. The website doesn’t list a phone number, nor does it have a user manual. We emailed the address listed in the website’s Contact Us section and didn’t receive a response. The company offers an 18-month warranty on its products, but it would be difficult to file a claim since representatives are so hard to contact. Make sure the GP200 works properly when you first buy it so you can use the retailer’s return policy if there’s a problem.

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