Dan Fauzi

Dan Fauzi

Features Editor

Dan Fauzi is the former Features Editor of Top Ten Reviews and looks after the wide variety of content that's published. With a critical eye for what makes a product great, they'll provide you with all the tips, guides, and how-to's to get the most out of your household products. Dan has experience in product reviewing across a number of special interest brands, covering tech, homes & gardens, outdoor living, and sports - among many others. 

Dan has a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Magazine Journalism, both from Nottingham Trent University. Now based in Bristol, their passion for creative culture leads them towards any space where music or art is involved. You'll often find them trekking the outdoors, on the hunt for a scenic view that they can peacefully enjoy for hours.

At home, Dan loves being in the kitchen, constantly finding new ways to cook their favourite food. They also like to DJ in their spare time with a keen love of hip-hop, funk, psychedelia, and disco.

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