I've been waiting for the after Christmas sales to buy an LG washing machine - here’s why

LG washer and dryer tower configuration in a black modern bathroom.
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Look at any buying guide for the best washing machines, and you’ll find an LG model there. And there’s a good reason for that. The South Korean manufacturer, along with their local competitor Samsung, has been making some of the most cutting-edge models on the market. For instance, almost all of the current models have some kind of smart support, even if it’s just for diagnoses.

Though LG likes to sit on the cutting edge, and some models can get a little pricey, the company also regularly discounts its products whenever there’s a sales event. So, you don’t need to wallow in the post-Christmas doldrums, as January and February are filled with a plethora of after Christmas sales. These are a combination of retailers trying to clear out old stock as well as trying to get rid of returned items that they can no longer sell as new, not to mention upcoming President’s Day sales. Yes, LG is already getting in on the action with up to $450 off some models.

After Christmas is the perfect time to shop for appliances

Post-Christmas is an excellent time to buy appliances. There are a few reasons for that. First, since everyone has dropped their entire budget on making the holidays magical, they tend to tighten the budgetary belts in the first few months of the new year. To offset this, retailers will drop their prices to try and bring some of those sales back. 

On top of that, January is home to one of the biggest tech events in the world, CES. Manufacturers not only showcase crazy most-of-us-will-never-see-it products like the 97-inch wireless TV that LG showcased last year but ones that will make their way into stores soon after. All the LG washing machines with smart functionality and quiet operation were once CES darlings. What this means for you is that a lot of the models that LG and every other manufacturer have taking up space in their warehouses need to move to make space for the latest and greatest.

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LG washing machines and what makes them special

While LG is a forward-thinking brand that always infuses its newest products with the latest tech, one of the best things about the company’s washing machines is their reliability, particularly with the front-loading models. Of course, you want to read the reviews for the specific model you’re looking at (and don’t just go off the aggregate score), but you’ll be calling the maintenance man a lot less with one of these.

As far as the whole forward-thinking thing goes for LG, it does still apply. The newer, more expensive models take advantage of AI, especially with a specific feature referred to as “AI DD Built-in intelligence” that will automatically adjust the cycle for the size and soil level of a load. Some also have an “Allergiene cycle” to remove dust, pollen, and pet dander. The majority of the washers also have app support as well. More interestingly, some models can pair with certain LG dryers in a way that it will tell that dryer what drying cycle to use.

Some models to consider

Since quite a few LG washers, dryers, and combos are getting the sales treatment, we figured we would single out a few to consider. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider any others, as different models fit different needs. Make sure to read the reviews and do your research no matter which direction you go.

That said, we’re particularly keen on the WM6500HBA – the naming convention is probably going to be the most frustrating part of your new appliance journey. Not only is it currently $400 off, dropping from $1,399.00 to $999.00, through LG, but it uses that AI DD technology mentioned before that automatically adjusts the cycle. It uses five jets so that you can do a full load in under thirty minutes. And, like a few other LG models, you can invest in an additional sidekick pedestal washer that attaches underneath to run two loads at once. And, like most appliances these days, it’s app-supported.

The LG WashTower, aka WKHC202HBA, is perfect for those who have limited space but want a powerful washer/dryer combo. It’s also $800 off – $2,299.00 instead of $3,099.00. It also has the same AI tech to adjust cycles based on size and soil level, as well as the five jets for that 30-minute cycle. The included ventless dryer has a trick or two of its own as it recycles the heated air for more efficient drying. Plus, the fact that it’s ventless means installation is much easier than other models.

Stand-alone dryers are also getting the discount treatment. For example, the mega-capacity smart-enabled DLEX7900BE is going from $1,299.00 to $999.00, which is $400 off.

If you’re on a bit of a budget, these may still seem a bit out of reach. Don’t worry - even the more utilitarian models are seeing discounts, even if they’re not quite as significant. The mega-capacity top-load WT7150CW may not have the AI technology built in, but it does a great job cleaning thanks to the turbo drum and is seeing a $250 discount off its typical price of $949.00. So, you can grab one of these for a reasonable $699.00.

No matter which way you go, there are some excellent washers and deals to be had. So, if your current washing machine is on the fritz, now’s the time to upgrade, and those LG models look very good with all the current after-Christmas sales.


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