VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller Review

VocoPro’s Karaoke Rock-On Roller is a truly impressive all-in-one karaoke system that works well for both small and large venues.

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With VocoPro’s Karaoke Rock-On Roller, serious karaoke singers can easily find their favorite tunes and enjoy high-quality playback.


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    It earned the highest marks in our tests for ease of use, setup and sound quality.


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    It has limited special voice effects.

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VocoPro’s Karaoke Rock-On Roller is a truly impressive all-in-one karaoke system that works well for both small and large venues. With full-featured audio controls, you can play and adjust music from any source. The machine comes standard with two professional microphones, a remote control, a 10-inch rotating display and various inputs, outputs and ports. Setup is simple and quick. Though the Rock-On Roller is the priciest option in our lineup, it is also the most capable and powerful, making it great for serious karaoke enthusiasts. It even has a built-in light feature to add an element of fun to your karaoke party.

This large karaoke player is compatible with the widest range of music sources in our comparison. It has SD card and USB 2.0 ports for digital file playback. You can connect a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth or line-in, or you can use a new or rewriteable CD or DVD. There is even an FM radio tuner if you want to sing along with the latest tunes. Additionally, the system has inputs for your guitar, if you want to play along while you sing. In our tests, the VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller produced powerful, clear sound that easily filled our large theater. It was easy to add basic effects and adjust volumes before, during and after each performance.

Although the Rock-On Roller has fewer special vocal effects than others, like Singtrix, it does a better job of amplifying your song and your voice for a large room to hear. It has individual microphone and guitar volume knobs, as well as for echo, treble bass and overall volume. The Roller’s built-in amp has 120 watts of power output from its 10-inch woofer, giving you a powerfully clear sound in any type of venue.

The built-in wheels and side handles make the machine portable and easy to store. It ships with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. VocoPro’s Karaoke Rock-On Roller offers advanced features and powerful audio output while still being easy to use. And with multiple microphone and instrument inputs, along with a guitar input, you can enjoy high quality audio at your karaoke parties.

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