A low-end model, the Avital Remote Start with Keyless Entry features a solid range of basic features, as well as a few functions you'd expect from a mid- or high-end model. It isn't terribly sophisticated, but it does come at a low price point.

This remote car starter system comes with two keyless entry remotes, so you have a spare on hand in case you misplace one. The compact remotes each have four buttons with icons on them for ease of use. The remotes do not have LCD displays, limiting their functionality.

The Avital locks and unlocks your vehicle remotely. You can put the remote car starter into silent mode by depressing the trunk release for one second. To open the trunk, you hold the same button for 1.5 seconds. Therefore, it's all too easy to accidentally pop open your trunk when attempting to activate silent mode and, because there's no LCD panel to provide status alerts, unless you're looking at your vehicle, you won't know whether you've opened the trunk.

Because there are only four separate buttons, you have to depress multiple buttons at once to activate certain features, such as rear window defogging, which is rather awkward. The presence of the panic mode is a welcome safety feature that's easy to activate and causes the parking lights to flash and the horn to honk. However, you activate it with the same button as the locking function. So, like silent mode, it's very easy to activate panic mode accidentally.

To increase vehicle safety, although this car starter doesn't offer alarm or alert functions, it does have a starter kill. This automatically kicks in when you press the lock button and prevents the starter from turning over and starting the engine. The presence of a dedicated A-to-D converter negates the need for a wired tachometer and provides speed sending to prevent over-revving.

Although basic, the Avital Remote Start with Keyless Entry offers good value, with added safety features, a panic mode and rear defogger control. However, this remote auto start system does not have an LCD panel or status alerts.

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