Ninja's new Double Stack Air Fryer is the first of its kind — here's what it can do

Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer on display at SharkNinja 2024 event
(Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

SharkNinja announced a wave of new product innovations for the UK and Europe, with one of the most exciting being the new Double Stack Air Fryer. This is the first air fryer to have the baskets stacked vertically and is a dream for anybody looking to save countertop space. 

Around 20 new products were announced at SharkNinja's EMEA Launch Event on February 1, 2024. Among them were three first-time global launches, with the new air fryer seeming to catch the most eyes.

Even the best air fryers with dual baskets can take up too much space, but the problem has been solved by simply flipping the design. This way, the capacity and cooking ability stays the same, but you're saving precious space on the kitchen counter. And, they're shaped to fit under most kitchen cupboards. 

One of the Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer baskets cooking calamari and arancini bites

One of the Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer baskets cooking calamari and arancini bites (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

Everything you need to know about the Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer

It's a simple idea, but one that makes so much sense that we were surprised nobody else has thought of it already. 

Ninja's dual-zone air fryers step things up by letting you simultaneously cook two foods with their own temperature and time settings. But, naturally, this demands more kitchen counter space (that many of us can't afford to sacrifice).

At only 11.8 inches / 30cm wide, the Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer gives us the same advantages but preserves counter space. There are two models available: the SL300 with a 7.6L capacity and the SL400 with an extra-large 9.5L capacity.

If you thought dual zones were generous, this air fryer can actually cook four foods at once thanks to the removeable oven racks that sit within the baskets. Anything from tapas to complete meals can be achieved here, and you can sync cooking settings across both baskets when you need to utilise the whole capacity. 

There are six cooking functions: air fry, max crisp, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate. At the product launch, I tasted all sorts like citrus spiced saffron chicken thighs, patatas bravas, panko calamari and arancini bites. I can honestly say that it all tasted wonderful, with that crispy/juicy balance I've come to expect from Ninja air fryers.

We don't have pricing details or a release date just yet, but the Double Stack Air Fryer will be available at Ninja and other select retailers in the UK and Europe, with other countries to follow. 

Dan Fauzi
TTR Features Editor, Large Appliances

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