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Best French door refrigerators 2020: The most reliable French door refrigerators around

Best French door refrigerators 2020: The most reliable French door refrigerators around
(Image credit: Samsung)

Find the best French door refrigerators along with French door refrigerator reviews all in one place. Here, you’ll find LG French door refrigerators and top-rated refrigerators from Frigidaire and Electrolux, as well as other brands too. 

French door refrigerators have the benefit of displaying all of your fridge food at eye level, which means, in theory, you won’t forget about any veggies or leftovers tucked at the bottom of the refrigerator. What’s more, the freezer drawers on the best French door refrigerators are full-width size so you won’t be restricted when it comes to storing wide items like frozen pizza, which can sometimes be an issue with the best side-by-side refrigerators.

If you’re reading this guide, it’s likely you’ll want the most reliable French door refrigerator for your money, and below you can find French door refrigerator reviews to help you decide - however, whichever model you opt for, look for the Energy Star certification so that your new fridge won’t cost the earth to run. 

Other things to consider before you buy a new French door refrigerator include looking at the internal storage solutions. Do the drawers easily glide out? Are the drawer baskets flexible so that you can fit all sized food items in them? On the outsides of the best French door refrigerators, fingerprint-resistant finishes are really handy if you want to keep your fridge looking sleek and perfectly clean. 

How much do French door refrigerators cost?  

French door refrigerators are available for just over $1400, however, for the best French door refrigerator models, you can expect to pay over $2000 - with smart fridges costing nearer the $3000 mark. 

Frigidaire Gallery FGHB2868TF Review

(Image credit: Frigidaire)

Frigidaire FGHB2868TF

The Frigidaire FGHB2868TF is a storage powerhouse that’s proven popular with families

Overall capacity: 26.8 cubic feet | Freezer capacity: 8.7 cubic feet | Refrigerator shelves: 3 | Refrigerator door bins: 7 | Through Door Dispenser: Ice & Water Dispenser

Adjustable interior storage 
Smudge-proof finish 
‘Effortless Glide’ drawers 
Doesn’t produce cold water 

The Frigidaire FGHB2868TF is our top choice thanks to its great storage options, stellar user reviews and great value for money. Fully adjustable interior storage and flip-up shelves that make room for tall or large items, allow this french door fridge freezer to be set up in a way that works best for you, fitting the items that you tend to buy. 

The storage set up, combined with the smudge-proof stainless steel finish make this a great option for families. It’s a stylish fridge freezer that won’t need constant cleaning to remove any sticky fingerprints.

It sits around the mid-range of the french door fridge freezer market, which makes it great value for money. It may not have all the bells and whistles of other fridges on this list, like the Samsung or Bosch, but it’s collected a stack of great reviews from happy owners and most of the expensive extra features are just nice-to-have. The Frigidaire FGHB2868TF performs well and has great storage design, all at a reasonable price point.

2. LG LMXS30796S: Best premium French door refrigerator

LG LMXS30796S Review

(Image credit: LG)


A premium model with a great array of features and the price tag to match

Overall capacity: 29.7 cubic feet | Freezer capacity: 8.8 cubic feet | Refrigerator shelves: 4 | Refrigerator door bins: 6 | Through Door Dispenser: Ice & Water Dispenser

Custom temperature drawer 
Four-compartment crisper system 
InstaView glass panel 

The InstaView Door-in-Door really is the standout feature of the LG LMXS30796S. This glass panel illuminates with just a couple of knocks, allowing you to see the contents of your fridge without having to even open the door. The door-in-door element allows you to place the most accessed items in an outer door, so you’re not warming the whole fridge every time you grab milk for your coffee.

It is an expensive model, but with features like smartphone and home assistant integration, as well as a four-compartment crisper system and a customizable chill drawer for additional refrigerator or freezer space, the high price tag is understandable.

3. Electrolux EI23BC82SS: Best French door refrigerator for custom control

Electrolux EI23BC82SS Review

(Image credit: Electrolux )

Electrolux EI23BC82SS

A premium model that offers custom control from its IQ-Touch control panel

Overall capacity: 22.2 cubic feet | Freezer capacity: 6.8 cubic feet | Refrigerator shelves: 5 | Refrigerator door bins: 8 | Through Door Dispenser: None

Adjustable temperature drawer 
Sleek design 
Freezer temp sometimes fluctuates 
No through the door ice or water feature 

The Electrolux EI23BC82SS is a great quality french door fridge freezer that offers control and customization from its IQ-Touch panel. You can adjust the temperature and humidity of various parts of this model to suit the food you buy and store in it. While custom temperature drawers are available in other models, they usually come with a set range of temperatures and controls, whereas the Electrolux EI23BC82SS allows you to pick the exact temperature that best meets your needs, so you can store whatever temperature foodstuffs you want in there or even set it to be used as a back up crisper drawer.

4. Kenmore Elite 73025: Best budget French door refrigerator

Kenmore Elite 73025 Review

(Image credit: Kenmore )

Kenmore Elite 73025

A family-friendly french door fridge freezer that offers great value for money

Overall capacity: 26.1 cubic feet | Freezer capacity: 7.8 cubic feet | Refrigerator shelves: 5 | Refrigerator door bins: 7 | Through Door Dispenser: None

Good value for money 
Smudge-proof finish 
Two humidity controlled crisper drawers 
 No through the door ice or water feature 

The Kenmore Elite 73025 is a family-friendly model that sits towards the budget end of french door fridge freezers. The smudge-proof stainless steel finish is great for repelling sticky fingerprints from small hands, and adjustable shelves allow you to customize the storage to fit your needs.

There’s no through the door water or ice, but it does have an internal ice maker. Other features have been designed with families in mind, from a pantry drawer that makes for great snack storage to tempered glass shelves complete with thick spill captures to keep any accidental messes from spreading.

It may seem a bit feature-light compared to other models, but this is a budget model that still offers everything even a large family should need.

5. Bosch B36CL80SNS: Best French door refrigerator for performance

Bosch B36CL80SNS Review

(Image credit: Bosch)

Bosch B36CL80SNS

A french door fridge freezer with great proven performance and streamlined design

Overall capacity: 21 cubic feet | Freezer capacity: 6 cubic feet | Refrigerator shelves: 6 | Refrigerator door bins: 6 | Through Door Dispenser: None

High performance 
Controllable from an app 
No through the door ice or water 
Small capacity

The Bosch B36CL80SNS 800 Series is a chic french door fridge freezer that proves to have real substance behind the style. It has excellent food preservation performance, keeping produce fresher for much longer, while the smart design of its central chiller unit means the fridge regularly defrosts itself.

The streamlined stainless steel finish is in line with Bosch’s general aesthetic, but this means there’s no through the door ice or water dispenser to interrupt the smooth surface.

While it does sit towards the more expensive end of the french door fridge freezer market, the glowing user reviews suggest those that have splashed the cash on this model don’t regret their purchase.

6. Samsung RF23M8570SG: Best smart French door refrigerator 

Samsung RF23M8570SG Review

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung RF23M8570SG

The Samsung RF23M8570SG is a smart french door fridge freezer that can be controlled from a 21.5-inch touchscreen

Overall capacity: 22.2 cubic feet | Freezer capacity: 6.6 cubic feet | Refrigerator shelves: 5 | Refrigerator door bins: 7 | Through Door Dispenser: Ice and water dispenser

Smart home screen 
Smartphone connection 
Auto top-up water pitcher 
Occasional problems with ice dispenser 

This Samsung french door fridge freezer is built for connectivity but also has the looks to match. The sleek stainless steel finish complements the integrated 21.5” touchscreen, from which you can control your fridge freezer, or check in on upcoming appointments through the calendar app. The smart features are designed with family in mind, featuring functionality that helps organize via a family board. It also has the ability to connect to other Samsung smart devices so, for example, you can see live video of your baby via a baby monitor, or receive end of laundry cycle notifications from your washing machine.

Inside the fridge is a feature you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, a water pitcher that automatically refills itself, complete with infuser for flavoring your water.

Finding the best refrigerator style for you

French door refrigerators have a functional layout that suits most people, and they tend to work well for big families. They fit in most kitchens and give you a lot of refrigerator space that you can organize to suit your family. French door refrigerators have more door space than any other style of fridge, giving you easy access to snacks, drinks and other frequently accessed foods. The main compartment of the fridge along with the door and drawer space all reside at eye level. You don’t have to bend over or, in extreme situations, get down on your hands and knees to find something in the deep recesses of your fridge. For this reason, French door refrigerators are less inclined to harbor expired fugitives that smell up your fridge and even taint the taste of fresher food if they go undetected too long.

For many people the open, out-of-the-way freezer space French door refrigerators provide works because you only have to access the freezer from time to time, and there is plenty of space for frozen food when you need it. But if you are someone who stockpiles frozen food items and needs well organized freezer space, a side-by-side refrigerator might be a better choice for you. Side-by-side refrigerators have a lot of door and drawer storage space, both in the fridge and freezer. The fridge often includes crisper drawers to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, but the space is not quite as easy to reach. Many models of side-by-side and French door refrigerators have in-door ice and water dispensers, which is a convenient feature, especially when you have thirsty kids around – a water dispenser may encourage them to drink more water and less soda.

The other, more traditional, design includes a small freezer box above or below the refrigerator space. The one advantage (or for some people disadvantage) of this design compared to a side-by-side or French door refrigerator is you get more refrigerator space and less freezer space. If you tend to keep more fresh food on hand and have less of a need for large amounts of frozen food, this style may be a valid option for you.

Which French door refrigerator brand is most reliable?

The answer is all of them and none of them. In other words, no brand is necessarily more reliable than another. However, specific models and refrigerator types are more reliable. Some people swear by specific refrigerator lines like the GE Profile or Kenmore Elite.

Simplicity can also be an indicator of reliability. Special features like water and ice dispensers are a nice convenience, but they also mean extra parts that can wear out. A fridge with simple functionality is often the best choice.

Elise Barsch of iFixit said, “All modern refrigerators generally function the same way and have similar levels of energy efficiency. Reliability – aka repairability – depends on the number of extra features: ice makers, water dispensers, smart panels. So those premium, and especially smart, models from any brand are going to be the least reliable.”

Barsch said with ice maker replacement costs ranging between about $60 and $200, it is up to the individual whether it is worth replacing. If the issue is a software problem you may not be able to fix it at all, she said.

When is the best time to buy a French door refrigerator?

Since new refrigerator models come out in the summer, it is one of the best times to buy a brand new model or to find good deals on last year’s models. Many stores may even be willing to negotiate a price below clearance if they’re anxious to move old stock. Holidays are also good times to buy all kinds of products, including fridges. Black Friday is the most obvious example of good holiday deals, find the best bargains on our dedicated Black Friday refrigerator deals page. 

Vaughn Johnson, brand manager at Maytag, confirmed that manufacturers sometimes lower the prices of older models when they introduce new refrigerators to the market. And annual holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Veterans Day are typically the best times to find good deals on fridges, he said. Vaughn also pointed out that May is Maytag Month, so if you’re specifically interested in a Maytag model, that’s a good time to buy.

However, you can’t always wait for the perfect time. If your old fridge dies, you need to replace it. In that case, you can check local eCommerce sites, such as Shopify, for good deals on gently used models. You may be surprised by what you can find. Newspaper circulars and retailers’ marketing emails are also good places to look.

French door refrigerators look stylish and have easy-to-organize layouts and large capacities, which makes them perfect for families. They also have all the door space of a side-by-side refrigerator, but since the doors are smaller, French door fridges are handy for tight spots. Pizza boxes and other large, odd-shape items fit easily inside, since shelves stretch the full width of the refrigerator. Newer models come with in-door water and ice dispensers – a great feature for families that can encourage kids to drink more water. 

Vaughn Johnson, brand manager at Maytag, feels French door refrigerators are popular in part because they make it easy to organize food. Also, since the freezer is out of the way, popular food is within easy reach. “French door refrigerators are sleek and stylish and boast wide and deep shelving. They have an industrial look that’s been well received by homeowners since their introduction into the market,” he said. 

In addition, the freezer layout allows you to store a lot of frozen food in a small space. Many models have tiers in their freezers, which let you organize the food better than you can in other types of fridges. However, the food in the freezer section of a French door refrigerator is not as easy to access as it is in a side-by-side refrigerator. Still, since you don’t access frozen food as often as fresh food, this is usually not a deal breaker.

French door refrigerators are energy efficient. To access many items, you only have to open one side of the refrigerator, letting out less cold air and thus conserving energy. They cost more to run than some other types of fridges, but given their large capacities, they are at least as efficient as most other styles.

How long should a French door refrigerator last?

There is no general agreement on the lifespan of a refrigerator. lists the lifespan of refrigerators between nine and 13 years. There is no differentiation between different types of fridges, like French door or side-by-side. They should all have comparable lifespans, and some sources estimate the lifespan at up to 15 years.

Elise Barsch, Social Media Manager for iFixit, said a study done in Europe, and published on ScienceDirect, suggests that the lifespan of refrigerators has decreased over the past couple decades, down from an average lifespan of about 20 years in 2000 to about 14 years for the refrigerators sold now. While they don’t last as long, they are more energy efficient than they used to be, Barsch said. “Fortunately, legislators in Europe are working to make sure refrigerators are not only more energy efficient while in use, but also more repairable over the course of their entire lifespan,” Barsch said. She was referring to a set of legislative proposals European member states voted on that were designed to make refrigerators more repairable and therefore less impactful on the environment. Future legislation will focus on washing machines and other products.

Counter-depth French door refrigerators

If you have limited kitchen space or are concerned about aesthetics, you should consider a cabinet depth French door refrigerator. Counter depth refrigerators are typically 25 inches deep and stand flush against your cabinets. They have the advantage of giving a uniform look to your kitchen and eliminating the problem of the refrigerator door swinging open too wide and potentially interfering with other appliances. One problem is this type of fridge tends to have less interior space. Most of the French door fridges in our comparison are deeper than the average counter depth refrigerator. The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR is one exception.

The average top freezer refrigerator offers between 18 and 21 cubic feet of space, including the freezer. These single door refrigerators are more commonly flush with cabinet space. In contrast, French door refrigerators range from about 22 to 30 cubic feet of space. One cubic foot of space would roughly fit about one bag of groceries, so a few cubic feet can make a lot of difference. French door refrigerators do offer uniquely arranged space that is well suited for families, so if you are in the market for a cabinet depth French door refrigerator, there are plenty out there to choose from. 

French door refrigerator storage

The best refrigerators are designed to let you use every square inch of interior real estate to store food in a logical and convenient way. For example, families commonly need plenty of door space for gallon bottles, since this frees up room in the main compartments for food.

Also, the more organized the drawer space, the better. Temperature-controlled crisper drawers not only give you designated space for fruits and vegetables, but they also preserve produce for longer. Fridges with adjustable shelves and bins let you customize the space so it fits the foods you keep on hand. Some of the fridges we reviewed have shelves you can retract to fit tall items like pitchers, and most French door refrigerators have removable shelves, which make it easy to customize the space to fit bulky items like coolers and blenders. Since French door refrigerators have a more open freezer space than other types of fridges, it’s nice when it has two or three tiers of compartments to keep it organized. 

Vaughn Johnson, brand manager at Maytag, said there are many innovations underway focused on improving food storage. He said a couple new features on the Maytag MFT2772HEZ model are the Store-N-Door ice dispenser and a durable, full-length, metal slide-out shelf. The ice dispenser frees up space in the fridge for food storage, and the slide-out shelf gives you quick access to your favorite foods.

Energy efficiency and French door refrigerators

Even if you are not especially concerned with the environmental impact of your appliance, you are likely to welcome a lower energy bill. While French door refrigerators don’t have a reputation for superb energy efficiency, some are better than others.

French door refrigerators cost more to run than other types, with the exception of side-by-side refrigerators, which cost even more. This is partly because French door refrigerators tend to have a larger capacity than other types. However, all types of fridges are much more energy efficient than they used to be, as estimated by this Energy Star calculator. Prior to 1980 a 24.5-cubic-foot French door refrigerator cost close to $450 per year to run. Today a French door refrigerator of that capacity costs around $80 a year to run.

The information about energy use is easy to find on most of these units, whether you’re looking online or in a store. Look for the label that lists the estimated cost to run the refrigerator annually. The LG LFXS28968S, the top refrigerator in our side-by-side comparison, has a capacity of nearly 28 cubic feet and it only costs $88 a year to run, making it one of the most energy efficient models in our lineup. 

French door refrigerator warranties

Most French door refrigerators come with a few different layers of warranty – an overall warranty, which is usually only a year, and different coverage for the compressor, water filter and other elements of the unit. Since refrigerators represent a major purchase for most people, it is worth searching out a company that offers good warranty coverage and other forms of customer support.

While extended warranties are not always the best idea for many products and services, refrigerator extended warranties with the right company can work in your favor. Most issues you encounter with refrigerators tend to happen in the first few years, so an extended warranty can get you through that stretch. Stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer useful extended warranties. For example, a three-year extended warranty at Lowe’s costs $120 and a five-year extended warranty is $210. If you don’t use the extended warranty at all, you get a 30 percent reimbursement. You also get up to $300 food spoilage reimbursement for food that goes bad while the fridge is being repaired. You get up to 50 percent reimbursement on replacement filters during the extended warranty period. Home Depot’s warranty offers similar coverage.