The Voxx Electronics One-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System is a good choice for cold climates, as it allows you to program periodic engine starts to maintain temperature. However, the remaining features are basic, but this car starter is compatible with hybrid cars.

This remote car starter lacks an LCD screen but does offer an LED light. While this doesn't provide status reports or alerts, the light flashes to confirm a command. This system uses spread-spectrum transmitters that continuously change frequencies, which prevents would-be thieves from using a frequency grabber to clone your remote car starter frequency and access your vehicle. When you unlock your vehicle and start your engine, the LED on the remote flashes according to the number of remotes programmed to your vehicle, which can be used to detect unauthorized copies.

If any combination of buttons on these five-button remote controls are pressed more than 50 times out of the 2,500-foot range of the vehicle, they stop working and require realignment. Therefore, you need to keep the remotes away from children and ensure the buttons don't accidentally depress while they're in your bag or coat.

For particularly cold climates, this automatic care starter offers a period engine start function. It allows you to set the starter to automatically warm your engine every two or four hours for up to 48 hours. This prevents the fluids in your engine freezing in extreme temperatures.

The basic model of this remote car starter is not compatible with SmartStart and does not interface with home computers. However, you can upgrade to allow both smartphone and computer interface compatibility, but this adds to the expense.

There are four output channels that you can set to perform certain functions, such as open vehicle windows, open garage doors or defog windows. However, you need to purchase the extra equipment and have it installed and aligned to your remote, further increasing the cost.

While this automatic car starter has several useful functions, such as frequency hopping to prevent theft and regular engine warming for cold climates, the other features on the basic model are minimal. To get the most out of the One-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System from Voxx Electronics, you need to make additional purchases or upgrade to the smart model.

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