You can control two separate vehicles with the PRO 2-WAY 901 1-Mile Remote Starter with LCD Confirmation. This model has some valuable features, but extras, such as window controls, that can be added at extra cost.

With a range of one mile, this remote starter allows you to control your vehicle at considerable distance, giving you ample time to warm the engine warm and interior before getting in. The LCD panel provides you with status updates, including confirmations when your remote successfully completes a command. This panel also displays your car's internal temperature. You can also program the system to set your vehicle's interior to a specific temperature. The LCD also provides text alerts in the event your car is hit or if someone tries to illegally enter your vehicle. It even tells you where the intruder attempted to get in. The remote offers vibrating and audible alerts. The presence of an RPS sensor on your windscreen a page signal to the remote. This sensor also acts as an emergency system override. You program a four-digit code into the remote when you set up your remote car starter system. Then, if you lose your keys or lock them inside your car, you simply hold your remote to the sensor and wait for it to disarm. While this is a useful feature, it increases the risk of theft if someone gets hold of your remote.

This model also acts as a keyless entry system for fast, easy lock control. It features speed sensing to prevent over-revving and, when the rpm reach twice the standard idle revs, the system locks the doors, keeping you secure while the vehicle is in motion. The remote starter has spare auxiliary ports, so you can customize your system to include rear defrost, seat heating, window control or sliding-door operation. However, these features are optional extras and add considerably to the cost.

The PRO 2-WAY 901 1-Mile Remote Starter with LCD Confirmation provides plenty of data on the LCD panel, including security updates and temperature control. It is customizable, though, but at additional cost.

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