A midrange automatic car starter, the LED 2-Way Remote Start from Python is a basic system. It's smartphone compatible but doesn't offer an LCD panel, visual alerts or other standout features.

Although the remote starter has a range of one mile, this is only in optimal conditions. In reality, the effective range is significantly shorter and is subject to terrain, weather, buildings and signal interference. The two remotes that come with this car starter do not offer LCD screens but do have an LED that flashes to confirm a command. However, the lack of an LCD means you cannot get status updates nor see the interior temperature of your vehicle. The primary remote control has an additional four LEDs, one for each button, that light up when the corresponding feature is active. The secondary remote doesn't have these additional lights.

This Python model is compatible with the SmartStart app for smartphones, allowing you to use your smartphone as an additional remote control. It offers a horn-honk option that acts as a panic mode, but this is only when activated via your smartphone, so it's can be of limited use. Additionally, the horn honk is an extra feature that costs more.

For added security, the LED 2-Way Remote Start from Python has a shock sensor that provides an audible alert in the event your car is hit. While this feature is useful if you're security conscious, it can be potentially problematic in strong winds or stormy weather, if wind, debris, and heavy rain or hail triggers shock sensor. The remote control has six different audible alarms, with each one representing a specific alert, so you instantly know what the issue is.

This keyless entry and remote car starter system has four auxiliary ports to allow a degree of customization. This does, however, significantly affect cost. You can add features, such as parking-light flash, rear defrost, seat heating and alarm connectivity. Each remote can control up to two vehicles, so it is a possible option for a family with multiple vehicles.

With two remotes and multi-vehicle control, this automatic car starter is reasonably useful. However, to increase use and versatility, you need to purchase added extras to connect to the four auxiliary ports. Additionally, this model doesn't have an LCD screen, although it does have audible alerts.

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