InterContinental Capital Group review

ICG enjoys a terrific reputation but keeps its cards too close to its chest.

InterContinental Capital Group review
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InterContinental Capital Group (ICG) enjoys ringing endorsements from customers and has a reputation for low charges. The trouble is, unless you are willing to sign up, there is so little information to be found on its website, it is almost impossible to know if they are right.


  • +

    Outstanding customer reviews

  • +

    Primarily digitized experience


  • -

    You have to create a profile to find anything out

  • -

    Not available in all 50 states

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InterContinental Capital Group (ICG) is a direct lending mortgage bank specializing in home finance that benefits from 15 years experience and has funded $8.9 billion of loans. Enjoying an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, of which it has been an accredited member since 2010, ICG stakes a claim to be among the best reverse mortgage companies by virtue of some impressively positive customer reviews. The company also enjoys a solid reputation in the lending market overall, providing home loans and refinance mortgages, alongside reverse mortgage options, across 46 states. 

InterContinental Capital Group review: Application process

Key features

Application process: Registration required
Fees and interest rates: Not disclosed upfront
Service: Exceptional customer ratings

  • Website is very basic
  • Little information without registering

The website for ICG does not inspire confidence. In fact, if it wasn’t for the glowing customer reviews that follow the company from site to site, the sparse layout and minimal information would set alarm bells ringing. You will need to create an account before you can even begin to find out more about what they offer. This means that the reverse mortgage process isn’t clearly explained, nor are the eligibility requirements, until you've spent time sharing your personal information.

While the site is strangely bereft compared to its competitors, effort has been made to create a seamless digital experience that helps you through the application process.

InterContinental Capital Group review: Fees and charges

As with most reverse mortgage companies, you won't find information about the potential charges that you face on the main website. However, slightly different to most other lenders, there isn't even any generic rate and fee information to be found either. The only way to elicit any such detail is to engage with ICG's expert advisors once you have completed the online registration process. The frustration is that reviews suggest ICG offers some of the best rates among reverse mortgage companies - if so, you would think they'd be happy to tell you about them.

InterContinental Capital Group review: Service

  • Bare minimum of articles
  • Outstanding customer ratings

As already mentioned, the ICG website is something of a mystery in respect of the lack of information and detail that it initially offers. You will be hard pressed to find anything about reverse mortgages beyond the basics, and certainly nothing in relation to the solution that ICG offers. 

A handful of articles can be found if you seek out the link at the very bottom of the homepage, but if you need in-depth information and an introduction to reverse mortgages, you are far better to consider American Advisors Group or Longbridge Financial

That said, if you are willing to register with ICG, customer reviews suggest a well-designed and streamlined proposition awaits. The company has an almost unheard of 4.9 star rating out of five on Better Business Bureau across around 340 customer reviews – these are often more complaints than compliments, so such a brilliant ranking is a remarkable achievement. Praise is also forthcoming on Consumer Affairs, where ICG enjoys an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on more than 150 reviews in the past year, with most reviewers praising the smooth process and the support received.

Should you use InterContinental Capital Group?

If ICG was to revamp its website and make any kind of product information more accessible to the customer, it would probably feature in most rundowns of the best reverse mortgage lenders. 

For those happy to choose a service provider based purely on reputation and the opinions of others, then ICG is streaks ahead of most of the competition. But with the eligibility requirements, application process and details of exactly what is on offer only coming to light if you register, ICG seems to be doing itself a disservice with secrecy in which it is surrounded.

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