A high-end remote car starter from Crime Stoppers, the Cool Start RS7-G5 has smartphone compatibility, valet mode and a long range. However, this car remote doesn't offer security features, such as starter kill, panic mode, shock sensing or alarm functions.

The 3,000-foot range of the Cool Start RS7-G5 from Crime Stoppers allows you to get your car to the desired temperature from a significant distance. However, the system uses high frequency FM signals, so range and signal quality vary considerably depending on signal interference and location. There are two remotes: one with an LCD panel; the other without. The remote with the LCD panel is the primary remote, has more functions than the second remote. You can control two vehicles with either remote. This automatic car starter features keyless entry for easy vehicle access and is smartphone compatible. Using a smartphone, you can lock, unlock, pop the hood and trunk, start your engine and locate your vehicle.

While it does offer a hood safety switch, preventing the remote starter engaging the engine if the hood is open and a tachometer to stop the engine if it over-revs, is not included. The system does offer horn honking if someone tries to open the doors while the vehicle is locked. It doesn't have an alarm function or audible alerts in the event that your vehicle alarm is activated. This model also doesn't include shock sensing or status updates regarding whether your car is running or unlocked. Additionally, it doesn't have a failsafe shut off to prevent carjacking or a panic mode. Therefore, you'd need to install a secondary security system.

You can use of the dome light feature, which engages the overhead light in your vehicle for 30 seconds when opening a door. However, this is an optional extra that increases the price of the system. The primary remote charges via USB cable, while the secondary remote uses lithium-ion batteries. You can use valet mode to bypass the automatic car starter features when you leave your vehicle with someone else.

If you already have robust vehicle security and simply want a model with remote starter features, such as valet mode and keyless entry, this model may be suitable for your needs.

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