Pros / It’s comfortable to hold and feels solid, well-built and durable.

Cons / The cleaning felt less powerful than we’d hoped, and you can’t pause to rinse without spraying water.

 Verdict / The Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 has one of our favorite grips. It’s shiny and sleek with rubberized sides, and its cleaning motion is easy and gentle. This toothbrush ranks not far behind our Sonicare and Oral-B leaders.

The Waterpik Sensonic SR-3000 is a high-quality, midrange contender in our search for the best electric toothbrushes. It uses sonic wave technology with 30,500 brush strokes per minute to clean your teeth gently, and it promotes healthy gum care.

The Sensonic package provides the model’s slim, ergonomic handle and three brush heads: standard, compact and interdental. Also included are two brush head covers, a travel case and a sturdy, open-circled docking and charging station. The brush heads have soft, end-rounded bristles that are designed to reach between your teeth, and you can brush using a high or low setting. We preferred the low setting.

“The electric cleaning motion was nice and gentle,” said one of our testers. “There were times it felt as if it was working less hard than the others, but I actually preferred the feeling of this one to some of the other brushes.”

While the Philips Sonicare 2 left our teeth feeling cleaner, we liked the Waterpik’s style. Its subtly contoured handle is so comfortable to hold that one of our testers proclaimed it “perfect,” and the sound of its vibration was our favorite.

To help you brush for the recommend two minutes twice daily, the Waterpik Sensonic has a timer in its handle that notifies you at 30-second intervals. It would be nice if it also had a pressure sensor, but most of the more affordable models lack this feature. One enhanced feature the Sensonic does have is an LED battery charge indicator. A 12-hour charge gives you a week of brushing twice daily, and the battery life indicator tells you when it’s full, two-thirds full and one-third full.

Like the Pursonic S520, the Sensonic SR-3000 has global voltage compatibility. Ironically, however, its warranty is voided if the toothbrush is sold or used outside North America, and Waterpik won’t ship it elsewhere.

Within North America, Waterpik provides two years of consumer protection. You can reach customer service by phone, email and chat.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Features & Accessories

2 Minutes, 30-Second Notification
Pressure Sensor and Alert
Not Available
Cleaning Modes and Intensity Settings
2 Modes - High, Low
Bluetooth Capability with Brushing App
Handle, 3 Brush Heads, 2 Brush Head Covers, Docking/Charging Station, Travel Case




Slim, Ergonomic
Ease of Changing Brush Heads

Warranty & Support

2 Years
Phone, Email, Chat
User Guide


Performance Cleaning Technology and Sonic Strokes per Minute
Sonic / 30,500
User Experience
Battery Life
7 Days
Battery Type and Recharge Time
NiMH / 12 Hours