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ContentBarrier X9 Review

This monitoring program has 23 categories, so you can easily block dangerous content without having to enter each individual site’s URL into the blacklist.

Our Verdict

ContentBarrier does a good job protecting your kids from dangerous online content, but it doesn’t record much of the activity for you to see later.


  • ContentBarrier is designed exclusively for Mac computers and laptops.


  • The program doesn’t send text alerts.
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This monitoring program has 23 categories, so you can easily block dangerous content without having to enter each individual site’s URL into the blacklist. ContentBarrier lets you decide if you want to completely block restricted sites or simply display a warning message that doesn’t prohibit your child from visiting the site. In both cases you will receive an email notice of the sites your child is trying to access, and it records in the activity log for you to see later.

ContentBarrier has time controls so you can schedule times when your kids can be online. You can set different times on each day so your kids can, for example, have more web time on weekends verses school nights. You can also set how long each child can be online during their computer time. Once your child has met that limit, the computer monitoring program blocks internet access until the next allowed time block.

One great tool of ContentBarrier is keyword alerts for messaging applications. There is a list of words and phrases inside the program that you can click that include phrases such as “come alone,” “how old are you” and “can we meet?” You can also enter your own keywords and phrases. When your child types these into chat messages or receives message with these words, the software automatically stops the chat and blocks your child from accessing it. You also receive an email notice so you can review the chat message and decide if your child can continue to talk to that person, or you can block them from having any more contact. This is a great way to keep your children safe from online predators and cyberbullies. The downside is the program doesn’t send text notices, which would be much faster than email alerts when your child is in trouble.

The activity reports show you where your child has been and what they have been viewing. You can set ContentBarrier to snap screenshots at specific time intervals and capture what your child is doing. The program will play them back to you in a slideshow or you can determine a time frame and look at the screenshots taken then. The software doesn’t capture the images or videos your child is viewing online, but you can at least get an idea what they are up to with the screenshots.

This program is exclusively a Mac product and only works on computers and laptops, so you can’t monitor internet activity on your kids’ cell phones. If you need cell phone monitoring, or if you have several computers that run different operating systems, consider Qustodio which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, plus iPhones and Android phones.

ContentBarrier is Mac monitoring software designed to watch what your kids are doing while online. It only works with Mac computers, but it blocks inappropriate websites and shuts down chat conversations if someone sends dangerous words or phrases to your child. You can’t receive text alerts when your child is talking to a cyberbully or trying to access a restricted site, but ContentBarrier will send email notifications. The activity reports are pretty detailed and include screenshots of the pages your child is visiting.

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