Pros / The KFC-6995PS received an A in our comparative loudness tests, despite having a low sensitivity rating.

Cons / The overall audio quality isn't great.

 Verdict / Kenwood KFC series car speakers have average audio quality with below-average accuracy. However, even with their low sensitivity ratings, they can get quite loud.

Kenwood's KFC series has a wide selection of car speakers in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 6 x 9 inches, the latter of which we tested and reviewed. This is also one of the few car speaker series with five-way speakers, which means some models have up to four tweeters for super-high-range frequencies. Unfortunately, its high frequencies weren't as impressive as you might expect from a five-way coaxial speaker.

To evaluate the KFC-6995PS's overall audio quality and output performance, we ran it through frequency accuracy tests and comparative loudness tests. We designed our frequency accuracy tests to gauge speakers’ overall audio quality, while the loudness test tells us which ones have the greatest volume potential. We tested the Kenwood KFC car speaker under the same conditions as the other models we reviewed, and all grading and evaluation is based on how each speaker compares to the others.

In the frequency accuracy tests, the KFC-6995PS received an overall C+ grade, which means that the quality is OK. It'll probably sound better than your old factory-installed speakers, but there are certainly better options out there.

With four tweeters, you'd expect the highs to be very accurate, as each tweeter is responsible for producing a specific range of frequencies. However, the KFC-6995PS only earned a B- for its high-frequency reproduction. In fact, at high volumes, the highs tended to make me wince, although they were okay at moderate volumes – when the volume isn’t turned up too much, the highs sound crisp and clear.

Unfortunately, this Kenwood speaker performed its best in the high frequencies. It received a C for its performance in the midrange frequencies and a C+ in the lower register. There was nothing remarkable about the accuracy, which is primarily why it ranks so low compared to the other speakers we tested.

Surprisingly, the Kenwood KFC-6995PS’s received an A for relative loudness. At 88 dB, this speaker has the lowest sensitivity rating of any model we reviewed, so it should be the quietest when supplied with the same amount of power as the others. However, that wasn't the case at all. In fact, while the Infinity Reference X also received an A, only the Pioneer PRO was louder.

The Kenwood KFC has a continuous power-handling rating of 125 RMS watts, which means that is the maximum amount of power it can handle on a continuous basis. The peak power handling, or the amount of power the speaker can handle in short bursts, is rated at 650 watts. Both ratings are among the highest we saw, which makes the KFC-6995PS one of the best car speakers for power handling. You can push the Kenwood KFC series speakers harder than most, and they won't blow out or clip.

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The Kenwood KFC series car speakers come in many sizes and options. However, their audio quality won't impress you, and the frequency accuracy is below average. That said, don't be fooled by the low sensitivity rating – you can reach ear-splitting volumes, and the power handling makes it even easier to do.

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