A low-tier model, the Automate 4304A Remote Start automatic car starter provides keyless entry and basic remote starter functions. It does have a few functions, such as SmartStart compatibility and an LCD screen. If you want a simple system at a low price point, this Automate model is a good choice.

This remote start allows you to control two vehicles with one remote, so is a good choice for multi-car families. It also features keyless entry. In case you feel threatened, this model has panic mode you can activate by holding down the lock button close to your car, making the lights flash and the horn sound. However, if you accidentally hold down the button while within range but not next to your vehicle, you may set off panic mode inadvertently.

For ease of use, this remote car starter has trunk unlock as well as standard keyless entry. The LCD screen provides some status icons command confirmations. It also displays the interior temperature, but you have to manually turn off the engine starter when the interior reaches the appropriate temperature. Valet mode lets you bypass the remote start system so that you don't have to hand over your remote control if you take your car to the mechanic. You can set the countdown timer up to three hours in advance, and the engine will start when the timer reaches zero. You must, however, set this function every time you want to use it.

If you park in a large car park and can't quite remember where exactly your car is, you can activate car-finder mode, which sets off your horn and makes the parking lights flash for 10 seconds. With the purchase of additional equipment, you can add a defogger to the system. This model is compatible with SmartStart, so you can download the app and use your smartphone as a remote control for convenience. The keyless entry remotes charges via a household power outlet, which means you don't have to buy batteries, but is inconvenient if you forget to plug the remotes in.

The Automate 4304A Remote Start system has a range of basic features, combined with a few extras that you'd normally expect to see on higher-tier offerings. With the low price point and selection of features, this car starter offers good value.

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