EDIUS Pro 8 Review

Edius Pro is a good alternative to the dominant players in the professional video editing market.

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EDIUS Pro is a fine professional-level video editor, but nothing makes it stand out from the competition.


  • +

    This application offers renderless video editing


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    Apple users have to install Bootcamp to use the software

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The world of professional video editing software is dominated by a few major names, and EDIUS Pro is a simple alternative to the industry leaders. That’s because it includes all the tools the competition has with a simplified interface that’s accessible to most video editors who have at least some training.

EDIUS Pro’s interface and workflows are pretty much on par with the other professional non-linear video editors we reviewed. It's approachable for new users while providing the tools seasoned veterans require. It requires a bit of knowledge but not nearly as much as some of the established video editing software apps programs.

As far as non-linear editors go, this application is as good a tool as several others we reviewed. It has powerful tools, an enhanced timeline, advanced multicam support, 64-bit processing and all the other goodies that make professional video editing software suitable for professionals.

What sets EDIUS Pro apart from the rest of the competition is that it eliminated the rendering from the editing process. This is a big advantage over applications that require time and processing capacity to render footage, even if it now happens in the background.

In recent updates, EDIUS added GPU acceleration, which utilizes the processing power of your graphics card to create your video faster. This goes a long way to bring EDIUS Pro up to speed with industry-standard applications like Adobe Premiere.

When you’re done with your video editing project, EDIUS Pro offers a decent variety of file formats you can export to. It can handle any aspect ratio, codec and resolution you need. Even the popular 4K display resolution is supported. You can also author a DVD or Blu-ray disc right from within the program.

The video editing software industry is quickly moving away from letting customers purchase software outright. Many have switched to a subscription model, which works for some because you get all the updates without having to buy a new program every few years. However, it also means that if you run short on cash, you may lose access to your projects. EDIUS Pro gives you the best of both worlds buy selling you the product for a one-time price and giving you free updates throughout the lifetime of the version you buy.

Like several other programs we reviewed, there is no Macintosh version of this software. This limits its usefulness, especially for editors who collaborate on projects. EDIUS notes that you can use the software in Bootcamp, Apple’s Windows emulator, although this is true for any Microsoft-based software.

EDIUS Pro is a solid alternative to the established video editing applications. It can do pretty much anything the industry-standard programs can. However, there’s nothing that makes it particularly superior to them.

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