New Dyson V15 vacuum uses lasers to eliminate every speck of dust

Dyson V15
(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson’s new V15 vacuum uses advanced technology, including lasers and sensors, to take care of dust that the naked eye can’t even see. These new features have been engineered to create a vacuum that can give scientific proof of a deep clean, and leave no allergens or dust mites behind. The V15 is the latest addition to Dyson’s cordless range, and is meant to be the company’s most powerful, intelligent vacuum yet. Read our review of the Dyson V15 detect and see what we thought of its performance.

Both the V15 Detect and the brand new Omni-directional Fluffy cleaner head were released on March 24, and work together to effectively eliminate dust. Inspired by a desire to make homes healthier spaces, the V15 uses light eight times brighter than humans can see to detect dust particles, with laser technology built into the cleaner head. As well as showing up dirt, the vacuum uses a Piezo sensor to count and measure the size of the microscopic dust particles and increases suction power in the motor accordingly. Available now from Dyson for $699.99, the V15 is a state of the art cordless vacuum for use within the entire home; though the Fluffy cleaner head and lasers work best on hard floors.

As part of the vacuum’s six-stage dust separation process, Dyson has also engineered acoustic technology to hear the dust in your home, and send signals to the vacuum’s processor to eliminate the particles. An LCD screen shows the user proof of how the dust has been eradicated, with graphics highlighting dust mites and allergens now removed.

Whilst many of the best vacuum cleaners for homes use lights to show you where you’re cleaning, the lasers on the Dyson V15 detect a far better contrast between what’s clean and what’s not, as well as detecting more dust, through sound and sensors, than an LED light ever could. It also has up to 60 minutes of run time, so you can deep clean more of your house at a time.

With people spending more time at home than ever before, the V15 is designed to give users tangible results on the hygiene within their living spaces. The new anti-tangle brush bar within the vacuum also works to shred hair to avoid any tangling around the machine’s roller, and ensure an all-round smoother clean. 

If you’re keen to get started deep cleaning your own home but don’t quite have the cash for a Dyson V15, then check out the best deep clean vacuums, which can take on serious dirt.

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